Different types of travelers


I recently took a quiz to see what type of traveler I’m and I got “YOU ARE A RELAXATION TRAVELER!”

And I must agree there’s nothing better than sitting by the beautiful pool with a pina colada and a good book. I never sleep in on vacation, weird I know but I’m the type of person that by 9:00 am the day is half over and I’m up by 7 am on every vacation I go on. Vacations takes you away from the busy lifestyle of the everyday and gives you that special time just to unwind. Unhurried dinners, and strolling on the beach are your idea of a perfect week away.

I’ve traveled with so many different travelers, and they are basically a diverse breed and different travellers approach the same destination in varied ways. 

Let’s explore some of the (many) different types of travelers and leave a comment on which one you fall under. 

The Sexplorer


Ohhh I know this type..Not me, In college my friend went on vacation and pretty much slept her way across Europe.

The Sex Addicts or as I call them The Sexplorer are just looking to score. They eye down everything that walks and speaks to no one of the same-sex because they see them as competition.

These types of travelers can usually be found combing the beach by day, going to the hottest clubs at night, and rooting through their suitcase of designer clothing by morning for the right look to take another shot at nailing that Itailan chick they met on Long Beach. 

These are not bad people, and it’s certainly not just men either. Like I said before my friend is a girl and she did this in college. She was not a bad person At the time, she was just really, really horny and traveling to a new country allowed her to have sex without anyone back home knowing about it. (It’s ok I use er as an example…we are not longer friends) 

If  this type of travel is your style, then go for it, but please be safe. 

The Budget Traveler


a budget traveler is a traveler who is budget-conscious. I fall into this catagory, and I think most people do. I’m not as extreme through.Most people who travel have some sort of monetary restrictions but the budgeters? These are the people who won’t spare a cent. I love a free walking tours but I’m not into haggling for a deal. Most budget savy people will stay in economy accommodations  eat cheap meals, and fly during off-peak seasons

I think being this type of traveler takes really strong willpower, the budgeter is happy to turn down dessert (NEVER!) and I always find coupons if I’m going to the mall on vacation. 

The Techie


I think we all fall into this catagory. Travelers exploring new destinations just because to satisfy their craving for taking photos with new HD 2000 Camera or using new travel tech gears. There is no particular destination as they like all places that look good in the new tech gear. Socia media falls into this catagory as well. You take a photo and edit the shit out of it for follows, they bad thing is that you are not living in the moment and get the full experience. 

You might take a lot of selfie’s from different angles with different attires. This type of traveler has to make sure they look perfect for pictures. They are more about making travelling portfolio. Their main motto is to bombard their Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. Wonder if they enjoy travelling or not. I would say not. 


The Foodie


What is a Foodie???“Foodie Traveler: a person with an extreme interest in food that travels just to experience new food.”

I’m not really a foodie traveler. I like food, but I’m not as adventourous as I would like. 

You know you’re a foodie-traveller when –You Pick Your Travel Destinations Based on the Local Cuisine

So you are a  globetrotter and like to dip into local food? Does that make you a Foodie-Traveler? Nowadays, it seems that we can find any type of food anywhere in our home countries. When it comes to travelling, I mostly  globetrot for for the best pizza. So how do you know when you’re a foodie-traveller? You know you’re a foodie-traveller when…Every photo on your phone is…well, food! I guess I’m not one then. Who cares about landmarks and street performers. To a foodie-traveller, a beautifully presented plate of  locally prepared food or dessert is far more captivating than paintings in museums or scenic landscapes. There’s a thrill in spending the first two minutes snapping away with your phone or camera rather than taking pictures of renowned statues. By the end of your trip, sifting through albums of food photos is more prideful than any souvenirs you felt obligated to purchase. I sometimes feel like this, even though my camera roll isn’t filled with food. 

I’m not an experimentalist. Really, most food scares you. Chicken feet, blood sausages, seafood that don’t appear to exist in encyclopedias are a no no.You want to try everything and experiment with cuisines that are foreign to you. You’re a foodie-traveller.

The Partier


These are the travelers who prefer travelling just for fun and parties. Their favourite destinations are the bars and clubs. This, I think is the same as the sexplorer. They are looking to party and get laid. Their favorite places to go are Goa, Ibiza, Amsterdam and Las Vegas. It can be like a “The Hangover” situation you can lose days, even weeks, of your travel to the thrill of boozing and checking out the different dive bars and clubs with individuals who are like-minded. 

11:00PM — 4:30AM is prime time for party animals, and when you see them, they’re either wasted, hungover, asking for charity because “they lost their wallet skinny-dipping”, or barging into your hostel room at the most ungodly of hours, turning on the lights and then trying to strike up a conversation about the hot girls/guys at the bar that they didn’t bring home, but unlike the sexplorer they will bring someone home. 

They might sound like they’re a disaster to be around, but Party Animals are super fun too. I like a good party but I don’t go crazy like some people I know. Plus I’m not in my 20s anymore. The Partier does bring energy to the vacation and they bring people together, sometimes sucking other poor sons of bitches into their whirlpool of drunkenness, all the while medicating their hangover with yet more alcohol, and yes I have been sucked in before…Never again

The Planner


I’m this type of traveler. I need things to be planned out and on time. i don’t go to the extreme in creating Google Doc spreadsheets (which sound like a good idea) but I have seen people so it. I’m on that line of almost having things planned out to the hour.

Some people are just built this way. I salute the planner. The last vacation I went on, my aunt said that we will feel things out and go with the flow….meaning that nothing was planned and I almost had a panic attack. 

Us as planners, always get the very most out of our trip, we take some of the best photos and do the most research, and we are almost always more knowledgeable than most people going into any excursion. Now let me be clear, I only do this if I’m going to a city setting, on the beach is a different situation. I’m more relaxed. In the city, I normally have a checklist and planned itinerary down to every tiny detail 

The Group


I love a good group. They are typically in their early 20’s to early 30’s, who like to travel in groups of their friends or with family,

The groups single mode of enjoyment depends upon their group and if found alone, they are best board persons of the world. However for me, the idea of solo travelling is not utterly bullshit, but ideal.This group of travellers make the most of every holiday as they’re usually someone in the group to goad the others into enjoying a diverse range of experiences on their travels.

The Fittness Freak


Well There is not much to say about this type, other than the hotel they are staying at MUST have a gym or there needs to be a gym close by.  They watch what they eat and often prevent you from eating all the fun food while on vacation. Sometimes this can be annoying. I knew several people who are like this. If that’s your thing, go for it.

The Solo Traverler


These crazy nuts always thrive to find themselves. Their main goal is peace, harmony, nature and they ponder the deepest philosophies of life. They usually travel alone and they ignore any company. They usually travel long and prefer walking to known places.

The No-expense Traveler


You might have paid your dues in holidays gone by, suffering through limited legroom and dodgy hostels. Or perhaps you’re just adjusted to the finer things in life. The high-flyer is all about indulgent travel. You’re not afraid to shell out extra dollars on five star hotels rooms, extravagant dinners and first class flights. You’re legitimately about YOLO-ing and air-conditioning is non-negotiable.

A term used to describe this traveler with more disposable income is a flashpackers, which they tend to carry more electronics, stay in decent accommodations, and take taxis, though they share some characteristics of regular backpackers such as the intrigue for the local culture and lifestyle, longer travel length, and perhaps an open-ended itinerary.

The Thrill Seekers


They always give an extra inch to their travelling. They travel to the tallest mountain; they jump from highest bungee jumping, sky dive from the highest altitude and so on. You will find these crazy people at every good enough crazy places. These chunks are as interesting as wild adventure.

Adrenaline junkies and dare devils. Travel far and wide to find the world’s highest bungee jump, the world’s tallest mountain (which they then proceed to climb) and pretty much anything extreme and perhaps previously unheard off. You will not find these people on a beach in St Barths or checking out the infinity pool at the hotel.

This type of traveler is what you see all over Instagram, but they’re not as common as you think. Believe it or not, most people who travel are simply tourists, and partake in organized events, hit the popular spots and love doing so. Nothing wrong with that.

I prefer to not end up in the hospital , so no I’m not a thrill seeker. The only downside to this traveler is that they need to find like-minded individuals to join them in their pursuits, and often they have to work hard to pull people out of their comfort-zone and take them off the beaten track. If a Thrill Seeker approaches you with a proposition while traveling . . .

TAKE IT! or Not…Its up to you

So these are just a few of the types of travelers you might come across or maybe you are one….Let me know in the comments which one you are or a traveler that I didn’t mention. 


Ways To Plan A Trip


Planning a trip can be a daunting task. Thinking about anything more than which destination you want to travel to takes a bit more time. I have some tips and tricks for even the most unversed of traveler. The easy part is saving up and planning, the tough part is deciding where to go and what to spend your money on once you get there. None of this needs to be stressful and you’ll learn quickly that with a few tricks of the trade, you’ll be able to save some money in the process, too.

As long as you have an open mind and a passion for travel despite where it is, you’ll gain something from this post. Some of these tips might sound familiar while others could open up a whole new world of adventure for you.


As a general rule when you are planning for a trip, there are a few main areas you need to consider:

  • Pick Destination
  • Length
  • Cost/Money
  • Save
  • Accommodation/Attractions/Activities
  • Get Travel Insurance/Visa
  • Packing
  • Safety
  • Have Fun

Pick out a destination


What is your mood for the vacation? A serene calm place or a bustling place, an adventurous camp or a romantic holiday. First start by deciding where you want to go.  Investigate some interesting places, the internet is great for this.  You can look at national park sites, city tourist sites, and even Wikipedia are good sources.



Once you have a destination in mind, it’s time to decide how long you can go there for. This means if you’re in full time employment, checking with your boss about time off. If you work for yourself, figure out how long you can stay away without it affecting your work.



Before fully committing to the Vacation, you need to make sure you can afford to stay in the country of your choice for the period of time you’ve chosen. If you aren’t ok with staying in a shared hostel then research hotel prices, cost of a self-catering apartment, restaurant prices, tourist attractions and more. All of this will help you plan the best holiday possible.



Once you know how much your trip is going to cost you, it’s time to start saving. The sooner you start this process the more money you’ll have. Try to cut back on frivolous daily spending, such as bottled water, the Starbucks large coffee you order on your way to work every day and learn how to cook so you can cut down on expensive dinners out every other day. A small daily saving can, over the course of 6 months or so, pay for a lot (and sometimes, all, of your trip).

Accommodation, Attractions & Activities


The 3 A’s 

Accommodation varies on who i am travelling and what my budget is. For example if i am going in a hotel then Booking.com: The largest selection of hotels, homes, and vacation rentals is the place to go to find the best price on a website. But if you’re on a budget, look at hostels and airbnbs or even couchsurfing.Do a thorough research for your desired hotel, check their ratings, reviews, photographs, and book either through telephone or online.

Start making a rough list of places you want to go to and things you want to see. Check things like timings and cost of entry to sites for foreigners, which in some countries are higher than cost for locals. This is even true for the U.S. I went to Orlando last year and getting into Universal is higher for peolpe coming from out of town (Which that was my first and last time going to Universal). 

Get insurance


Travel insurance should be a non-negotiable addition to your holiday itinerary and will protect you when a flight is canceled, you’re robbed or you break your leg while hiking.

Visa and Vaccination


A lot of people don’t realise this but a lot of places in the world require visa and vaccination before the trip so research is important.

Possibly one of the most important parts to consider before going on a trip is to find out if you need a visa to enter your country of choice. Visas are an entire other task which can require different documents that you need to submit. Some visas even require a face-to-face interview while others are as easy as getting the visa at the airport.



The most important thing to remember when packing is you need to pack appropriately for the weather and culture of your destination. For example do not pack ski jackets when travelling to Singapore.

A short checklist of all the items you need is also highly recommended. I usually like to start about 2 weeks ahead of time so I can wash the things I need, get any medication I might need, make sure everything fits in my bags, etc.  I usually try to do carry on only, so I bring clothes that mix and match and can be washed along the way.  You can check your airline for the size bag that is allowed for carry on.  They usually allow two items for carry on, a small suitcase and a purse, backpack, laptop case, small bag, etc.  Make sure you check the airline regulations for toiletries.  In the US you are allowed a quart sized bag filled with liquid, gel or paste toiletries that are in containers no larger than 3 ounces each.  Also, make sure you don’t take anything sharp or pointy on board the plane, it will be confiscated at security. 

Have Fun!!!!!


Don’t overthink it once you land, make friends but stay alert, explore, stay away from social media and concentrate on having fun.


48 Hours in Dublin


If you’re planning a weekend in Dublin? Good choice! Having grown up in Dublin I congratulate you for having impeccable travel tastes! As with any major city, Dublin has no shortage of cool things to do and see.

If you’re not a morning person there are plenty of things to do in Dublin at night. And the craic. Definitely do not forget about the craic! If you don’t know what that means then you might want to check out my guide to Irish phrases.

When you only have 48 hours in Dublin you might feel a bit overwhelmed about where to begin and how to really make the most of your time to experience the best that the city has to offer. Never fear.  I’m here to help you out. 

It’s a real gem when it comes to maximizing your time and planning your trip. Each part of the city is handily dealt with in separate sections. It’s easy to see at a glance which attractions are close to each other, how to get to them, and where to find great food without going out of your way. So you can get the most out of your 3 days in Dublin. Navigating and finding your way around has never been easier. Let’s get planning your Dublin weekend.


Getting to Dublin


Dublin is well connected to the UK with airlines including Ryanair Aer Lingus CityJet , Flybe and BA. There are also ferries to Dublin and the nearby port of Dun Laoghaire.

Dublin airport is 12km north of the centre. There is no rail link but the 24-hour Aircoach shuttle provides a handy alternative running every 10 minutes at peak times with stops throughout the city; €7 one-way, €6 if booked online. Dublin Bus also operates the 747 Airlink to the Central Bus Station (1); €6 one-way. A taxi will cost about €25 one-way.

When to go 


The weather is famously changeable in Ireland, including in Dublin. In general terms, May, June and September tend to be the sunniest months, while July and August can be a washout – and crowded to boot. Winter-time Dublin, with its contrast between chilly streets and a cosy, indoor culture, can be charmingly atmospheric.


Where to Stay

For a budget option, the award-winning Ariel House impresses with its relaxed and elegant charm. Two beautifully conserved red-brick Victorian properties enclose a mature garden and the comfortable sofas and grand piano (which guests are free to use) in the gracious drawing room make it feel cosy.

If extravagant décor and being really close to Dublin’s city centre are top of your priority list when it comes to accommodation then Trinity City Hotel is probably right up your street.  Set behind Trinity College, Trinity City is a 4 star hotel offering guests a convenient, comfortable base to explore the city from.  And if you really can’t help making your friends jealous by posting your photos to Facebook, the hotel also provides free wi-fi.

Where to Eat


With about two days in Dublin you’ll have plenty of time to feast on some Dublin delicacies. If you’re looking for some traditional Irish fare to sink your teeth into on your weekend in Dublin, you can’t go wrong with Irish stew. Another one-pot dish to try is coddle.

Bacon and cabbage, as unappetizing as it may sound, is also really tasty. Grab a breakfast roll in the morning, or sit down for a full breakfast of sausage, bacon, eggs and other goodies. 

Speaking of goodies, try goody if you’re craving something sweet. Or wrap your mouth around the Dublin favorite of gur cake. And, you have to try soda bread when in Dublin!

If Texan BBQs and hipster hangouts are your thing head to Bison Bar and BBQ right next to the river Liffey on Wellington Quay.  That said, there’s nothing pretentious about this place; it’s got a relaxed atmosphere, the staff are friendly and the food’s so good they bring a roll of kitchen paper to your table should you get a little messy (and you probably will).  Try the pulled pork with fries and home made coleslaw or the 14 hour slow roast Irish beef brisket beef.  But be quick: when the food’s gone the food’s gone!


Whats the best place for good atmosphere? Try Alliance Francaise. Always packed, good value and absolutely always delicieux is the café where you can treat yourself to reasonable coffee and croissant deals, as well as good value main meals. The relaxed atmosphere belies the seriously good food they offer.

If you are looking for fuel for a day of traipsing around the sights, look no further than Mama’s Revenge Burrito Hut, where for €5 students can get a gut-busting, half-kilo of burrito which tastes as good as the colourfully decorated shop-front looks.

What to Do

Trinity College


A gorgeous, prestigious campus right in the heart of the city. It was founded in 1592 and is Ireland’s oldest university. Also a library housing 200,000 books in magnificent oak bookcases, Trinity College is still a functioning university in the heart of Dublin city and attracts thousands of visitors a year.

A campus tour, which lasts around 35 minutes, is a brilliant way to learn more about the history of the college and its buildings, and includes an introduction to the Books of Kells and the library (where you can spend as much time as you like).

Guinness Storehouse


Home of the famous Irish “Black Gold”, learn about Guinness’s history, see how it’s made, and enjoy a pint from the panoramic bar. This is a massive tourist trap of course, so be prepared for crowds. And a rather extortionate entrance fee. It’s mainly worth it for all the old Guinness ads and the view from the Gravity Bar at the top of the Storehouse. Have always wanted to learn how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness? You can also be taught the art of Guinness pouring.

Christ Church Cathedral


If you experience Dublinia, the exit from the gift shop leads you directly into Christ Church Cathedral. Founded in 1028, this breathtaking cathedral of the United Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough is one of the most sought after attractions throughout the Irish nation

Irish Museum of Modern Art


Home to Ireland’s national collection of modern and contemporary art, the gallery includes works by Goya, Rembrandt and more. It also hosts a diverse range of exhibitions featuring both Irish and international artists.

Where to Drink


You can’t go to Dublin and not have a refreshment. I mean you could, but where’s the fun in that? 


Formerly St Mary’s Church, a 17th Century place of worship closed in 1964, The Church is now a bar, cafe, and restaurant with a stunning, unique interior including a stained glass window and a Renatus Harris organ.  This place has a cosy atmosphere, despite its size, and is the perfect place for a couple of casual drinks.

If coffee is more your speed, Java Republic is a new cafe by an Irish-owned artisan roasted coffee company by the same name. The stylish minimalist cafe on Molesworth Street is a must for coffee lovers.


This is just a little taste of what you can do in Dublin for 48 hours, I hope you have a good time in Dublin and go to some of the places I mentioned



World’s Underrated Beaches


Whether you love the ocean or prefer to spend your beach days at the lake, there are plenty of beaches and beach towns to explore across america and the world. While some have gotten incredibly popular, others remain underrated, especially the most affordable ones.

Anna Maria Island-Florida


This perfect picture postcard kind of place moves at a very slow pace. Often know as Florida’s best kept secret, Anna Maria Island sits at the southern tip of Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico and is perched north of Longboat Key.   Leave the car at home and travel the island by trolley bus. 

The beaches of Anna Maria Island are some of the best on the Gulf Coast. Not for just the soft sugar white sands and the rich turquoise blue water but the most incredible sunsets that this part of the world is famous for.

Honokalani Beach- Maui, Hawaii


I’m not going to lie, I was a little frightened when I first seen this. Tucked away on a deserted stretch of Maui’s lush Waianapanapa State Park, Honokalani Beach commands awe from those lucky enough to chance upon it. The beach and other volcanic formations along the coast were created by waves crashing over hot lava flowing from the volcano Haleakala.

Hatenohama Beach Kumejima, Japan


Hatenohama Beach, the 11km long coral sand cay is in Kume Island, Okinawa, Japan.Accessible only through a glass-bottom boat tour, the 7 km long (4.3 mi) stretch of sand makes this beach a popular outing spot, where you can both swim and snorkel. See some of the exquisite shells and tropical fish, or take snorkeling and diving lessons with expert instructors. A huge area of pristine shallow water sheltered by coral reefs and funky rock formations offers excellent diving opportunities, and you’ll see local fishermen looking for a catch further out from the shore

Koh Kradan Beach- Thailand


Thailand is full of gorgeous beaches, but hordes of screeching tourists tend to undercut some of their allure, but not to worry with Koh Kradan. 

Koh Kradan Beach is located just off the coast of Trang and is a little slice of paradise. The water is so clear that often, you can just sit by the shore and watch fish swim about. The white sandy beach is perfect for swimming when it’s high tide and low tide gives you the chance to walk endlessly due to the long sandbar that stretches along the island.

Second Beach- Washington


The three breathtaking beaches on Olympic Coast of Washington in the USA offer breathtaking sights. It is a great destination for hikers with a thick forest cover. Beautiful wildlife, mesmerizing shorelines, and canopied forests will simply leave you awe-struck. On your approach to sea, you can long hear the faint sound of crashing waves and breeze flapping your face.

Spartines Beach Alonissos- Greece


Alonissos Beaches  are amongst the clearest and cleanest beaches in the world, making this area a very safe and satisfying island for swimming. The beaches are mainly pebbles/rocks with a few exceptions! Below are the main beaches on the island. There are many smaller ones that are not as easy to get to but equally beautiful. Making the effort to go to these remote beaches you will find you may be the only ones there… even in the middle of August! Also, it’s popular with nudists…So just beware. 😉

Islamorada- Florida


Just an hour-and-a-half south of bustling Miami, Islamorada feels like an entirely different universe. The so-called “village of islands” is home to countless beaches at the edges of its scant seven square miles, most of them without official names and conspicuously absent of sunscreen-slicked sunbathers. The waters are so shallow, gentle, warm and clear that wading in feels like a dip in the world’s largest bathtub.

Lord Howe Island- Australia


Lord Howe Island is but a tiny sliver of earth, the remains of a seven-million-year-old volcano adrift on the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand. A close-kept secret among Sydney cognoscenti, this tiny Pacific Ocean island—where tourists are capped at 400, streetlights are a rarity, and most people get around on bicycles—is an easy two-hour flight from the city. Born from a volcanic eruption 7 million years ago. 

Lord Howe Island,  is one of the most naturally beautiful islands in the world with its long Fiji-blue lagoon protected by the world’s most southerly coral reef and two mountains that wouldn’t look out of place in Tahiti. It’s a barefoot kind of place, a place to get back to simple pleasures, and perfect for adventure travellers, nature-lovers, couples and young families. 

Capo Sant’Andrea, Elba


Capo Sant’Andrea is a small island inside the island of Elba, where Napoleon was exiled to in Tuscany, Italy. This part of the island is the most beautiful and naturally preserved based on the union between the sea and the mountains.

Capo Sant’Andrea is a small stretch of white sandy beach bordering crystal clear waters with an abundance of marine life and spectacular climbable cliffs. Because of its size, it can easily go unnoticed, but it remains a very beautiful and relaxing beach.

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam


Phu Quoc is a delightful spot with an unfortunate name. While some say “faux cock” (which reminds me of a fake rooster, or worse) and others attempt a potty-mouthed “poo wok”, the correct pronunciation of this Vietnamese island, which sits off the coast of Cambodia, is “foo kwuk”

The largest island in the Gulf of Thailand, Phu Quoc is nearer to Cambodia than mainland Vietnam. As a result, there is a sizable military force in this still underdeveloped tourist destination of just 103,000 residents, known for uncluttered beaches and the country’s best fish sauce—a key Vietnamese ingredient.Phu Quoc Island boasts idyllic beaches, romantic sunsets, evergreen forests, and a serene atmosphere, making it an ideal holiday destination for travellers looking to escape bustling city life

So when you are looking to book your summer vacation, to to visit these beautiful beaches. 



Tips for a Successful Morning Workout


No matter how badly we want to squeeze in a morning workout, that 6 a.m. alarm never fails to catch us off guard. Even when we’re feeling rested it can be tough to get up and get going. So how do you actually get motivated to wake up for (and stick to) early morning workouts? We asked those who know best—Aaptiv trainers, coaches, and motivation experts. Here’s how they recommend getting into a morning exercise groove.

Get Your Sleep

If you want to be at the gym at 5:00 A.M. then staying up to watch the late night episode of SportsCenter, or binge watching whatever series on Netflix isn’t going to serve you well.

Don’t Give Into the Snooze Game

As tough as it may feel in the moment, get up. If you need to, set the phone or clock on the other side of the room so you actually have to get out of bed to turn it off. Once you’re on your feet, you’ll be much more likely to stay awake and get on with your day.

Prepare the night before

I have my clothes, food, gym bag, everything completely laid out the night before so I know I can wake up and literally be out the door in 10 minutes or if I’m going to workout at home, I have everything wrote down, and laid out for an at home workout.

Drink water first thing

You start to dehydrate when you sleep. When else do you go six to eight hours without drinking anything

Eat a little something

Like an apple or banana. Maybe a protein bar


Have Your Playlist ready

Nothing worse than getting to the gym or doing your home workout and you put your headphones getting ready and you push play. “Nope, I don’t like this song” ok hit next, “Nope I dont like this song either”. You could spend more time trying to find the right song then  working out. The day before, go through your phone (or IPod) and create a playlist with whatever songs you like and what gets you motivated. 

Get Your Mind Right

OK, so you’ve got up early and the first thing you’re going to do is put your body through the rigors of intense training. Hundreds of pounds will be moved over and over again over the course of that hour or so.

If there’s ever been a time you need to really focus this is it. You need to make sure you’re awake, you need to make sure your mind is clear, and you need to be prepared to go all-out.

There’s a chance of injury when you’re training no matter the time of day you train. If you’re still yawning and wishing you were back in bed, you’re  much more likely to get hurt. When you walk in that door or enter that weight room(either at the gym or at home), you better be ready to clang and bang.

Reward Yourself With a Treat

ok ok, I’m not talking about having a pint of Ben&Jerrys after you workout (That does sound good) rather make or eat something healthy like making energy bites loaded with almond butter and oats. If you don’t go to the gym at least three times in a week, use your willpower and penalize yourself by skipping dessert on Saturday night. 

Look into the future

When I workout or thinking about working out, I print out pictures of places where I’m going that summer and that gives me extra motivation. Or I get something in my closet that is too small and hang it up while I workout, saying “I will fit into this again”. 

Just Do It

Tell yourself that you’ll give the workout 10 to 15 minutes or just run to the end of the block and reassess. That’s the right amount of time it can take for endorphins to start flowing and to get in the groove. For me personally, it’s consistency. Even if I’m not feeling the workout that day, if I just get up and go through the motions, it helps me get moving and grooving. 



48 hours in Miami


What comes to mind when I think of Miami? The Will Smith song-yes, The show “Miami Vice- I wasn’t born when It was on TV but sure, Bright colors, even brighter characters.

Summer is slowly approaching, and it’s going to be hot! Welcome to my new series. For the next few weeks I’ll be bringing you info on different cities, and how you can make the most out of a summer weekend or in many cases winter and spring! My first stop was Paris and the next stop is  Miami, which I will be (hopefully) visiting again this summer. I absolutely fell in love with this Florida and Miami I cant wait to go back to,  it’s culture, it’s art scene, the food, and the beaches are what attract me.  Let’s take a look at how you should spend 48 hours in Miami!

Day 1

Ok – so you’re going to arrive at Miami International airport Grab a Uber or Lyft and head to your Airbnb or hotel, but where are you staying? If you are looking for a fun hotel mixed with a little trendy, look no farther than Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel in South Beach. Take your bags up to your room and close your eyes for a brief nap. If no nap is necessary, then head to the beach. Soak in the sun(wear sunscreen), take a dip in the ocean or build a sandcastle .


After the beach, dust all the sand off and lets grab some grub. Head over to Maxine’s Bistro and Bar- great food with a Dj or Dolce Italian Miami with great italina food or if you like to keep things healthy, try Freshii.

Now you have food in your stomach, head over to Lincoln Road Mall for some retail therapy.


This place has everything, Shopping, resturants and more. This is the best place to get warmed up to Miami.


You have had a full first day filled with Surf, food and shopping. You can just stop and call it a night, but whats the fun in that. For those looking to hit the Miami party scene on the first night, look to go to Ocean Drive or when you come to Miami stay at the Hotel Croydon, I heard they have a great rooftop bar. I have also heard of but never been on a party cruise, that sails around Miami harbour. That looks like a blast, Also it’s a great way to meet new people if you are on a solo trip. Another fun place is Ball & Chain in little Havana. However, if you are same-sex oriented or just looking for a good time, head over to Twist Nightclub. Where you can dance with DJs & drag queens until the wee hours of the morning.


Day 2


So you’ve survived your first day/night in Miami. You may or may not be in rough shape, now you need some food in you from the night before. To perk yourself up, you need to go to “Orange Blossom” for their fried rice made with quinoa. This will help you get through the day or if the sun is too bright and you can’t take your sunglasses off, head to little Havana to grab a ‘Cubano’ sandwich which is awesome at “Las Olas Cafe”. 

After some food and a few Advil later, you’re now thinking “what do I do now”?  You could head south on U.S. 1 to Key Largo for some snorkelling at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park (it’s at least a 90 minute drive and also give yourself time to rent your gear). On your way back, you have to stop by stop at Alabama Jack’s for their fish sandwiches-So Good.

Or if you want to stay local and aren’t up for a day trip, then you can go back to Lincoln Road Mall for day two of shopping or if you want fresh air and a beautiful view, rent a bike from the Miami Beach Bicycle Center. Take you bike and just cruise on past the Versace Mansion. If your still a little wobbly, then being on a bike isn’t a good idea. What you can do is sign up for the Art Deco Tour, which takes in the beautiful pastel buildings that put the coastal city on the map in the 30s and 40s.


It’s lunchtime now, Go to Joe’s Stone Crab or Yardbird. Either one will have great food. Now you’re done with lucnh and your ears are ringing because you heard someone mention a pool party. If the hotel you are staying at isn’t poppin’ and lit, then you can buy a day pass to The Standard or The National, and lounge like the locals do. You have nowhere else to be this afternoon, so swim, tan, and sip on smoothies or cocktail slushies on repeat. 

It’s your last night, so let’s make it a memorable one. Dress up, then wander down Espanola way, it’s a fairy-lit, pedestrian-only street that’s lined with alfresco restaurants, bars and cafes. Pop into Havana 1957 for a Cuban cocktail, then go around the corner to Pane e Vino for dinner.

After 48 hours, you’ll be heading back to the airport a little more tan, with less liver function, and a greater love for Latin food and Latin music!



Backpacker vs Glampacker


Though there are various types of travelers, these two are rising up in the world of travelers.
Backpackers are the kind of travelers who try to be on a journey with the least amount of plans and preparations.

They have a low budget and are ready to manage in whatever situation they come across. They share their hostel rooms as they refuse to live in luxurious hotels; they aren’t particular about their clothes and are even ready to share food from the streets and that costs the least. They don’t have much luggage, are interactive with the local residents and basically mold themselves as per what the place provides. They aspire to see most of the world with lesser pennies in the pocket. They are the independent travelers and usually fall under the youth criteria like they are usually college students or young people.


Glampackers, on the contrary, are the ones who deny the idea of light traveling and are very stylish in nature. They don’t compromise with their attire, footwear even on the travel. They obviously have a healthier budget. They will keep their stay as comfortable as possible, at a luxurious resort or something and spend a lot of money while roaming around; shopping etc. thus they return with an increase in the luggage that they had taken while going. They maintain a high profile throughout and choose to go with all the fancies. Unlike, backpackers, they have a lot of funds hence they eat in good restaurants and the motive behind their travel is either recreational or career break.



Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies Recipe


One of my favorite cookies are peanut butter blossoms. These take me back to childhood, baking these with my aunt. In fact, I was a peanut butter and chocolate fanatic- every day was a peanut butter sandwich (no jelly) and dessert was a huge spoonful of peanut butter sprinkled with chocolate chips. Oh, and when Halloween cme around, it was not complete unless I got Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!

photo-1511730609347-730e2da3da59Deliciously thick and chewy peanut butter cookies coated in granulated sugar, and have a Hershey Kiss pressed in the centres!

HERSHEY’S KISSES Milk Chocolate Candy
1/2 cup (1 stick) butter or margarine, softened
1 cup granulated sugar
1 egg
1-1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons milk
Red or green sugar crystals, granulated sugar or powdered sugar

1.  Heat oven to 350°F.  Remove wrappers from candies.

2.  Beat butter, granulated sugar, egg and vanilla in large bowl until well blended.  Stir together flour,
baking soda and salt; add alternately with milk to butter mixture, beating until well blended.

3.  Shape dough into 1-inch balls.  Roll in red sugar, granulated sugar, powdered sugar or a combination of any of the sugars.  Place on ungreased cookie sheet.

4.  Bake 8 to 10 minutes or until edges are lightly browned and cookie is set.  Remove from oven; cool
2 to 3 minutes.  Press a candy piece into center of each cookie.  Remove from cookie sheet to wire
rack.  Cool completely.  About 4 dozen cookies.Enjoy with milk, hot chocolate, tea or coffee. Store any uneaten cookies in an air-tight container. They’ll stay fresh for up to five days.



Subscription Box

I love getting things in the mail, esspecially subscription boxes. I get soo excited opening a box, not knowing wha I’m going to get. This month I tried “Snack Crate”



Snack Crate is a monthly snack box for global goodies, with each month curated from a specific country! Snack Crate offers three sizes: a mini box with 5 snacks, a priority box with 10-12 snacks, and a premium box with 18-20 snacks.

This is the box I got 




I will now rate the snacks from 1-bad 10-best


I didn’t really like these.Ugh! These may be great in the UK, but not in the US. No bacon flavor and waaay too salty. Plus I really don’t like bacon or things flavored with bacon. I gave them to my grandpa and he liked them, but not my taste. 1/10


I liked these and they weren’t too spicy! The “groove” cut listed on the package is actually “ruffle” cut which I love and they are wayyy crunchier, kettle-cooked texture thank regular chips. And, oh, the flavor! there’s citrus, pepper, and an extremely savory chicken flavor that made these chips super-addictive. 9.5/10

img_0960.jpgThe texture of these twin bars was really neat – I could compare it to an Areo bar, with all of the bubbles and lightness inside. I love Cadbury’s chocolate. I thought it tasted good, and the twin bars reminded me of my favorite American chocolate – The Twix bar! 9/10


img_0959.jpgI originally considered sponge candy to be sort of the American equivalent to this chocolate-robed, honeycomb core treat. The texture was a little weird, but I really liked it. I love Sponge candy, and I love how it “melts” right away. However, I was pleasantly surprised here. The honeycomb core was much more firm, even “crunchie,” as the name implies, and had a nice mild flavor that was sweet but not overpowering! 10/10


I didn’t know what to expect with these. Great Wafers……Delicious! These are not too sweet! I was able to have a cuppa (As the Brits say) and watch an episode of Outlander in style. Cheers! 10/10

img_0956.jpgLove fruit gums, pastilles, etc… Rowntree’s cannot go wrong with candy. Addictive though, hard to stop eating them, But I have to say, I feel we have these in the U.S and I feel like I’ve had these before, but they are good.  7/10


img_0957.jpgThese little treats really surprised me! I’m really not a big fan of hard candies, but I thought these had a nice flavor. I liked that a few flavors were included, and the orange was my favorite. And of course, the “juicy” center was a nice textural surprise! 6.5/10

VerdictI was excited and happy to receive the U.K. box this month and it didn’t disappoint! I really liked both of the chocolate this month – they were great company for the Netflix watching the cooler weather encourages! I did enjoy the Peri Peri chips this month The real surprises this month were the fruit candies – the gums and juicy chews really brought a strong fruit flavor game to the box! I rate the box 9.5/10


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Mistakes made by solo travelers


Some people prefer solo trips and go out to venture all alone. With solo travel comes extra risks, especially for females because your alone in a new place, you might not speak the language and god forbid something where to happen, you don’t speak the local language, who do you turn to? 

Please keep in mind the following points while venturing.

  • Plan your trip ahead and keep a close one informed about the itinerary.
  • Make all the bookings before starting.
  • Not  Trusting Locals, Not everyone is going to scam you
  • Flashing Expensive Items. That’s how your mess gets taken, from phones to laptops and tablets
  • Be careful about what you consume while travelling including offers made by others.
  • Keep your contacts informed about your status every day.
  • Being Careless with your Day Bag. Again that’s the number 1 way to get your stuff taken
  • If you are going trekking, check for the safety of the area especially if it is a forest zone.
  • Not Researching Local Culture
  • Become friends with hotel staff, but  be careful here cause while your gone they could go into your room, but there is a 80% chance of that not happening but just be frendly just in case something where to happen
  • Not Getting Travel Insurance-Travel insurance can cover everything from cancellations or trip delays, to doctor visits and emergency medical procedures. NEVER leave home without it
  • Be aware of the local scams or the top scams that go on in that area or just in general. 

These tips are here to help you not scare you. I want everyone to be happy and safe whither they are traveling alone or with people 






Glamping vs. Camping


What the hell is Glamping? I have never heard of this before, but im intrigued. 

From doing research what I got from it the difference between glamping and camping, is camping is often about readiness to try something totally new, and be challenged. It’s also about getting as close as you can to the outdoors. People who go “glamping” are looking to experience the outdoors without sacrificing comfort. 


The accommodation is different, tents are traditional for camping, while glamping refers to fancy tents and select lodgings. Consequently, the heating is also different – insulated sleeping bags versus central heating. Showering is also not possible while camping, as opposed to glamping. While camping, one can use the public restrooms and while glamping – the private bathrooms.

Glamping has a few more options than traditional camping, such as:

  • Yurts

A step-up from a tent as it’s much roomier and have an advantage over tents as it’s easier to regulate temperature and keep out the annoying insects!

  • Cottages

Cottages and cabins come with varying levels of luxury depending on your interests. Bathrooms, kitchens and even TV’s come with beds and air conditioning.

  • Tipis

The raised platform helps protect those inside from the rain and especially bugs that seem so desperate to get in!Secondly, there is also a difference in the way campers and glampers dress. Camping clothing is about layering and functionality, while glamping allows you to pack almost everything you prefer.

There is also a difference in the way campers and glampers dress. Camping clothing is about layering and functionality, while glamping allows you to pack almost everything you prefer.

The cooking is different as far as the two outdoor activities are concerned. Campers have to carry their own (preferably canned) food, while glampers benefit from luxuries such as gourmet recipes and a private chef.


I like the idea of going Glamping. I’ve never been camping but I’m all about comfort. 

My personal glamping essentials include;

  1. Warm sleeping bag
  2. Extra duvet & Proper pillows
  3. Full height air bed or folding camp bed
  4. Solar charger and lighting system
  5. Camp kitchen unit
  6. Stove and kettle
  7. Camp furniture
  8. Pretty decorative touches like throws, fairylights and floor cushions

Camping or glamping, is whatever you want it to be and as long as you are enjoying the great outdoors, who cares if you treat it as an exercise in endurance or if you choose to do it in comfort?


30 And Single


Turning 30 was a milestone for me. It marks the end of my carefree 20s, the age at which I’m finally considered a “real” adult by society. If you haven’t reached it yet, you might think that by 30 you’ll have it all figured out. But many millennial women, like myself are finding life at 30 is a lot different from how we pictured it.

Most women, in my experience, have a really hard time turning 30. They go through a mini-depression and that’s what happened to me. The minute I turned 30 in September, it seemed everyone at that moment got married and had kids or entered into a relationship and I thought my life was over.

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and throughout my whole life, I thought I had everything figured out. I was going to get married at 25, have two kids before 30, live in a beautiful house with my perfect husband. Just saying that makes me laugh out loud now. What world did I think I lived in?

Instead of that traditional dream, my life took an unexpected turn. I went to grad school directly after college and that was the busiest time of my life.  Now I’m currently working with my uncle in his business, enjoying the single life, blogging, and I’m loving every second of my life. Sometimes I think my heart might explode with all the happiness I feel inside. but I do deep down want a boyfriend.

Whenever I go to events,  I really feel all the anxiety of being  30 and single. I’m constantly asked by married friends, whether there are any men in my life, and others try and force dating advice down my throat, which is pretty demoralizing. To be honest, I think I am feeling my own internal pressure of being married by 30 and frustrated that it hasn’t happened yet. As a relatively impatient person, seeing your friends on baby number two, or watching your younger cousins start to have kids of their own and get into relationships isn’t easy to watch. I know that it will all happen when it’s supposed to happen, but I’m 30 now, I often wonder what if it doesn’t?


Most people, I believe, find that when they stop beating the bushes for that Soulmate, Special Someone, the one that hits every box in their check-off list, the law of serendipity gets activated and that is when the magic happens.

A good life shouldn’t be contingent upon being in a good relationship. The reverse usually holds true: being in a good relationship is contingent upon having a good life.

I never thought that I would end up in the life that I currently have but sometimes life has bigger plans for you than you think.”


Top Underrated Cities in the US



We’ve already been to New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles and Miami. Where to next? Let me introduce you to the most underrated cities across the U.S. These top spots are pioneers in everything from urban development and job creation to culture and cuisine. Head there quickly before everyone else finds out.

Providence, Rhode Island


Once gritty and impoverished, Providence, just south of Boston, is now a creative hub for arts and culture. Take bustling Westminster Street, full of design shops, craft stores and galleries, as well as the nationally-recognized food scene. 

San Antonio, TX

CMUi6skg-960x720.jpegWere it not for the sheer size of Texas (which lays claim to not one but three top-tier cities including Dallas, Houston, and Austin), San Antonio might have landed itself a top spot on first-time visitors’ to-do lists. The notion isn’t so far-fetched when you consider the city’s trifecta of history, culture, and food. For stellar barbecue, shops, and people-watching, The Pearl District is a pedestrian-friendly pocket home to the River Walk, a waterway lined with old-world taverns and riverfront restaurants that’s become known as “The American Venice.”

Athens, Georgia


When in Georgia, skip Atlanta (oooh, bold statement). “A community of creative entrepreneurs are giving Georgia college town Athens (University of Georgia) a big jolt of energy,” writes Molly Elizalde. “There’s a growing number of chefs, musicians, and artists who had lived and worked in cities from San Francisco to Madrid. Through the years, they have created a new sense of sophistication in this town of just over 100,000 people, without altering its appealingly slow pace.



It is no secret that the automation revolution has dominated the country’s rust belt. Cities like Detroit and Cleveland relied on heavy industry plants for jobs and those cities have never recovered from the loss. Some cities in the rust belt have tried to adapt. One city, in particular, that has been successful in changing their culture is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh was once totally reliant on the steel industry. Instead of constantly mourning over these lost jobs, city officials have focused on the tourism industry. This is cool for the people that live there and also, for anyone that visits. Pittsburgh is very close to home, and I love this city. 




Detroit is a story of revival: An industrial powerhouse in the 1950s, it took a downturn in the ’70s but has reinvented itself in the past ten years as a hipster hot spot replete with industry; remarkably beautiful, affordable real estate; and and cutting-edge culture. In fact, Detroit’s theaters make up the second-largest theater district in the U.S. after New York.

Chicago, Ill.


Chicago is like Jay Z before his public friendship with Kanye West in that everyone knew how dope he was, but respected his privacy and low-key attitude. Major hip-hop artists would constantly be getting into Twitter fights, like the way we do over when arguing over New York versus Los Angeles. 

Chicago is the same. In the comments of city-oriented lists, loyal Midwesterners always throw in a kind reminde: “What about Chicago?” And, it’s true. We often forget about Chicago because it’s not full of drama. But the city that spawned Kanye West also gave us electrified Chicago blues, deep dish pizza (New York Pizza is better…..Sorry Chicago), sports teams that put Los Angeles’ athletic insouciance to shame, and the breeding ground for President Obama. Many people compare Chicago to New York, because it has those big city metropolitan vibes, but the differences in core principles are vast.



OAdUKEsT-1380x1035.jpegMinneapolis has quietly but confidently stepped up its style game with design-forward hotels and pioneering global restaurants. In the North Loop, a logging warehouse has been transformed into the Hewing Hotel, which takes “lodge-luxe” to a new level with its original pine timber beams, vibrant local art and photography, and rooftop Social Club. From here, it’s only a six-minute walk to The Bachelor Farmer, a cozy-chic Scandinavian restaurant that’s earned accolades for its Nordic-influenced toasts and the city’s first-ever rooftop garden. For great made-in-Minneapolis souvenirs, swing by The Foundry Home Goods shop for handcrafted wares like wool blankets and porcelain dish sets.

Baltimore, MD


PqCyU_Q5-960x720.jpegThis all-American seaport has been likened to a more affordable D.C. Sure, some industrial areas are still rough around the edges (We’ve all seen The Wire) but you’ll hardly notice what with all that’s going on in regards to culture and food. Its past life as an immigration portal means Baltimore has built a community that prizes diversity and creativity, best seen at prized institutions like the Baltimore Museum of Art, and others.  Not to mention the micro-breweries, farm-to-table restaurants, and trendy cocktail dens that have taken hold of the dining scene in just the last few years.

Asheville, NC

bew6ns0c-960x720.jpegTaking a drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway tops our road trip bucket list, but it’s worth extending your journey with a detour to Asheville. There’s a lot to love about this North Carolina gem. The culinary scene–an intoxicating mix of serious Southern recipes and playful global influences—is one of the best in the south.

Albuquerque, N.M.


Albuquerque also has incredible ethnic diversity, Also It’s more than just meth labs and old people. Fetishizing Walter from Breaking Bad’s life is a Twitter trend, but the beautiful burnt umber backdrop of Albuquerque was once home to super religious Spanish explorers in the mid-1500s.  The Old Town city center still boasts the San Felipe De Neri Church and a kind of organic culture around the gorgeous Rio Grande River. Although Albuquerque is considered a great place to retire, any artistic up-and-coming professional can utilize the 280 day average of sunny days complete with dry heat and incredibly low income and property taxes to create a colony of potential in their own cheaply priced adobe.

Boulder, Colorado


  Know someone headed to Colorado? They’re probably bound for Denver—CO’s urban playground of art, culture, and food—or any one of its premiere ski towns (Aspen, Vail). But just north of the capital is a nature-lover’s paradise. Boulder’s location at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains means world-class hiking and skiing are literally at your doorstep.    


Tips for Safe Travel


Traveling is always good but there are plenty of shady people that are always in the chance of scamming the tourists with their tricks. If you’re not careful, you can easily become a victim. So, it’s on you whether you wanna play victim or keep yourself away from getting freaked out.

  1. Travel light. Try to use just hand luggage – it will save you money on ticket (most airlines allow to take carry on for free). Bringing less personal items with you minimizes the risk of being spotted as a target. It is also more convenient to move around with a smaller bag – taking a bus, metro or even taxi.
  2. Avoid a lot of cash. Most big cities in developed countries are happy to accept credit card as a method of payment. Having too much cash attracts attention and your wallet may (depending on the currency) increase in size a lot. Try bringing just enough to get by. If necessary, you can always get some more from the ATM.
  3. Store you documents well. If possible, make some copies or take a picture of your passport with your smartphone. It is also a good idea to label your luggage with yoKeep you documents safe with passport neck holderur name and address and use luggage locks.
  4. Download offline maps to navigate in case you get lost. One of the good ones is NavMii – it’s free and allows you to download the map of the area/city and even store addresses. Saving the address of the hotel may save you a lot of trouble.
  5. Beware of strangers, especially if traveling alone. Do not discuss your travel planes, invite them over to hotel room and don’t go with them if invited somewhere. When going out, avoid excessive drinking. Always be in control!
  6. Be careful with publishing your travel plans on Facebook, Twitter & IG, as some robberies are taking place when hosts are away. 


7. Do your homework – research about your destination. Make plans, where it is OK to go. Stay away from the not-so-great areas. Avoid walking alone at nights. If lost, pretend you know where you are going and stay on busy streets with traffic.

8. Investing in travel insurance may be worth it, especially if you are traveling to developing countries. I recommend getting travel insurance, as well as accident cover.

9. Try to look as a local as much as possible – that way you won’t be an obvious target. Try to blend in, wear local clothes if possible.

10. Let your friends and family know where you are going. Checking in regularly will keep them from worrying and in case of emergency helps them find you sooner.


Bon Voyage…!


48 hours in Paris


Paris is the quintessential city that we all yearn to see, feel, and experience. It’s a city filled with romance, history, croissants, and stunning architecture. And it’s a city that’s hard to tackle – so much to do and usually so little time.

And that’s where I come in to help make your travels easier, more thoughtful, and less stressful. Also keep in mind, I’ve never been to Paris, I did, however get this information from my aunt who has been to Paris several times, but if you have been to Paris and if I missed anything, leave a comment. 

Where to Stay in Paris

While budget will of course play a large role in choosing where to stay in Paris, it’s important that you’re fairly close to the neighborhoods you’ll be visiting most often.

If you’re on a budget and don’t mind staying in a quieter neighborhood, the Bastille area is a great option. Although close to the Notre Dame Cathedral, this neighborhood is lesser known to tourists, which is partly why it’s a cheaper area to stay in. You can also take the metro from the Place de la Bastille to most of the major attractions in the city.

Another budget-friendly neighborhood to stay in is Le Marais. It’s an older area of the city that wasn’t included in Haussman’s renovations of Paris. Because of that, the streets in Le Marais are much smaller and cozier than most Parisian avenues.

For travelers with a larger budget, it’s recommend staying on the other side of the river in the area of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. This area is a little more luxe and is within walking distance to the Louvre Museum and the Jardin du Luxembourg. If you’re taking a train from the airport into the city, this would be a great location to stay in as it’s right off the RER B line.




The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is an international icon that motivates people to visit Paris year-round. It’s like a magnetic force that draws people to it… whether it’s for the dramatic lights, the romantic essence, the beautiful green lawn, or the sprawling views of Paris – people LOVE the Eiffel Tower.

And with popularity comes a shit load of people (like….duh). Below are tips & tricks to handle it:

  • Buy your tickets online – about $20 per person.
  • Schedule a time to visit.
  • Print the tickets & have them ready on your phone.
  • The 3rd floor is open but subject to current weather conditions.
  • Both the 1st and 2nd floors feature restaurants, souvenir shops, and more.
  • Restrooms are available while waiting and in the tower.
  • Refreshments are available while waiting too.


From the Eiffel Tower the natural next move is to head the second most famous monument in the capital.

Just 3 stops on the metro (or a 20 minute walk) you’ll arrive at Charles de Gaulle – Etoile, which is directly outside the Arc De Triomphe.

This post won’t go too much into its history but the Arc De Triomphe honours those who fought and died for France in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, with the names of all French victories and generals inscribed on its inner and outer surfaces.

And if you head there early enough there will be less traffic on the roundabout and hardly any tourists.


Take a stroll down the famous 1.2 mile (1.9 km) long street of Champs-Élysées. From what I’m told is that you will love everything about this street…the architecture, the stores, the people bustling around…this street offers up so much! There is endless shopping, cafes and street entertainment at every turn. It’s also the finishing point for the Tour de France cycle race! You could spend an entire day exploring on this street alone! Also, you can get souvenirs here if you’re looking to grab something for someone back home (or yourself).


After your two iconic morning stops, I decided to focus day one of  two days in Paris itinerary to the northern area of Paris.

Head up to Sacre-Coeur, hopping again on the Metro to Anvers, and walk up the steps to the famous Roman Catholic Church.

The view from the top is know to be incredible, looking over the whole of Paris and the Sacre-Coeur itself is like no other religious building you’ve ever seen.

Take your time exploring the history of the Sacre-Couer before heading down for lunch.


Don’t leave too quickly though or you’ll miss a real life illusion.

The sinking house of Montmartre has become a bit of a trend on Instagram in recent years and this spot located right next door to the Sacre-Coeur makes for a great photo.

Within certain dates you are allowed to sit on the grass to the right of the Sacre-Coeur as you face it and you’ll see immediately why they call it the sinking house of Montmartre.


One of the quirkiest and most tourist friendly places in Paris are the streets of Montmartre.

Filled with famous cafes such as Le Consulat or La Mansion Rose you can spend all afternoon cruising around. Admiring the Parisian feel.

Spend a couple of hours trawling the narrow streets and picking up snacks and souvenirs, before heading for dinner with friends and turning in for the night.



Take a Morning Stroll

I recommend leaving a tiny bit of time to do whatever your heart desires – shop, picnic on a lawn, rent a bicycle, or go for a stroll.

Chose to simply walk the streets of Paris.  Pop into a few shops, and quickly stop by the Luxembourg Gardens.

There’s almost something to always experience on the streets so get outside, savor your time there, and take loads of pictures!

The Louvre

And I saved the best for last…. The Louvre.

My aunt was an art history major so this final must-do was a bucket list achievement for her. I was equally as excited to hear about the internationally recognized museum, regardless of my lacking artistic knowledge.


Paris, I heard is like New York City, the options are absolutely ENDLESS! The best advice  is to discover the area that you’re staying in and find some local hidden gems. Don’t go to all the posh spots that are #1 on TripAdvisor or the restaurants right next to the Eiffel Tower, because they’re more often than not, disappointing. These restaurants know you’re a tourist and they’re only going to see you once, so they don’t generally give a damn. That being said, the following foods should be on your MUST try list while visiting the city:

  • Creme Brûlée
  • Crepes
  • Macaroons


  • Cheese Board
  • French Wine

 Things to Note:

  • The museum is massive and it will require at minimum 3 hours. We spent 5 hours there and still didn’t visit every floor.
  • You can pay for a guided tour or the independent recording – we chose the latter.
  • Students receive a discount so save your college ID’s people.
  • There are plenty of restrooms, souvenir shops, cafes, and a restaurant or two to refresh and refuel. You will need the refuel, this place is massive!
  • Photos are permitted – most of the time.

There you have it wanderlust babes, how to tackle Paris in 48 hours!

There’s plenty of must-dos still on my bucket list. 

If you have extra days to spend in Paris, check out these must-dos:

  • The Seine River
  • Versailles Palace & Gardens

Who’s been to Paris? What are your favorite must-dos when visiting?

As always – If you have questions about any of these tips or general travel love – shout it out down below!

Until next time – xoxo.



Super Bowl Sunday

Hey everyone, Happy Superbowl Sunday….If you like sports like me, then you are SUPER excited for this game tonight, although I really REALLY dont like the teams playing (Go Cowboys) but I’m ready to see the L.A Rams play. 

What are your favorite go-to snacks for the big game. 

My go-to is PIZZA yes, what a suprise. 

Also, don’t you just love watching the Puppy Bowl.

Watch #TeamRuff take on #TeamFluff during Puppy Bowl XV  3p ET / 12p PT only on Animal Planet!


Let me know in the comments, what type of food must be at a superbowl party and what you favorite NFL team is. 

Happy game day, have fun, be safe  


Travel Hacks


The best travel hack would be doing a proper research & planning a perfect trip that suits your need. Following tips will help you figure out to-do’s & not to do’s.


  • Get cash from ATMs for best rates
  • Charles Schwab High Yield Checking accounts refund every single ATM fee worldwide, require no minimum balance, and have no monthly fee
  • Bring a spare credit card for real emergencies
  • Split cash in various places on your person (pockets, shoes) and in your luggage
  • Use a money belt



  • Throw the hotel bar soap into your dirty laundry bag so it doesn’t stink up your suitcase for the rest of your trip. Don’t have any bar soap lying around? Use a dryer sheet.
  • Wear a night moisturizer on long flights because it’s extra hydrating and you’ll have plenty of time to let it sink in and do its job (you know, like fighting wrinkles and brightening skin).
  • Pack items like your laptop in smaller bags so you have options when you’re out and about. You don’t want to have to lug your carry-on bag with you everywhere, do you?
  • Store your power cords in an old sunglass case. It’ll keep you from losing your damn mind. We promise.
  • Bring several pairs of underwear in your carry-on—just in case your luggage winds up lost.
  • Collect travel- and sample-size items (gee, where could you find those?) so you’ll have them when you need them.
  • Pre-pack what you can. Always have a toiletry bag ready, so that you don’t need to go crazy the night before you leave.
  • Place a cotton pad in your blush or powder compact to ensure that it won’t break while you’re in transit.
  • Always roll your clothes; don’t fold them. You’ll find a world of space.
  • Don’t carry more clothes than you need. Keep it to a bare minimum.


  • Check AirBnB, ZO Rooms , oyorooms, Roomorama, Vacation Apartments and More, Homeaway, before making hotel/room reservations
  • Check Hotel Tonight for a last minute booking
  • Call the hotel directly for rates to compare with online rates.
  • Private rooms in hostels are better deals and more fun than hotels in many 2nd tier cities
  • Always ask for a better room or free upgrade when you check into a hotel. About half the time, you get one.
  • Evaluate quality of the source before accepting restaurant recommendations of hotel employees
  • Need a charger or adapter? Ask the hotel desk. Almost always, they’ll pull a box of chargers abandoned by previous travelers and you can have your pick.


Frequent Flyer Miles, Hotel Points and other travel loyalty programs

  • Track your miles and points from your smartphone. 

Interacting with locals

  • Follow the locals. If there are locals around you, you’re doing it right. If there are only tourists, you’re probably being ripped off.
  • Smile
  • Learn a bit of the language, make an effort
  • Look for people already drinking and buy a round
  • Eat with them: Eatwith.com
  • Check the Spotted by Locals apps or blogs (Europe & North America)

Travel logistics

  • Email PDFs of your passport to yourself
  • Take an unlocked GSM phone with you, you can buy SIM cards almost everywhere cheap
  • If you need any sort of service and you’re outside the U.S., call the 800 US number if there is one. Much faster and friendlier service.
  • Get a YMCA membership. YMCAs are the most pervasive gym in the U.S. and for $5 you get access to showering, hot tub, swimming pool, locker for an entire day etc.
  • Use Thumbtack to get services done by locals, instead of businesses
  • Use Tripoto to see what other travellers did before you.


  • Check Foursquare for free Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Rewards lounges usually have unprotected Wi-Fi networks
  • Buying Internet access from your mobile device rather than your laptop can get you a better rate. Alternatively, you can spoof your browser’s User Agent.



  • If flying with someone else on 3-seat arrangements, book the aisle and window. The middle seat is likely to remain free, or the person who gets it will be happy to trade with one of you. If traveling solo, buddy up with another solo traveler.
  • In airports, observe the flight crews. They know which places are best to eat at, what monorail to use etc.
  • The first bathroom in the terminal is the most crowded one. Use the next one.
  • Avoid airport security lines with people who look like they don’t travel often (elderly, children, large groups).
  • Ask that your checked bags be marked as “fragile”. This will put them on the top of other bags, so they’ll often come out of the carousel first.
  • If your flight gets cancelled/delayed or you’re likely to miss a connection, pick up the phone and re-book your flight. Don’t wait in the long line at the counter.
  • Always search JetBlue and Southwest in addition to meta-search engines like Kayak, because they may not index them.
  • Bring an empty water bottle through security, then fill it from a fountain for free hydration throughout the flight.
  • Acting sleepy/groggy (yawning a lot and looking bored) makes it very easy to breeze through immigration, customs, security.
  • Book the discounted 5am flight, then show up later in the day and get re-booked on a flight with available seats. You might need to pay at most a $25 rescheduling fee.
  • Cargo pants and vests with many pockets can act as a 3rd carryon




Gym Hacks & Tips


I’ve been in the gym for about 2 years now and have done almost all the stupid things you could do in there – from doing curls on day 1 to not using a towel to wearing tights that were see through (Not good). Those were all stupid things. But I learned stuff from being an idiot and eventually came up with a bunch of smarter things to do to optimize your time and effort spent in the gym.

  1. Weights before cardio – else you will be too tired to lift at your full potential. Besides, a moderate intensity cardio will increase blood flow all over your body and aid in muscle recovery.
  2. 100% Whey is not better than a mix of Whey, Soy, Casein and eggs – a mix of those will ensure you have a constant supply of protein that doesn’t all digest in a few moments.
  3. You don’t need to drink a protein shake right after your lifting session unless you are working out while practicing intermittent fasting.
  4. Free weights over machines any day unless you are injured already.
  5. Increasing the Time Under Tension is very very beneficial.
  6. If you have problem balancing a bar, practice with dumbbells more often.
  7. Same goes if you have noticeably uneven muscle growth (there will always be a little bit of uneven muscle development)
  8. Practice more compounded lifts.

Now when it comes to cardio,

  1. All forms of cardio – light, moderate and hiit has its own place. One is not completely better than the other.
  2. If you have a hard time running at a high-speed on a treadmill, try to reduce the speed and increase the inclination. Eventually you will be able to run faster and longer.
  3. While running, rather than tracking the distance you ran and measuring progress, tracking the amount of time you ran at a good pace will be a more motivating indicator of progress.


Some general rules and hacks for the gym are

  1. Use the gym during odd hours according to your schedule. Mine is crowded in the morning and in the evening. However, my office time is 11–8 or 12–9 depending on my preference. So I hit the gym around 10 when everybody else is at their office. Make such arrangements as you see fit.
  2. Be mentally prepared to do lifts that you can do and not the ones you want to do. Everybody wants to do bench press on Monday. But hey, the squat rack will be practically free on Monday.
  3. Use a towel – to keep the bench and the equipments neat and clean and also to let passersby know that you are not done with the equipment.
  4. Learn to share – share the bench with another guy. While he is doing his set, you would be resting, once he is done, you can proceed and this can go on as a cycle.
  5. Stay away from playing music on the common audio system. Your favourite music might seem like absolute load of bull crap to someone else – just like how theirs might sound like a bunch of hyenas howling to you.


6. Have a strong black coffee without sugar before you hit the gym. It’s the best pre-workout.

7.Don’t sit while you are resting. Keep walking around and keep the momentum going on.

8. Don’t waste time in front of the mirror until you are done for the day.

9. Beginner programs…If havn’t been to the gym in a while, start a beginners program

10. Wear sweat pants if you plan to do leg raisers and the likes of it. Nobody wants to see your legs as your shorts slip down. Also, don’t wear them as low waist. Nobody wants that either. Also if you are self conscious about something like me (I got junk in the truck) wrap a sweater or shirt around your waist while you squat. 



Lets make gainz in 2019


Reasons to Travel Solo


Solo travel, like dining alone, gets a bad rap — mostly from people who don’t particularly enjoy their own company. If you can put up with yourself, however, you can cover a lot of ground on your own. I want to travel alone this year and I’ve always been on trips with people, and the idea of going somewhere by myself makes me ill. I have, however opened up to the idea, thats why I’m going some place alone this year. 

Travelling solo can really provide you with a fresh perspective on life, yourself, and the world around you. You have no constant company but your own and you’re left to your own devices to discover places, explore, relax, appreciate the little things, and understand your own thoughts. It gives you a chance to venture down untried avenues. There’re no limits to what you can and can’t do. You can try out any new place to live, eat, and visit. There will be no clash of opinion on what you want to do or where you want to eat or where to go next. You can be as free as you like, have no responsibility towards anyone but yourself, not have to worry about waiting for the other person or being on the same page with them, and absolute freedom to do whatever you want.


There are some awesome perks of traveling solo:

  • Planning is way easier

When traveling solo you’ll take less time planning everything. The only one you have to please is yourself. Any major or minor decision is completely yours to make: destination, itinerary, budget, accommodation.

The best thing: you won’t need the approval of others!

I hate it when I go on Vaca with people and it took forever for us to agree on a location to travel to. After a certain point I didn’t care anymore and I said “whatever you decide I’ll be there”. It was a headache but in the end was a good time. When you travel alone, you dont have that problem. 


  • You’re in control of your finances

When traveling solo all the financial decisions are all yours to make even if that comes with responsibility too! If you want to spend less on accommodation because you want to go to all of the museums, you can do it.

When I went on vacation last year I came home with $100 left, which I wanted to come home with more, but I was with family and some want this and can you lend me this. Before I left, I had everything written out on what I was going to spend. That went out the window. 

  • You’ll be more likely to have local experiences

Experiencing a place like a local is something you’ll never regret. When you’re traveling with others you mostly focus on them. You probably go everywhere together so there’s almost no chance of interacting with locals.

If you’re traveling solo you’ll be more prone to strike conversations with locals. I mean, even if you don’t like people that much (haha) at some point you’ll want to have some human interaction.

Exchanging words and experiences with locals will definitely make your travel experience richer. And there’s an enormous perk here: you’ll have the best local food recommendations.


  • You’ll become more independent

Once you’ve overcome the fear of solving all your problems all by yourself you’ll become super independent. At first, you’ll probably be second-guessing everything you do but little by little you’ll feel more confident.

You’ll return a different more mature person. Remember the world is much more easygoing and accepting than people are made to believe by their friends and family. This is really true. 

  • You’ll have all the time to yourself

You’ll have time to reflect on who you are, what you want and where to go. Even in the furthest place on Earth, you can’t escape yourself. Take advantage of that, BE with yourself.

Last year I was on someone elses time when on vacation and for once I want to have all the time to myself. 

If you fear traveling solo because you don’t want to feel lonely, there’s always a chance to meet people on the road, chat with locals and even find new friends. You just have to be open to it. Take these tips into consideration:

  • A better self-realization

In the end, you’ll be able to know more about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll have time to reflect on yourself, on who you are, what you like and what do you want. And most of the times, you’ll become a better person. Or at least you’ll be a bit changed.

It’s an amazing experience to know that you “survived” and solved all of your problems by yourself in an unknown place. That’ll make you a more confident and fearless person.

Traveling solo is an unforgettable experience, don’t miss it!





10 Time Management Tips


2019 is in full swing and at the start of a new year, many people are catching up because of being on vacation during the holidays. Even though January is over, you can implement these tips anytime of the year. In today’s post, I’ll be talking about 10 ways you can use to stop wasting your time and have good time management. Lets continue to keep 2019 on the right track. 

Set task reminders

The main thing to time management success is to know your deadlines and set reminders. I  suggest setting a reminder 15 minutes before a meeting or event so you can prepare and gather your things. This don’t mean leaving the house 15 min before, if your event is more than 15 min away. I mean arrive early to your meeting or whatever event it is and set your clock for 15 min to prepare for whatever it is you have to do. 

Have a daily planner

Make a list of the tasks that you need to accomplish that day, and note in upcoming meetings or deadlines as you become aware of them. As you complete your list, make sure to tick off the tasks you have completed.


Have a time limit

When I was in grad school, I would schedule my meetings with classamates and the time I would spend working on an assignment and stick to that schedule. I needed to optimize my time. I simply did not have eight hours to complete an assignment, I had four at best.

By setting a time limit, I was able to keep myself on task and not let anything get into the inevitable “just one more little tweak” that I as  perfectionists find myself falling into all too often. I still do this on a daily basis in order to keep things on track.

If you don’t finish, stop when the time you allotted ends, and come back to it later. Sometimes moving on to different responsibilities and then coming back gives your mind a fresh start and a new perspective.

Wake up early

All of us get 24 hours in a day. Though it’s not possible to change the number of hours in a day but you can definitely try waking up a little earlier and make your day longer than others. Ideally, your body requires 6–8 hours of sleep to be at your optimum energy levels.

Start with setting up your alarm 15 minutes earlier than before and increase the time frame with the course of time. You can use this additional time to exercise, meditate, prioritize, or even to pursue a hobby.

Block distractions 

Emails, phone calls, and social media messages are some of the common yet biggest distractions at the workplace.

All thanks to these distractions that a task that requires 60 minutes takes more than 3 hours to be accomplished.

Whenever you are working on high-priority tasks, put that phone on silent mode and turning data off. You would end up saving a lot of time and take your efficiency levels a notch higher.

Have Breaks

I’m sure it’s happened to you more than once. You find yourself at your desk, pouring through documents, analyzing stuff, and really getting in the groove. You skip lunch, or have my favorite “sad desk lunch.” You hit a wall but try to push through. Your eyelids get heavier, the words scramble on the page and stop making sense, and before you know it, your productivity has taken a nose dive.  This has happened to me more than once. 

For every hour of work I do, I take a ten-minute break. I get more water, grab a snack, or take a lap around my house or office. It helps me to push through the tasks at hand, knowing I have a break coming up. By scheduling in breaks, it’s much easier to push through the tough bull-ish. 

Find your most productive time of day

Are you a night owl or morning person? For me, first thing in the morning is the most productive time of the work day. However, if you operate better in the afternoon, leave your most difficult tasks for the two-hour time span that you’ll be best able to tackle them. To figure out which time of day best suits your productivity, spend a couple days taking note of the hours you get the most done and find a pattern.



Sleep is a detrimental factor that could affect many things both positively and negatively. When you get a sound sleep for six to eight hours, not only you feel fresh and rejuvenated but it also contributes to a healthy lifestyle. 

When I was 22/23 , I could pull an all-nighter—no problem. Now, I need at least six hours of sleep to be a human being, at least seven if I want to have a really productive day, and eight hours if I really want to knock the day out of the park. Sacrificing sleep sometimes seems like the only option to get everything done but ask yourself how that affects the rest of your workday. 

In order to get everything done, it’s important to take care of yourself. Sleep is a crucial part of that. Don’t underestimate the power of  solid ZZZs or of turning off your phone for a while. While I haven’t been able to break myself of sleeping with my iPhone next to the bed quite yet, it’s a major goal of mine for 2019. It’s always better to maintain an electronics-free space to get a good night’s rest.


Get a Routine

While at work, create a routine that makes the most sense for your position. Why is this important? For starters, if a chaotic day comes along, you’ll still work through the issue while adhering to your routine. By sticking to your routine, you won’t be able to procrastinate. Most importantly, your mental health and stress levels with thank you.

Learn to say no

There’s a famous saying about how every time you say no, you’re really saying yes to something else. This is especially true when it comes to time management.

Instead of saying “yes” to that meeting, project, new task, or even night out, we need to be ok with saying “no”. But this isn’t easy. We’re social creatures. We crave acceptance and gratitude, and saying yes is one of the easiest ways to get this.

Don’t take on more than you can handle. For the distractions that come in when you’re doing other things, give a firm no. Or defer it to a later period.




There’s an endless number of desserts to try in New York, not all sweets are created equal. Some of them are worthy of a special trip, and some even define a restaurant. From chocolate and ice cream to cannolis and tiramisu, these are the NYC spots where you can always find somthing to your liking. Go on treat yourself, and be sure to join the gym or go on a long walk on monday,(After a weekend of eating). 




Unknown.jpeg    Unknown-1.jpeg

60 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10013

If you want to go to a super trendy dessert spot, this is the place for you. This place is IG worthy, to get your pictures on, oh and the icecream is super good. Eggloo serves Asian fusion desserts in two different locations in Manhattan.If you’ve got a true sweet tooth, this will check off all the boxes for you: cakey waffle, ice cream and sugary toppers.




119 Baxter St, New York, NY 10013

Straight Outta Japan. Oh and be prepared to wait in line. No matter what time of year it  is, people are waiting to get their hands on this Japanese street food slash sweet treat. I’m not going to lie, the ice cream was good but I didn’t like the red bean paste that was in the cone. Not my thing, but you might like it. I suggest the matcha. 

Milk Bar

Unknown.jpeg  Unknown-1.jpeg

220 8th Ave, New York, NY 10011

I have to say that I LIKED this place. I had heard reviews- some good and some bad, btu I liked it. The cereal milk soft serve is to die for (yes, it tastes like the milk at the bottom of a bowl of cereal) comes out of left field. Oh and a must try is the crack pie, its like the real thing and you can get addicted (in a good way) real quick. 



Unknown-1.jpeg 529 Broome St, New York, NY 10013

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beers are known for their Crazyshakes, and let me say they are the real players. With an entire milkshake bar sitting at the entrance of the restaurant, we watched as the bartenders prepared our drinks and were wowed by the seemingly endless ingredients thrown into the glass. I went for my B-day and while the food was good, we (I) came for the milkshakes. My favorite was the Sweet N’ Salty, a peanut butter shake comprising pretzels, peanut butter cups, whipped cream, and a chocolate-frosted rim topped with M&M’s. Talk about good. They have more to choose from, so grab some friends and have a shake. 

Soft Swerve


85B Allen St., Lower East Side, Manhattan

The matcha ice cream….soooo gooooddddd!!! It was very enjoyable.If you are an ice cream lover and wants to try something different then this is the place to go. It can get pretty busy, but good for IG pics.  

DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections


550 LaGuardia Pl, New York, NY 10012

Who didn’t love licking out the bowl when you were baking cookies as a kid?  Well that wasn’t safe, but This cookie dough at  makes it ok to eat. It is on the sweet side, but I actually found this at a walmart in the frozen cookie section. which is great for when I’m not in NYC. You can add your dough to ice cream, milkshakes, pretty much anything on the menu.

The Good Batch


936 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Head to Brooklyn for an ice cream sandwich to remember! Just amazing how delicious the food is! You can get everything you want, from cookies to cakes and scones! I ordered the Birthday Cake Ice Cream sandwich.  The Birthday Cake Ice cream sandwich comes with 2 sugar cookies that sandwich the ice cream. Then there are rainbow sprinkles, on the cookies itself and inside the ice cream. It tasted just like a cake! There was a hint of lemon, which was awesome.

Ice & Vice

Unknown.pngUnknown.jpegUnknown-1.jpeg  221 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002 

Ice & Vice deserves all of its accolades.Their basic flavors are far from basic– Opium Den spikes white sesame with poppy seeds and lemon, say what? I’ve never heard of this before. Do note that the scoops are large and dense; come hungry or with a partner in crime. They do allow you to sample flavors and after sampling Milk Money, I was sold! It was creamy, not too sweet and the chocolate ganache was a dream! I also got the chance to try Basic B which is a great option if you’re looking for something simple.

Looking forward to try other flavors on the menu!

10Below Ice Cream


10 Mott St, New York, NY 10013

I love watching these videos in Youtube, of the guy/girls rolling ice cream.  I have one word, tiny. This place is small. I came with my cousin and we had to wait  20 min but it was worth it. Some guy was filming for Youtube with was cool, but idk his channel. The place is small inside. We got our ice cream and quickly got out of there.The ice cream was amazing, it tasted incredibly fresh, had a nice texture to it and it didn’t leave that weird coating of oil on your tongue which I’ve had the not so pleasant experience of at some different places (Not on this list). A word of advice: Go during the off-season, not summer so you don’t have to wait inline. 

To be real, I won’t be back. I can say that I tried it but not worth going out my way to get.

 So there is my list of the top places you should go to for dessert in NYC. Have any of you been to these places? Let me know in the comments section. 


NYC Guide: My Favorite Restaurants


OK OK, I love food, who doesn’t but there is one place that has outstanding food and that’s NYC. It’s absolutley impossible not to be tempted by all the fantastic smells that drift from restaurants, bakeries, and food stands onto the streets of NYC. I love this city and it has an endless supply of amazing cuisines that are guaranteed to satisfy even the fussiest eaters. My mom is the pickiest eater on the planet and she can always find something in New York that she loves. So lets take a look at some of the most awesome places you can eat. Oh and you will be hungry by the end. Happy Eating!!!



PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA!!!!! Nothing is better then New York pizza, where you fold it. Sorry Chicago, I don’t understand pizza where you cut it…more on that later.

Sure, you can get pizza anywhere in the world, but in NYC you can experience the thin crust and excessive diameter that is truly unique to this city, and on alomost every street corner. 

NYC Pizza is often sold by the slice and is properly consumed by folding the slice in half lengthways then eating it pointy-end first. Make sure you grab a 99c cheese slice if you’re returning home from a bar at 2AM.

Some of my favorite places to go are:

Big Slice Pizza of NY


146 5th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Simply delicious !!! Had the pepperoni and the fresh mozarella slices , great value and taste , a pleasant place in mid manhattan to eat and enjoy a slice or pasta. 



48-11 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11101

Love this pizza spot. You will notice I will say that a lot. Every place on this list I will say I love.  The atmosphereis great. I came here last year with family and its a great place to hangout. The best slice of pizza I had in a long while.


FDR 99¢ Slice Pizza


150 E 2nd St, New York, NY 10009

Yes, you read that right, Pizza for 99cents. There are many places in NYC where you can get pizza for 99cents. This place however holds a special place in my heart. I won’t go into details but By far the best pizza for a $1 in NY ! The sauce and toppings are excellent! I’m definitely going back next time I’m in town! BUT everytime we go, there is a wait so be prepared but I’m glad it was worth it.


Gilled Cheese


Grill Chesse is the besss…wait did I say grilled cheese? Really grilled cheese. YES you are right I did say grilled cheese, and I need to stop cause I want a grilled cheese..Anyways, when you think of NYC , you think of pizza, burgers, Ice cream, but not grilled cheese. 

the city prides itself on having the best grilled cheese sandwiches around. I can vouch for them being an amazing hangover cure after a night out on the town. (I’m over 21 people). What are the best places in town to have grilled cheese? Lets find out.





I love cheese so this was the place for me! I could eat cheese all day (my hips wouldn’t like it) BUT Let me say….
Better than mom’s (sorry mom). 

Clinton Hall


One word….Grilled Cheese doughnut. Ok thats more than one word but you get it. 


The doughnut was sweet and the cheese was perfectly melted — gooey and just really good. The jalapeños added a nice spice of flavor. It was honestly really really tasty, would definitely order it again. The only thing is that it’s small.

Melt Shop

Unknown-1.jpeg Unknown.jpeg

55 W 26th St, New York, NY 10010

There are mutiple locations in NYC but I’ve been to this location. With a place called the Melt Shop. Their grilled cheeses are fantastic. Good comfort food! My stomach left happy and full! One thing I recommend is their nutella milkshake 10/10. 


If there’s one thing that NYC is damn good at, it’s burgers. There are Burger joints all over the city that claim their burgers are the best, and as someone who has tried many of them, I can say some of them are right. 

The Spotted Pig



314 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014

This place is sooo delicious! I have never seen a burger and fries that large before! If I ever move to New York, I can see myself as a regular here and then go buy a treadmill. Found this place on a fluke with my cousin and the food is just five star delicious. Came here on a Saturday night at 10 pm and we had no wait. Sat right down, which you would think would be crazy busy, but I think there was something else going on in the city. The vibe was awesome. I highly recommend. 

Black Tap Craft Burger & Beers



This place is AWESOME. I came here for my 30th birthday and I had a blast. This wil be on the list when I talk about desserts. Great tasting unique burgers. The food is good, but thats not what we went for…more on this sport later.



When I think of NYC, two things come to mind, Pizza and bagels, sometimes pizza on a bagel. A classic New York food, their bagel have a crisp exterior and soft chewy inside, and is far superior to bagels elsewhere.




831 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10022

Ess-a-Bagel is, by far, my personal standout bagel shop in Manhattan, and they take their craft very VERY seriously. I’m going to keep it real, I get the classic plain sesame bagel. That’s it, nothing on it. The lines at Ess-a-Bagel can get cray cray (crazy) long real quick. Chewy delicious bagels,Definitely pay this place a visit.

To save time, here are a few more bagel places:

Black seed bagels


170 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10012

Tompkins Square Bagels


184 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003



Katz’s Delicatessen


205 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

Yes I had what she had and while my reaction wasn’t quite like Sally’s, I’ll just say….almost.  I’ve never had food that good before. Go early otherwise you will need to wait in line. One of those rare places that is better in real life than your imagination. A true New York treasure. When you go, just get the traditional smoky pastrami sandwich. 

The Meatball Shop


200 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

This is a must, they have so many meatballs and you can customize your own. This is a must visit. 

Stay tuned for desserts!!!!


What’s in my Gymbag?


For anyone who goes to the gym frequently, packing a gym bag becomes fairly regular. You probably will scoff at the idea of creating a checklist for your gym bag essentials. I used to be that person. I never packed a bag before, but I realized that there were things that I needed before and after my workout that I didn’t have. That is, until the one day that you forget your running shoes. Then, suddenly, a checklist becomes more appealing. Now I don’t leave the house without my gym bag. If you’ve ever forgotten to pack something essential to a good workout, this list is for you. Here’s a reminder of the basic “must haves” for your gym bag, plus a few little luxury items nice to have stowed away just in case.




Before you pack your gym bag, you need to have a gym bag. An endless variety of gym bag styles, brands, and features are available, so choose the features you think make the most sense for your needs. I like a bag with a few small pockets for the smaller essentials, a separate compartment for shoes (or sweaty clothes), and an adjustable strap. Plus, it has to be washable. Here are some good bags from Amazon:



I tend to wear my gym shoes into the gym rather than taking them out of my bag to put them on. I only do that when it’s raining or snowing. Plus I have an extra pair of nike’s in my bag, just in case. I also have extra pairs of socks. 



Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Staying hydrated is essential during exercise, and having a water bottle with you makes it that much easier to get adequate fluid intake while you sweat it out on the elliptical or spin bike. The longer and more intensely you exercise, the more important it is to drink.  The Contigo Jackson Reusable Water Bottleis one of my favorite, I have two! It has a screw top for easy cleaning. But what I really like is the single hand push button open and close feature. Plus, the blue ring on top makes for easy carrying.




If you are one of the “cant exercise without music” types, getting through an entire workout in silence or listening to the usually awful overhead music is the easiest way to lose all motivation. By all means, don’t forget your tunes.

Plus get you some good headphone. I know the smaller in-ear wireless headphones are all the rage but nothing beats Beats (pun intended) for my money. I like over-ear headphones to completely block outside noise allowing me to focus on the task at hand. They’re not cheap but I am saving all that money on water these days ;).

BONUS TIP: Choose a darker color as gym sweat will ruin your new headphones in no time. RIP my shiny white Beats…you went too soon.



You may want to keep an energy bar or two in your gym bag just in case you need some pre- or post-workout calories. Try keeping a high-carb bar in case you don’t plan your pre-exercise foods very well or if you need a boost during a long workout and a Carb + Protein bar on hand for a post-exercise snack in case you don’t have time to plan a real meal. Kind Healthy Grains Granola Bars



While using a heart rate monitor is not necessary for everyone or for every workout, it is a great tool to have when you plan to do some interval training or a specific cardio workout. Even if used temporarily, it will help you learn how you feel at a given heart rate and you will become a better judge of your exercise tolerance and any limitations.

Letsfit Fitness Tracker




This one is simple. B.O. is gross, use deodorant.



If you don’t double-bag those sweaty wet post-exercise clothes, you can contaminate everything in your gym bag, including your gym bag. Wet, post-exercise clothing can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so keep the wet clothes bagged until they find their way to the washer.


So I hope this helps with adding things to your gym bag or if your were like me and never had a bag going into the gym. I hope you take this list and customize it to your needs and lets make Gainz together








Top Tips to Learn a Language


Bonjour, j’essaye d’apprendre le francais

Learing a different language can be a difficult thing. Its a
ton of work and at times you may not even know where to start.

But mastering another language can open up a lot of opportunities. You can communicate with more people, learn about other cultures, and be exposed to job opportunities that were previously unavailable to you.

Here are the top tips to learn a new language


  • Think in the language you are learning– Thinking in a new language is a decision you can make.  If you know even a few dozen key grammar words you can begin to think in your target language
  • Watch anything you can in the language you are learningWatch Youtube videos, TV shows, movies, etc. For example, Start with regualr english shows and movies and watch with french subtitles, then switch over to French shows and movies and have english subtitles, next moves on to french shows and movies and dont have any subtitles on. That was an example. Pick whatever language you are learning and apply it to the senario. 
  • Learn vocab from readingThis helped me. I read childrens books and I was able to understand. In kids books, they don’t have too many comlicated words. 
  • Don’t translate every word you read in books- As long as you know the context, you will be able to figure out the word(s). 


  • Set your mouth in the sound position of the language you are learning– This might sound a little weird, but watch people speaking your learning language and copy the way their mouth is as they say different words. Crazy I know…but just try it. 
  • *This helped me* Read Out loud– Get a feel for what the words sound like as you say them . 
  • Get out of your confort zoneAt the beginning you’re going to encounter difficulties: maybe the pronunciation, maybe the grammar, the syntax, or you don’t really get the sayings.
  • Get a dedicated notebook– Just like in school, you have a notebook for each class, I have a notebook for learning my french.  This is a no branier. This will help you write down words you are having trouble with. 
  • Listen to music– I listen to songs in french. Try not to listen to anything to fast, try slow songs to get a feel for the language. 


  • Surround yourself with people who speak the language– This might be hard. Unless you are in school, you could just ask another student to practice with you, but if you have been out of school for a while, like me, I’m the only one around in my family who is learning french. Thats where meetup.com comes in. You go to that website and type in German and local meet ups of people speaking German will pop up. I plan on doing this when I go to NYC over the summer. I typed in French and a bunch of meet ups came up. I get to practice my french with native speakers. I hope I don’t say “tes pieds sentent et j’ai ton chat pour le randsom” which means”Your feet smell and I have your cat for randsom”. Yeah I don’t know…On to the next point. 
  • APPS APPS APPS– This is the best way to learn on the go. The top apps are: Duolingo,HelloTalk, Rosetta Stone, Babbel
  • Don’t Give Up and Fun– This is a new for most of you or it might be a few years since you started learning. So whatever the case may be, don’t stress and enjoy learning about a new culture and experience the joy of learning a new lanuage. 







January isn’t even over yet and I’m super excited to go to the movies this year. 2019 is going to be action packed and I’m here for it. A lot of movies to be seen, so lets take a look at the Most Anticipated Movies of 2019. 


The Upside– January 11

Glass-January 18


Serenity– January 25


What Men Want– Feb 8

Happy Death Day 2U– Feb 14 (Take you date to see this)


Captain Marvel– March 8

US– March 22

Greyhound– March 22

Dumbo– March29



Shazam-April 5

Pet Sematary-April 5 (You should read the book)

Avengers:Endgame April 26 (This trailer made me choke up a little)



Pokémon Detective Pikachu- May 10

John Wick: Chapter 3- May 17


Rocketman: May 17

Aladdin-May 24 (I don’t know about this. No one can play the genie like Robin Williams)

Godzilla: King of the Monsters- May 31


The Secret Life of Pets 2-June 7

Dark Phoenix-June 7

Shaft (2019)- June 14

Childs Play-June 21 (I’m really upset by this)


Toy Story 4- June 21



Untitled Anabell Sequel-July 3

Spiderman:Far from Home-July 5


The Lion King-July 19


The New Mutants-August 2

Hobbs and Shaw-August 2



It:Chater 2- Sept 6 (I’m Super excited)


Downton Abbey-September 12



Joker-Oct 4


You are my friend-Oct 18



Charlies Angel’s-Nov 1

Death On the Nile-Nov 8


Sonic the Hedgehog-Nov 15

Frozen 2-Nov 27 (I still haven’t seen the first one)



Jumanji 2-Dec 13

Masters of the Universe-Dec 18

Star Wars: Episode IX-Dec 20



So those are the movies for 2019, That I can’t wait to see. There are many more that didn’t make this post but I suggest you go check those out at well. I hope to meet you guys at the movies. Cheers. 


Top Movies of 2018

Which the Oscar nominations just announced. I couldn’t help think of all the movies from last year. There were some good ones and ones I refused to see. The main purpose of a film is to move you, to draw an emotional reaction, to make you gasp or cry or sweat. These are the ones that blew me away in 2018, whether with their inventiveness, their plot twists, their terror, or their heart. I’ll go in reverse order and lead up to my pick for the best movie of the year.


10.  A Star is Born 08c90f6634.jpeg

Everyone said it would be one of the best films of the year, and everybody was right. A Star is Born,” Bradley Cooper’s heartfelt — and heartbreaking — drama about a pair of musicians who cross paths on opposite trajectories of fame and fortune. I have been singing “Shallow” for months

9. A Quiet Place


This was a great movie. I was watching this movie at home and my mom walked in and said “Why is the TV on Mute”? I thought that was funny. I told her it wasnt and she was shocked. She sat down to watch but got up quickly, She doesn’t like scary movies. Also I’m glad I didn’t see this in theaters. I would have gotten mad real quick for people talking and making noise. I watched it at home where I could control the noise level. I don’t really think its scary, A thriller yes (Well having a baby while there are monsters…Thats terrifiying).  A Quite Place postapocalyptic portrait of a family trying to survive in a world where a creaky floorboard could summon grisly death — was a valuable reminder that you don’t need over-the-top gore to make a good horror movie. 

8. Widows


Let me say first, this is the heist movie I’ve been waiting for.It’s amazing that a movie that combined box office thrills and award-worthy cinematography didn’t get more love. I don’t know why people didn’t like this movie. Steve McQueen is a talented director, and because this film so exquisitely deconstructs the very motivations surrounding a heist—greed, power, and politics—through the eyes of women primarily , black male criminals clamoring for the same influence as their white counterparts, and politicians hell-bent on maintaining control at the expense of everyone else, it becomes a fascinating conversation about who gets to have a seat at which table and why.

7. Venom


I came out of the theatre and I can honestly say. I liked it! It was funny and it paid great homage to the Todd McFarlane bombastic Venom era of the late 90’s. It truly baffles me that Sony would not take enough risks to release the film with an R rating. I wonder how much of this film was left on the cutting floor!?! Tom Hardy’s performance is also on point and If you haven’t seen it, go rent it today. I know a lot of people didn’t like it, I don’t know why. This movie could have been made it the 90s. It has that feel. 

6. Creed II


While this film is the eighth in the Rocky franchise, it is very predictable from start to finish. It is hard for the eighth film to do something completely different in a loved franchise and end up like…you know, Rocky 5. So this movie has a very modern take on what made the original Rocky’s so beloved. Stallone also gives one of my favorite performances as Rocky, and Michael B. Jordan continues to impress on the screen. What stands out about this movie the most is how much it focuses on family and loved ones. Creed II has arguably the biggest of all of the movies prior. With everything fans love about the Rocky films, and the biggest heart of the franchise, Creed II is easily one of the best movies of the franchise, top 4 at least. My top 4 Rocky films: Rocky 4, Creed, Rocky, and Creed II



5. The hate you give


Listen, no film is perfect, but I liked this movie. This fist-pumping drama is more proof that the revolution will be led by a black teenage girl who refuses to stay quiet after the murder of her friend at the hands of police. This was a good movie.This film holds a strong message that we all need to hear. It highlights that racism is deeper than what we see on T.V. and social media and that it’s the our values, attitudes and the way we use our words and actions that can define racism. Highly recommend

4. Avengers: Infinity War


What can be said about the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s decade-in-the-making culmination that hasn’t already been said? I will talk to anyone about prediction and theories for days. How can I describe this movie? Colossal, cataclysmic, delirious, preposterous – and entertaining. It’s a gigantic showdown between a force of cosmic wickedness and a sometimes chaotically assembled super-team of Marvel superheroes is a feast on the eyes. The film delivers the sugar-rush of spectacle and some very amusing one-liners. As 2019 is here, I can’t wait for the next round of supersized chaos. 

3. Halloween (2018)


I love the Halloween series. Wait I like the Halloween series. There are some movies I like more than others (We never NEVER talk about Resurrection). I hope they stop with all of the reboots of this movie. We really don’t need 3 Halloween movies. I don’t have a lot of traditions when it comes to movies. I eat the same thing every time I go to the theater (buttered popcorn, nestle crunch, and sprite), but other than that and where I sit in the theater (about a third of the way back, in the center of that row), I only have one move tradition: watching Halloween every October 31.

The best Halloween movie since the original in 1978. Forget every Halloween movie that was done after the 78 original. THIS IS THE SEQUEL!! Absolutely amazing. If you love horror & Michael Myers, buckle up for this insane sequel. Just watching Curtis dig into the role of this former-babysitter-turned-hardcore-avenger will keep you on the edge of your seat. After watching this movie, I can’t help but think of the #MeToo movement. 



2.  Black Panther


Watching the first half of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most immersive movie yet, one might be ready to book that vacation in Wakanda, whether it exists or not. As good as director Ryan Coogler’s world-building is, his sense of story structure is even better, pitting the chosen King T’Challa against the prodigal Erik Killmonger for a battle where the line between hero and villain is more tenuous than ever before.

1. Mission Impossible: Fallout


Yes this is my top movie for 2018. It just edged out Black Panther. Ageless, riveting and seemingly unstoppable, Tom Cruise remains a force of nature in this Mission: Impossible franchise. The sixth film in the series is among the most outstanding, delivering a near-exhausting amount of fantabulous action sequences paired with deft character drama and the requisite life-or-death stakes. At nearly two-and-a-half hours, Fallout has ambitions as vast as its running time. McQuarrie weaves elements of tragedy and political commentary into action packed crime thriller.


I hope you you check out these movies from last year, If you havn’t already. 


How to Survive A Long Flight


We all love to travel. Most of us like going long distances to see more of the world. One thing that is inevitable is long plane rides when you travel overseas. No one really likes long plane rides. Eight hours stuck in a stuffy aircraft cabin might sound like your worst nightmare, but flying long-haul can be a dream with being a little prepared. Follow these 12 survival tips for long flights to emerge refreshed, relaxed and ready to start your fun when you land. 


1.  If you are tall or a bigger person, get an aisle seat. I’m a tall person so I always get a window seat. I havent had a problem with leg room. I don’t really like aisle seats, but I sometimes get claustrophobic  in the window seat. So when we land I want to get off as soon as possible. The exit and bulkhead give you more room, but beware because luggage storage is limited and there is no seat in front of you to store your personal item. 

2.  Upgrade either your seat or ask for an upgrade. Just like the last point, leg room is key. It’s the thing that will make or break your trip, in my opinion. This point is similar, in that if you can’t upgrade, look at where you are sitting. NEVER get the middle seat. 

3.  The Airline you are flying is a pretty big deal. This could literally make or break your vacation. Make sure you read the reviews or the airline before you book your ticket. Also look at reviews on long haul flights. See what people are saying about the comfort, seats, staff/service, and bad handling. 


4. This is obvious, but keep your valuables and things you need quickly in your personal items bag in front of you. Things like your phone,wallet, passport, portable charger, headphones, meds, in close reach. Nothing worse than having to keep getting up and going into your luggage to get something. Side note, pack light. nothing worse than having to drag a heavy suitcase around the airport or trying to lift it into the overhead bin. 

5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE where shoes to the bathroom on the plane. I’ve heard stories where people don’t and you don’t want to know what they;ve stepped in. The floor is guaranteed to be nasty. 

6. What you are going to wear is very important. Wearing loose clothes is the way to go. Nothing tight or uncomfortable. Dress in layers in the case you get hot or cold. Also slip on shoes or shoes that are easy on and off are key. 


7. Bring snacks. You know what type of food you like and airplane food isn’t always that good. So pack snacks you like, but not all candy, pack healthy too. Sometimes you get fish but other times the fish gets you

8. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.  The plane is dry to begin with and nothing would be worse than getting off the plane looking like a dried up sponge. 

9.  RESPECT THE FLIGHT CREW. They are there to keep you safe and to help you. PLease be nice to them. Everyone is tired and crank because of the long travel. Simply be kind

10. What is that smell??? oh it’s your breath. yikes. In real life nothing is worse than having breath that smells like the bottom of your foot. Do your self a favor and please chew gum, get mints, even get a travel tooth-brush set, and use them because the flight attendants and the person don’t want your breath to be kickin’.


11. To help with circulation in your legs, where compression socks but also get up and stretch once the seat belt lights go off. Get up and walk around. If you happen to get stuck in the hated middle seat, I heard that spelling the alphabet with your feet and legs. 

12. Just have fun and spread good vibes. I know your tired and want to go home or get to your destination but everyone is going through the sae thing. Why be an A-hole. There is no need. Just smile and say hello. Enjoy the journey. 




Top Pet Gadgets


Most of us already spoil our dogs. I know I do, But how can we deny them? After all, they are all, objectively speaking, very good boys and girls. I have a dog named Cooper and he is super spolied. I havn’t brought him anything crazy but I know some people who have built dog houses that cost in the thousands of dollars.

i was curious about what are some of the most wacky gadets out there for our pets. So if you’re feeling a bit extra, check out the gadets below.

1.  Furbo Dog Camera

   I sometimes wonder what my dog does when I’m not home. I imagine a “PETS” situation where as soon as I leave, Cooper is opening the fridge and up on the couch just making a big mess. Or maybe you want to just to tell them what a good boy or girl they are. This allows you to do all of that and more. This  is pretty much a glorified surveillance camera made specifically for pets. I really dont know what other pet you would use this for. Maybe a bird or a snake? I’m not sure. This also has a treat dispenser, you and your pooch will always be connected. 

2. Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser

  Where was this when I had a cat. I mean I loved playing with Wishbone when I was younger but this would have been cool. I’m more of a dog person now but I did reccomend this to a family friend that has 3 young cats and she loves it, But she said it tends to tip over a little so she had to prop it up. She alos said that it keeps the cats active while she is busy with her 4 kids and the cats get their excerise. Money well spent I guess. 

3. Pet Grooming Glove

 This is  must have. I have similar gloves for my dog and both my dog and I love it. It’s gentle on his skin and he feels better after I get all of the loose hair off of him. You can get these. You don’t dont have to worry about taking out non shedding hair. Get rid of your basic brush and pick up this handy product for as low as $11. 

4. K9 Chill Dog Cooling Collar

 This is a product I did see on TV and I got for my dog.  Cooper my dog, is a snow dog and I live somewhere that has all 4 season and it’s gets hot in the summer and last winter we had 199 inches of snow (look it up) but Cooper gets hot in the summer and I feel bad so I got this last year and I think he likes it.  Cooper wanted to chew on it but he got it from around his neck and laid on it. So I say success. Simply moisten the thin material in cold water for a few minutes, then wrap it around your dog’s neck like any other collar or accessory.  It comes in 2 sizes. 

5. Petcabe Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

  OK Ok, what kind of product is this? Ummmmm I dont see the point of this. What happened to just getting a paper towel and wiping off the paws? Thats what I do. From the reviews on amazon people seem to like this but others not so much. it all depends on the dog I guess but this is one product I’ll be skipping.

6. SHINE HAI Retractable Hands Free Dog Leash

  I literally placed an order of this as I was writing this post. I like this idea of having your hands free while walking your dog.  As soon as the weather and snow lets up I will be using this during the summer.  for under $20 check it out.

7. iCalmDog 5.0c Portable Speaker

Some dogs suffer from anxiety. I know the dog I had before Cooper, was really bad, And maybe this would have helped. While there may be underlying issues causing the stress, iCalmDog can help soothe your pupper until you get things straightened out. This little speaker was clinically tested to see how dogs responded to the 4-hour soothing tracks. It turns out that it helped A TON. The device comes with different SD cards, each with specific uses, all meant to help comfort and stimulate your dogs. And it’s yours for $100. I’m skeptical of this. I’ve heard of the Thunder Shirt but music. It may just work, luckily Cooper doesn’t have anxiety. 

8. Go Pet Petrun Pr700 Dog Treadmill

  Why? Why? Why? We’ve reached a point in society in which dogs are getting their own gym equipment.  I only reason I see people using this is if you physically can’t get up and walk your dog, But If you just want to take Fido along on your fitness journey, or you just want to see him get absolutely SWOLE, this purchase may be worth it. You’ll just have to dish out $650 first.

9. LESYPET Pet Dog Umbrella

  Never want peaches to get wet in the rain? Then this umbrella is for you. From the website, it looks like it’s for small dogs, so your 100 pound pooch will have to get wet. Sorry Cooper. There is a leash inside that makes it handy.

As a bonus item you and pair this with the Rainy Days Slicker

  as an add-on to complete the outfit.

10. Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification Dog DNA Test Kit

 If you want to see where Spike comes from, this is the test for you. Cooper is Norwegian Elk Hound and Lab, but I would like to see if there is anything else mixed in there thatthe guy didn’t tell me about. This test is alos good to let you know if fido has any health problems as well as his/her DNA. So if you know where you came from, maybe you should see where your pup comes fromas well. 


Well those are the top 10 pet gadgets for you and your dog or cat to enjoy. So check out some of the products and have fun.




Travel Essentials for every flight


I have a list of carry on essentials that I always pack in my carry on bag.  When I check luggage (which I rarely do), these are the items that go in my carry on bag rather than my checked bag.  Even when traveling with carry on luggage only, these in flight essentials are usually in my small personal item that is under the seat rather than my larger checked bag in the overhead.

1.  Cord Tacos– We all no how annoying cords can be when there in your bad. They get all tangled and  messed up, And nobody has time trying to untangle them when you need a cord in a hurry. Cord Tacos are here for the recuse. Keeping your wires and cables organized has never been so easy! Here are a few to check out. Bememo 20 Pieces Leather Cable Straps … Brouk & Co Cord Taco …   FIBOUND 10pcs Earphone Winder

2.  Eye mask– I personaly dont use eye mask at all, but I know many people that do. This brand from Amazon- Unimi is supposed to be a good brand. I just like being aware when I’m on a plane and everywhere else. 

3. Neck Pillow–  Gone are the days of the standard travel pillow. A new wave is here, and TRLT Travel Pillow is here, (who an I fooling, I still have a standard travel pillow). My cousin got this pillow before his flight to Spain and he loved it. He did say it was a weird pillow. He said its half a neck brace with more padding, but the best one he’s had and he travels a lot. 

4. Pen and Pad– This is standard if you need to write anything done or want to take notes while on the plane.

5. Your Carry on– This is a given. There nothing better then have a sturdy carry on or a well made weekender. You dont want luggage and having to worry if your drawers are all over the airport floor. The Rockland Melbourne 20″ luggage is an Amazing carry-on.  Also this suitcase is such an amazing value

6. A good pair of headphones– Drown out babies crying and people snoring and don’t mess with wires with wireless headphones. There are a bunch of headphones out there. Of course you have your Beats and Bose and Sony etc. but I’m all about making money. These TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are great on Amazon. Under $100, you cant beat that

7. Comfotable Shoes– While walking through the airport, your feet hurting i the last thing you want. That is the worst feeling. Get a good pair of flats or sneakers, because nothing feels worst then your dogs barking. and you havn’t even reached your gate yet….yikes

8. Snacks-The funny thing about international vs national flights – on international flights you don’t usually have to worry about bringing too many snacks, since they feed you quite a lot! I usually just throw a couple of Cliff Bars , Quest Bars or mixed nuts in my bag as a back-up. I’m one of those people however, in that  I love airplane food

9.  A large water bottle or foldable bottle–  I recently went to Orlando and Universal (Which will be my last time I ever go but it was fun…Been there done that) and I had one of these foldable water bottles. Which saved my life. The water at Universal is like $8 (more or less) and I wasn’t about to pay that. Also get a big water bottle. These water bottles are such an awesome accessory to have. Water is always expensive in airports – and sometimes not free on the plane(!) – this little beauty lets you through security with an empty bottle that can then be filled up at the water fountains which are airside. An empty water bottle does the same job – but the genius of this is the ability to fold it and save even more space in your bag. Perfect!

10. A book or magazine– I’m always torn between the Kindle and a real book.  I normally use a Kindle because it’s a great space saver. But you know, sometimes, I just like how a book feels. My rule is I only pack 2 books. 

11. Portable charger and cables– There are sooooooooooooooo many portable chargers out there, some great, some ok and some to avoid. And so many Battery Capacites that you can get a headache. If you’re flying on one of the premium airlines, in seat power is usually a given – however, budget airline are well, budget. Having your own little power bank means you’ll never run out of power (so you can keep playing angry birds for hours – or is that just something I do?!). I’m all about finding the best one for a good price. I have incldued 3 chargers that have good review and are a decent priceYoobao Portable Charger … INIU Portable Charger … Portable Charger Power Bank

12. Facial/Hand Wipes– I’ve tried many wipes…facial that is, in my day. Not all facial wipes are created the same. The best ones are Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes  . These wipes do not irritate your face, but let me get back to why these are great for travel.  You can throw these in your bag and clean your face while on the plane. Sometimes you might feel grimy and dirty in the airport and plane. These are a great way to feel fresh and clean before you get to your destination. 

13.  Laptop– I adore my MacBook Air and I can’t/don’t/won’t leave home without it. Even before I needed it for work. I just got my MacBook last year and before, I was always a PC girl. I never traveled with a laptop before because mine have always been so big and clunky but NOW. I take it everywhere. I use it as a TV while I’m traveling – and carry an external hard drive full of movies/tv shows  which is  great for long haul flights on budget airlines that don’t offer in-flight entertainment

14. RFID wallet– I wasn’t sure of these before, but having studied cyber security, I know whats out there. I got this for myself a few months ago and I was a bit skeptical because I’ve never had a wallet like this before and there are so many out there, how do you know they work? It’s so thin but I’m very happy now that I’ve been using it for a couple months and It’s very comfortable in my front pocket and in my purse.  It’s easy to get cards in and out. I also like that the smaller size means I’m less likely to end up with junk in there I forgot about. I don’t think my info has been stolen, but hopefully not. This is good if you go overseas and I use mine when I go to the mall or in big crowds. Here is a good one from Amazon.  Travelambo RFID

15. Your Cell Phone– Pretty self-explanatory right?!





8 Valentine’s Date Night Ideas


I know it’s the middle of January but before you know it, int will be February.  My least favorite day of the year falls in FEB and that’s Valentine’s day. I think you should show love 365 days out of the year and not just one day, but I digress. If you are in a relationship, here are the top 8 ideas you can start planning for. 

8. Lingerie Shopping

Let’s just start out this post by fulling admitting my cheeks are flush and my face is red after just typing this one. This is one of the sexy ones on this list. 

I’m just going to say it, cut out the self-consciousness S*** and let loose this means both men and women! Have fun picking something out for one another and then come home and model it with a private fashion show or just rip it off each other. The memory and experience are so worth forgetting the insecurities and dropping a little money on some items you’ll hopefully get lots of use out of or have to go back and rebuy it because it in rags on the floor. 


7. Have a pjs and movie night.

Purchase some new, matching pjs and relax watching your favorite movie. Of course add some popcorn and drink from fancy schmancy glasses! Or you can just Netflix and Chill and see how far into the movie or TV show you get. 

6. Go Skating

Okay, so this is probably the most cliché on the list so let’s get it out-of-the-way. People seriously forget about skating! Whether it’s roller skating, ice skating, or rollerblading, just get out there and have fun! Nothing screams romance like the cheesy music and video montage worthy cuteness. I just see Hallmark movie written all over this. 

5. Set up a spa in the home.

Schedule masseuse’s to come over. Dim the lights, get some relaxing music playing and throw some essential oils in the diffuser. Top it all off with at home face masks, a bubble bath, and a special dessert. And see where the night leads…Hopefully to the bedroom. 

4. Go on a Dollar Store Spending Spree.

This one is unique. Give each other $10 to spend at the Dollar Store and each person picks out surprises for your date night. And here’s the kicker — you HAVE to use all the items you purchased THAT night! Think snacks, toys, cards, bubble bath, massage lotion — be creative!

3. Christmas cookie date.

Sugar cookies are only for Christmas, Said no one EVER.  Bah humbug! Spice up your Valentine’s day date night by pulling out all the cookie cutter, sprinkles, frosting and edible pearls! See what fun creation you can create for each other!


2.  Play your favorite board games — but add a fun twist!

Use candy pieces or cookies for checkers. When someone gets jumped, they have to eat their piece! Add romantic “penalties” to the person who gets jumped or loses a turn. I think of a few “penalties” but I’ll leave it for your imagination. 

1. Scavenger Hunt. 

A scavenger hunt is always fun for everyone! Have your spouse answer some riddles to continue to find all the hidden riddles. Make them lead to something for your spouse. It could lead to a dinner, activities you have planned, a gift or anything you can think of.


These are just some ideas out of so many that you could do on Valentine Day. Have fun and start planning 


10 favorite movies


We all love movies or going to the Cinema to watch a blockbuster or a hot ass mess. I particularly love movies and I have many in my collection (digital and dvd).

I have decided to list my top 10 movies which has very very VERY hard to do. Like I said before I love movies, some good, some hot garbage. Sit back relax while I dive into the world of cinama and list my top movies starting at 10 down to 1.




Halloween H20 or Halloween Water as people like to call it. This is my favorite Halloween movie out of the whole franchise. The Original and the second movie are in my top 20 but this comes in closer at number 10. I think it is a great addition to the Halloween franchisein my opinion.



Jurassic Park I love this movie. Someone asked my recently whats one movie you could go back and relive watching for the first time and this movie will be it. The quality of this movie is amazing! Brings back the nostalgia watching this over 20 year old Dino classic in high quality definition! Great entertainment for the entire family!! Highly recommended! This movie cme out in 1993 but I was only 5 and my mom wouldn’t let me watch it, so I was 8 when I first seen it and I was amazed.  Just an overall amazing moving.



The Town  I’m a big Ben Affleck fan, and like just about any movie he’s in, well almost anything. In this movie, he does play the bad guy, but you just can’t help rooting for him to the end.Very Good Storyline, acting was very realistic. I love the city of Boston and of all the movies about the city or based in Boston out there, this is the best one.



Airplane!   Far superior to many modern day satires. It has a plot of its own, plus a constant series of gags and jokes, either in the background or front and center. Hilarious mocking of disco, romance movies and war movies all in less than two hours. There are so many gag things going on you just can’t catch them all in one viewing. And I love that There are so many gags and things going on that you just can’t catch them all in one viewing. If you havn’t seen or heard of this movie, I suggest you stop reading this post, go watch Airplane and come back to finish reading. Your welcome and………….And stop calling me Shrily!



Die Hard  This is a great and legendary Thriller, in which Bruce Willis played the role of a perfect policemen. I remember my first impressions associated with watching this film. I was immediately interested in the beginning and I with interest observed plot development. The cast that was involved in this film is above all praise! I love this film!      This is a must have for any action movie lover. It’s a great action movie that you can get away with calling a Holiday classic. And yes I watch this movie every Christmas. I would recommend this to everyone who likes Bruce Willis or action movies…..”Yippee-ki-yay, motherfu—”



Speed   This is a great movie. I just recently watched this, and I love it.  Movies like this, you remember when you first saw it. My cousin went to Blockbuster… Yes Blockbuster and rented it on a friday night and Although I was young,I fell in love with this movie. However, some moments are faily cheesey, thats what makes it an awesome 90s film. This is my favorite roll of Sandra Bullock, but we never EVER mention the sequal, watching that film will make you want to rip your hair out and slam your head into a wall. But watch the first film, its a Classic. 



Black Panther  Just a year ago, I sat down in the theater and experienced a cinamatic “Marvel”. I left the movies with goosebumps. My theater stood up and clapped. Black Panther is a well-crafted movie from beginning to end. Its a watershed moment for representation in a film. Not ony is it culturally significant, but itboasts strong preformances, a strong story, awesome action and the characters are witty and fun.  I love super hero movies and I have many in my top 20, this film makes it to my #4. If you havn’t seen it, what are you waiting for?



IT  This is one movie that I love. I was going to put it at 1 but I have another classic. I read the book twice. If you havn’t read the book, I suggest you go get the book, read it and come back in a week. The book is 1000+ pages.

This is the best Stephen King adaption and way much better than the miniseries. This is not a remake FYI, it may not be a super true adaption but it does the job well in selling that this is an adaption of one of Stephen King’s greatest works. This will be no.1 for me of all the Stephen King adaptions. Pennywise has been in my nightmares.  The theme of the book is much more sinister then the movie. There are some points in the book where they had to edit for the movie or it would have gotten a NC-17 rating or people would have protested. The acting of the kids is awesome. Overall this is a great film. 



Scream   This is the movie where you ask people, “Where were you when you seen this”? and I remember exactly where I was. I was 8 when this came out and again I didn’t see it when it first came out I was around 11/12 when I first saw it, right around the time the 3rd movie came out. I was in my room, getting ready to put VHS into the player (yes VHS…I’m old) and when I forst seen it, it scared me, Im not going to lie. But As I watched and watched it  became less scared (As I knew the ending) but It quickly became one of my most watched films. It’s one of the most creative, suspenseful, entertaining scary movies I’ve ever seen. This is one of my favorite (horror) movies of all time! This movie is clever and has a few gags. And I just love it, it has a great plot and good storyline. It’s better than a lot of scary movies out there today. Scream has a great cast that are really good actors. Another Wes Craven hit!



Twister I love this movie so much that I have a poster up in my room

Twister is one of my childhood favorite movies. I was 7 when this movie came out and I was 7 when I seen it. I remember wanting to go into weather when I got older ( I still want to be a storm chaser). First things first I want to say RIP to Bill Paxton. He was a big part of this movie. Second of all when I grow up I wanna be just like Jo in the movie. She is fierce strong and a little hardheaded….on second thought I think I am her. And third, The twisters are really what this movie is about. If you don’t have the twisters…. there would be no movie “Twister”. Also I think this movie is about overcoming obstacles or something tragic that has happened to you. I could go on and on but let’s get back to the movie and why love it so much.

Even thou I have seen it many times I still hold my breath waiting for them to be swallowed up by the monster storms. Love the special effects. For the time the effects where great. Now you can see where the effects are a little wonky, but besides that I LOVE IT. It is was touching to see Phillip Seymour Hoffman in an early movie and to see his potential as an actor shine through! Too bad we had to lose his talent. I could go on saying EVERYTHING I LOVE ABOUT THIS MOVIE, but I’ll keep it short. If you havn’t seen this, I suggest just like all of the movies on this list, you click the link and rent or buy on Amazon and grab your favorite snack and have a good time. And you can not forget the flying cow. Twister is a must see movie for sure.


*All links are to Amazon digital movies.  Click on the title of the movie*



I love Travel Accessories

I Love to Travel and I REALLY love travel accessories. I don’t know why but I love going to the store or looking online and seeing all the different accessories that will make traveling easier or that look cool.

In this post I will list the top bags  that YOU must have while you travel or ones that look cool that you may or may not need.

Lets start with Bags


Bags are a main part of travel and my favortie part of packing, I love a good bag, who doesnt? There are hundreds of different bags out there and picking out the right one can give anyone a headache. But Never fear, in this post I’ll go over the carry-on, weekender bag, travel backpack. 

First off the Weekender


This is what I like to travel with if Im going on a short trip not so much to take on a plane. Some of my favorite bags are listed below.  Just click on the picture to shop


 This is the APOLLO WALKER Extra Large Women Travel Duffle Tote. This bag is one of my favorites. I just got this bag for christmas and while I havnt been anywhere yet, I love it. It has a shoe compartment at the bottom. And the great thing is the price is $24.99 & FREE Shipping. You cant beat that. 



    81yAjfknnpL._SL1500_.jpgThis bag the CAMTOP Women Ladies Weekender Travel Bag Canvas Overnight Carry-on Duffel Tote Luggage, is just the right size, perfect for air travel or as an overnight bag. love the look of this bag. At the price of $35 you can be styling without bracking the bank. 



 This bag is great. My cousin got this for christmas and he loves it.   The bag looks even better in reality. This can be a unisex bag Well Traveled 40L Travel Duffel Bag  and at around $32 you can get this bag for the guy in your life or for you 



Kozier Women’s Canvas Travel Tote Bag, Stylish Overnight Duffle This bag is great. Just like the first bag, this has a shoe compartment at the bottom.Excellent value for the dollar and very well made. 



**I recommend that you confirm your chosen luggage still complies with the airline’s requirements**

The way to go with all luggage is hard case. I have seen what multiple trips does to cloth luggage. 


       Delsey Helium Titanium 19″ International Carry-On Expandable Spinner Luggage. Great carryon with easy access to remove laptop, iPad, etc for security screening. Size is good for most airplanes Light and spins with one finger.Fits perfectly overhead in airplane cabin



Kenneth Cole Reaction Reverb 20″  So far so good! Took it on along road trip where it was taken out and used everyday to grab a change of clothes or essentials. Flew back and it passed the test of airport use & fit perfectly over head in the cabin. Tires are nice a smooth, Def a good buy… A+++



  AmazonBasics Premium Hardside Spinner Luggage with Built-In TSA Lock. Very nice suitcase for the price. It looks more expensive than it is with its gray polycarbonite shell, which is hard yet offers a little give. There is a zipper that expands the size so that your vacation purchases will fit for the return trip home.  The 4 wheels roll easily and the handle is sturdy and comfortable. The built-in TSA lock is a must, in my opinion, and works smoothly.  It’s very lightweight for its size (mine is the 24″ version.) This bag comes in 3 sizes

Travel Backpack


  Lets Start with my favorite backpack, the AmazonBasics Carry-On Travel Backpack. This bag comes in 3 colors and I have the red one. Did I need this bag no, It was an impulse buy for christmas, but I have a feeling I will be using it soon. Excellent travel bag. This is a *steal* at $50. If you travel with electronics like a laptop and need to pack in your clothes without hassling with multiple bags, this is truly the bag for you!


  Lifeasy Travel Backpack  Want a solid “one-bag” backpack that doesn’t cost more than all the stuff inside of it put together?! This one certainly fits the bill. Inexpensive and very well situated. I had no trouble packing for a weekend in this thing and flying on Spirit airlines with just a “personal item”. It can size up larger but if you keep the compression straps down a bit and are careful how you pack it then it meets Spirit’s size requirements no problem.



   This bag the Hynes Eagle 38L Flight Approved Weekender Carry on Backpack, is very similar to the first bag on this list but packing cubes come with it, so you don’t have to worry about buying them. I have have this bag… (I have a bag problem) but I can imagine it being the same as the Amazon Basic bag. The one thing I love about these bags is that they open up like a suitcase, which makes it super easy to get stuff in and out. 





     ZHAORLL Student Trolley Skateboard Luggage Multifunction Collapsible Luggage Bag. This a Unique bag. Its a scooter backpack. The green part is where you pack your clothes. and you can ride on the back. At around $250. I dont see the point