10 favorite movies


We all love movies or going to the Cinema to watch a blockbuster or a hot ass mess. I particularly love movies and I have many in my collection (digital and dvd).

I have decided to list my top 10 movies which has very very VERY hard to do. Like I said before I love movies, some good, some hot garbage. Sit back relax while I dive into the world of cinama and list my top movies starting at 10 down to 1.




Halloween H20 or Halloween Water as people like to call it. This is my favorite Halloween movie out of the whole franchise. The Original and the second movie are in my top 20 but this comes in closer at number 10. I think it is a great addition to the Halloween franchisein my opinion.



Jurassic Park I love this movie. Someone asked my recently whats one movie you could go back and relive watching for the first time and this movie will be it. The quality of this movie is amazing! Brings back the nostalgia watching this over 20 year old Dino classic in high quality definition! Great entertainment for the entire family!! Highly recommended! This movie cme out in 1993 but I was only 5 and my mom wouldn’t let me watch it, so I was 8 when I first seen it and I was amazed.  Just an overall amazing moving.



The Town  I’m a big Ben Affleck fan, and like just about any movie he’s in, well almost anything. In this movie, he does play the bad guy, but you just can’t help rooting for him to the end.Very Good Storyline, acting was very realistic. I love the city of Boston and of all the movies about the city or based in Boston out there, this is the best one.



Airplane!   Far superior to many modern day satires. It has a plot of its own, plus a constant series of gags and jokes, either in the background or front and center. Hilarious mocking of disco, romance movies and war movies all in less than two hours. There are so many gag things going on you just can’t catch them all in one viewing. And I love that There are so many gags and things going on that you just can’t catch them all in one viewing. If you havn’t seen or heard of this movie, I suggest you stop reading this post, go watch Airplane and come back to finish reading. Your welcome and………….And stop calling me Shrily!



Die Hard  This is a great and legendary Thriller, in which Bruce Willis played the role of a perfect policemen. I remember my first impressions associated with watching this film. I was immediately interested in the beginning and I with interest observed plot development. The cast that was involved in this film is above all praise! I love this film!      This is a must have for any action movie lover. It’s a great action movie that you can get away with calling a Holiday classic. And yes I watch this movie every Christmas. I would recommend this to everyone who likes Bruce Willis or action movies…..”Yippee-ki-yay, motherfu—”



Speed   This is a great movie. I just recently watched this, and I love it.  Movies like this, you remember when you first saw it. My cousin went to Blockbuster… Yes Blockbuster and rented it on a friday night and Although I was young,I fell in love with this movie. However, some moments are faily cheesey, thats what makes it an awesome 90s film. This is my favorite roll of Sandra Bullock, but we never EVER mention the sequal, watching that film will make you want to rip your hair out and slam your head into a wall. But watch the first film, its a Classic. 



Black Panther  Just a year ago, I sat down in the theater and experienced a cinamatic “Marvel”. I left the movies with goosebumps. My theater stood up and clapped. Black Panther is a well-crafted movie from beginning to end. Its a watershed moment for representation in a film. Not ony is it culturally significant, but itboasts strong preformances, a strong story, awesome action and the characters are witty and fun.  I love super hero movies and I have many in my top 20, this film makes it to my #4. If you havn’t seen it, what are you waiting for?



IT  This is one movie that I love. I was going to put it at 1 but I have another classic. I read the book twice. If you havn’t read the book, I suggest you go get the book, read it and come back in a week. The book is 1000+ pages.

This is the best Stephen King adaption and way much better than the miniseries. This is not a remake FYI, it may not be a super true adaption but it does the job well in selling that this is an adaption of one of Stephen King’s greatest works. This will be no.1 for me of all the Stephen King adaptions. Pennywise has been in my nightmares.  The theme of the book is much more sinister then the movie. There are some points in the book where they had to edit for the movie or it would have gotten a NC-17 rating or people would have protested. The acting of the kids is awesome. Overall this is a great film. 



Scream   This is the movie where you ask people, “Where were you when you seen this”? and I remember exactly where I was. I was 8 when this came out and again I didn’t see it when it first came out I was around 11/12 when I first saw it, right around the time the 3rd movie came out. I was in my room, getting ready to put VHS into the player (yes VHS…I’m old) and when I forst seen it, it scared me, Im not going to lie. But As I watched and watched it  became less scared (As I knew the ending) but It quickly became one of my most watched films. It’s one of the most creative, suspenseful, entertaining scary movies I’ve ever seen. This is one of my favorite (horror) movies of all time! This movie is clever and has a few gags. And I just love it, it has a great plot and good storyline. It’s better than a lot of scary movies out there today. Scream has a great cast that are really good actors. Another Wes Craven hit!



Twister I love this movie so much that I have a poster up in my room

Twister is one of my childhood favorite movies. I was 7 when this movie came out and I was 7 when I seen it. I remember wanting to go into weather when I got older ( I still want to be a storm chaser). First things first I want to say RIP to Bill Paxton. He was a big part of this movie. Second of all when I grow up I wanna be just like Jo in the movie. She is fierce strong and a little hardheaded….on second thought I think I am her. And third, The twisters are really what this movie is about. If you don’t have the twisters…. there would be no movie “Twister”. Also I think this movie is about overcoming obstacles or something tragic that has happened to you. I could go on and on but let’s get back to the movie and why love it so much.

Even thou I have seen it many times I still hold my breath waiting for them to be swallowed up by the monster storms. Love the special effects. For the time the effects where great. Now you can see where the effects are a little wonky, but besides that I LOVE IT. It is was touching to see Phillip Seymour Hoffman in an early movie and to see his potential as an actor shine through! Too bad we had to lose his talent. I could go on saying EVERYTHING I LOVE ABOUT THIS MOVIE, but I’ll keep it short. If you havn’t seen this, I suggest just like all of the movies on this list, you click the link and rent or buy on Amazon and grab your favorite snack and have a good time. And you can not forget the flying cow. Twister is a must see movie for sure.


*All links are to Amazon digital movies.  Click on the title of the movie*

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