I love Travel Accessories

I Love to Travel and I REALLY love travel accessories. I don’t know why but I love going to the store or looking online and seeing all the different accessories that will make traveling easier or that look cool.

In this post I will list the top bags  that YOU must have while you travel or ones that look cool that you may or may not need.

Lets start with Bags


Bags are a main part of travel and my favortie part of packing, I love a good bag, who doesnt? There are hundreds of different bags out there and picking out the right one can give anyone a headache. But Never fear, in this post I’ll go over the carry-on, weekender bag, travel backpack. 

First off the Weekender


This is what I like to travel with if Im going on a short trip not so much to take on a plane. Some of my favorite bags are listed below.  Just click on the picture to shop


 This is the APOLLO WALKER Extra Large Women Travel Duffle Tote. This bag is one of my favorites. I just got this bag for christmas and while I havnt been anywhere yet, I love it. It has a shoe compartment at the bottom. And the great thing is the price is $24.99 & FREE Shipping. You cant beat that. 



    81yAjfknnpL._SL1500_.jpgThis bag the CAMTOP Women Ladies Weekender Travel Bag Canvas Overnight Carry-on Duffel Tote Luggage, is just the right size, perfect for air travel or as an overnight bag. love the look of this bag. At the price of $35 you can be styling without bracking the bank. 



 This bag is great. My cousin got this for christmas and he loves it.   The bag looks even better in reality. This can be a unisex bag Well Traveled 40L Travel Duffel Bag  and at around $32 you can get this bag for the guy in your life or for you 



Kozier Women’s Canvas Travel Tote Bag, Stylish Overnight Duffle This bag is great. Just like the first bag, this has a shoe compartment at the bottom.Excellent value for the dollar and very well made. 



**I recommend that you confirm your chosen luggage still complies with the airline’s requirements**

The way to go with all luggage is hard case. I have seen what multiple trips does to cloth luggage. 


       Delsey Helium Titanium 19″ International Carry-On Expandable Spinner Luggage. Great carryon with easy access to remove laptop, iPad, etc for security screening. Size is good for most airplanes Light and spins with one finger.Fits perfectly overhead in airplane cabin



Kenneth Cole Reaction Reverb 20″  So far so good! Took it on along road trip where it was taken out and used everyday to grab a change of clothes or essentials. Flew back and it passed the test of airport use & fit perfectly over head in the cabin. Tires are nice a smooth, Def a good buy… A+++



  AmazonBasics Premium Hardside Spinner Luggage with Built-In TSA Lock. Very nice suitcase for the price. It looks more expensive than it is with its gray polycarbonite shell, which is hard yet offers a little give. There is a zipper that expands the size so that your vacation purchases will fit for the return trip home.  The 4 wheels roll easily and the handle is sturdy and comfortable. The built-in TSA lock is a must, in my opinion, and works smoothly.  It’s very lightweight for its size (mine is the 24″ version.) This bag comes in 3 sizes

Travel Backpack


  Lets Start with my favorite backpack, the AmazonBasics Carry-On Travel Backpack. This bag comes in 3 colors and I have the red one. Did I need this bag no, It was an impulse buy for christmas, but I have a feeling I will be using it soon. Excellent travel bag. This is a *steal* at $50. If you travel with electronics like a laptop and need to pack in your clothes without hassling with multiple bags, this is truly the bag for you!


  Lifeasy Travel Backpack  Want a solid “one-bag” backpack that doesn’t cost more than all the stuff inside of it put together?! This one certainly fits the bill. Inexpensive and very well situated. I had no trouble packing for a weekend in this thing and flying on Spirit airlines with just a “personal item”. It can size up larger but if you keep the compression straps down a bit and are careful how you pack it then it meets Spirit’s size requirements no problem.



   This bag the Hynes Eagle 38L Flight Approved Weekender Carry on Backpack, is very similar to the first bag on this list but packing cubes come with it, so you don’t have to worry about buying them. I have have this bag… (I have a bag problem) but I can imagine it being the same as the Amazon Basic bag. The one thing I love about these bags is that they open up like a suitcase, which makes it super easy to get stuff in and out. 





     ZHAORLL Student Trolley Skateboard Luggage Multifunction Collapsible Luggage Bag. This a Unique bag. Its a scooter backpack. The green part is where you pack your clothes. and you can ride on the back. At around $250. I dont see the point 

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