How to Survive A Long Flight


We all love to travel. Most of us like going long distances to see more of the world. One thing that is inevitable is long plane rides when you travel overseas. No one really likes long plane rides. Eight hours stuck in a stuffy aircraft cabin might sound like your worst nightmare, but flying long-haul can be a dream with being a little prepared. Follow these 12 survival tips for long flights to emerge refreshed, relaxed and ready to start your fun when you land. 


1.  If you are tall or a bigger person, get an aisle seat. I’m a tall person so I always get a window seat. I havent had a problem with leg room. I don’t really like aisle seats, but I sometimes get claustrophobic  in the window seat. So when we land I want to get off as soon as possible. The exit and bulkhead give you more room, but beware because luggage storage is limited and there is no seat in front of you to store your personal item. 

2.  Upgrade either your seat or ask for an upgrade. Just like the last point, leg room is key. It’s the thing that will make or break your trip, in my opinion. This point is similar, in that if you can’t upgrade, look at where you are sitting. NEVER get the middle seat. 

3.  The Airline you are flying is a pretty big deal. This could literally make or break your vacation. Make sure you read the reviews or the airline before you book your ticket. Also look at reviews on long haul flights. See what people are saying about the comfort, seats, staff/service, and bad handling. 


4. This is obvious, but keep your valuables and things you need quickly in your personal items bag in front of you. Things like your phone,wallet, passport, portable charger, headphones, meds, in close reach. Nothing worse than having to keep getting up and going into your luggage to get something. Side note, pack light. nothing worse than having to drag a heavy suitcase around the airport or trying to lift it into the overhead bin. 

5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE where shoes to the bathroom on the plane. I’ve heard stories where people don’t and you don’t want to know what they;ve stepped in. The floor is guaranteed to be nasty. 

6. What you are going to wear is very important. Wearing loose clothes is the way to go. Nothing tight or uncomfortable. Dress in layers in the case you get hot or cold. Also slip on shoes or shoes that are easy on and off are key. 


7. Bring snacks. You know what type of food you like and airplane food isn’t always that good. So pack snacks you like, but not all candy, pack healthy too. Sometimes you get fish but other times the fish gets you

8. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.  The plane is dry to begin with and nothing would be worse than getting off the plane looking like a dried up sponge. 

9.  RESPECT THE FLIGHT CREW. They are there to keep you safe and to help you. PLease be nice to them. Everyone is tired and crank because of the long travel. Simply be kind

10. What is that smell??? oh it’s your breath. yikes. In real life nothing is worse than having breath that smells like the bottom of your foot. Do your self a favor and please chew gum, get mints, even get a travel tooth-brush set, and use them because the flight attendants and the person don’t want your breath to be kickin’.


11. To help with circulation in your legs, where compression socks but also get up and stretch once the seat belt lights go off. Get up and walk around. If you happen to get stuck in the hated middle seat, I heard that spelling the alphabet with your feet and legs. 

12. Just have fun and spread good vibes. I know your tired and want to go home or get to your destination but everyone is going through the sae thing. Why be an A-hole. There is no need. Just smile and say hello. Enjoy the journey. 



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