8 Valentine’s Date Night Ideas


I know it’s the middle of January but before you know it, int will be February.  My least favorite day of the year falls in FEB and that’s Valentine’s day. I think you should show love 365 days out of the year and not just one day, but I digress. If you are in a relationship, here are the top 8 ideas you can start planning for. 

8. Lingerie Shopping

Let’s just start out this post by fulling admitting my cheeks are flush and my face is red after just typing this one. This is one of the sexy ones on this list. 

I’m just going to say it, cut out the self-consciousness S*** and let loose this means both men and women! Have fun picking something out for one another and then come home and model it with a private fashion show or just rip it off each other. The memory and experience are so worth forgetting the insecurities and dropping a little money on some items you’ll hopefully get lots of use out of or have to go back and rebuy it because it in rags on the floor. 


7. Have a pjs and movie night.

Purchase some new, matching pjs and relax watching your favorite movie. Of course add some popcorn and drink from fancy schmancy glasses! Or you can just Netflix and Chill and see how far into the movie or TV show you get. 

6. Go Skating

Okay, so this is probably the most cliché on the list so let’s get it out-of-the-way. People seriously forget about skating! Whether it’s roller skating, ice skating, or rollerblading, just get out there and have fun! Nothing screams romance like the cheesy music and video montage worthy cuteness. I just see Hallmark movie written all over this. 

5. Set up a spa in the home.

Schedule masseuse’s to come over. Dim the lights, get some relaxing music playing and throw some essential oils in the diffuser. Top it all off with at home face masks, a bubble bath, and a special dessert. And see where the night leads…Hopefully to the bedroom. 

4. Go on a Dollar Store Spending Spree.

This one is unique. Give each other $10 to spend at the Dollar Store and each person picks out surprises for your date night. And here’s the kicker — you HAVE to use all the items you purchased THAT night! Think snacks, toys, cards, bubble bath, massage lotion — be creative!

3. Christmas cookie date.

Sugar cookies are only for Christmas, Said no one EVER.  Bah humbug! Spice up your Valentine’s day date night by pulling out all the cookie cutter, sprinkles, frosting and edible pearls! See what fun creation you can create for each other!


2.  Play your favorite board games — but add a fun twist!

Use candy pieces or cookies for checkers. When someone gets jumped, they have to eat their piece! Add romantic “penalties” to the person who gets jumped or loses a turn. I think of a few “penalties” but I’ll leave it for your imagination. 

1. Scavenger Hunt. 

A scavenger hunt is always fun for everyone! Have your spouse answer some riddles to continue to find all the hidden riddles. Make them lead to something for your spouse. It could lead to a dinner, activities you have planned, a gift or anything you can think of.


These are just some ideas out of so many that you could do on Valentine Day. Have fun and start planning 

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