Travel Essentials for every flight


I have a list of carry on essentials that I always pack in my carry on bag.  When I check luggage (which I rarely do), these are the items that go in my carry on bag rather than my checked bag.  Even when traveling with carry on luggage only, these in flight essentials are usually in my small personal item that is under the seat rather than my larger checked bag in the overhead.

1.  Cord Tacos– We all no how annoying cords can be when there in your bad. They get all tangled and  messed up, And nobody has time trying to untangle them when you need a cord in a hurry. Cord Tacos are here for the recuse. Keeping your wires and cables organized has never been so easy! Here are a few to check out. Bememo 20 Pieces Leather Cable Straps … Brouk & Co Cord Taco …   FIBOUND 10pcs Earphone Winder

2.  Eye mask– I personaly dont use eye mask at all, but I know many people that do. This brand from Amazon- Unimi is supposed to be a good brand. I just like being aware when I’m on a plane and everywhere else. 

3. Neck Pillow–  Gone are the days of the standard travel pillow. A new wave is here, and TRLT Travel Pillow is here, (who an I fooling, I still have a standard travel pillow). My cousin got this pillow before his flight to Spain and he loved it. He did say it was a weird pillow. He said its half a neck brace with more padding, but the best one he’s had and he travels a lot. 

4. Pen and Pad– This is standard if you need to write anything done or want to take notes while on the plane.

5. Your Carry on– This is a given. There nothing better then have a sturdy carry on or a well made weekender. You dont want luggage and having to worry if your drawers are all over the airport floor. The Rockland Melbourne 20″ luggage is an Amazing carry-on.  Also this suitcase is such an amazing value

6. A good pair of headphones– Drown out babies crying and people snoring and don’t mess with wires with wireless headphones. There are a bunch of headphones out there. Of course you have your Beats and Bose and Sony etc. but I’m all about making money. These TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are great on Amazon. Under $100, you cant beat that

7. Comfotable Shoes– While walking through the airport, your feet hurting i the last thing you want. That is the worst feeling. Get a good pair of flats or sneakers, because nothing feels worst then your dogs barking. and you havn’t even reached your gate yet….yikes

8. Snacks-The funny thing about international vs national flights – on international flights you don’t usually have to worry about bringing too many snacks, since they feed you quite a lot! I usually just throw a couple of Cliff Bars , Quest Bars or mixed nuts in my bag as a back-up. I’m one of those people however, in that  I love airplane food

9.  A large water bottle or foldable bottle–  I recently went to Orlando and Universal (Which will be my last time I ever go but it was fun…Been there done that) and I had one of these foldable water bottles. Which saved my life. The water at Universal is like $8 (more or less) and I wasn’t about to pay that. Also get a big water bottle. These water bottles are such an awesome accessory to have. Water is always expensive in airports – and sometimes not free on the plane(!) – this little beauty lets you through security with an empty bottle that can then be filled up at the water fountains which are airside. An empty water bottle does the same job – but the genius of this is the ability to fold it and save even more space in your bag. Perfect!

10. A book or magazine– I’m always torn between the Kindle and a real book.  I normally use a Kindle because it’s a great space saver. But you know, sometimes, I just like how a book feels. My rule is I only pack 2 books. 

11. Portable charger and cables– There are sooooooooooooooo many portable chargers out there, some great, some ok and some to avoid. And so many Battery Capacites that you can get a headache. If you’re flying on one of the premium airlines, in seat power is usually a given – however, budget airline are well, budget. Having your own little power bank means you’ll never run out of power (so you can keep playing angry birds for hours – or is that just something I do?!). I’m all about finding the best one for a good price. I have incldued 3 chargers that have good review and are a decent priceYoobao Portable Charger … INIU Portable Charger … Portable Charger Power Bank

12. Facial/Hand Wipes– I’ve tried many wipes…facial that is, in my day. Not all facial wipes are created the same. The best ones are Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes  . These wipes do not irritate your face, but let me get back to why these are great for travel.  You can throw these in your bag and clean your face while on the plane. Sometimes you might feel grimy and dirty in the airport and plane. These are a great way to feel fresh and clean before you get to your destination. 

13.  Laptop– I adore my MacBook Air and I can’t/don’t/won’t leave home without it. Even before I needed it for work. I just got my MacBook last year and before, I was always a PC girl. I never traveled with a laptop before because mine have always been so big and clunky but NOW. I take it everywhere. I use it as a TV while I’m traveling – and carry an external hard drive full of movies/tv shows  which is  great for long haul flights on budget airlines that don’t offer in-flight entertainment

14. RFID wallet– I wasn’t sure of these before, but having studied cyber security, I know whats out there. I got this for myself a few months ago and I was a bit skeptical because I’ve never had a wallet like this before and there are so many out there, how do you know they work? It’s so thin but I’m very happy now that I’ve been using it for a couple months and It’s very comfortable in my front pocket and in my purse.  It’s easy to get cards in and out. I also like that the smaller size means I’m less likely to end up with junk in there I forgot about. I don’t think my info has been stolen, but hopefully not. This is good if you go overseas and I use mine when I go to the mall or in big crowds. Here is a good one from Amazon.  Travelambo RFID

15. Your Cell Phone– Pretty self-explanatory right?!




2 thoughts on “Travel Essentials for every flight

    1. Awesome, I now only take my kindle when traveling Because I get car sick easily. On the Plane I don’t get sick but kindle is the way to go. The foldable water bottle was a lifesaver when I went to Universal. The water there is $20 lol

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