Top Tips to Learn a Language


Bonjour, j’essaye d’apprendre le francais

Learing a different language can be a difficult thing. Its a
ton of work and at times you may not even know where to start.

But mastering another language can open up a lot of opportunities. You can communicate with more people, learn about other cultures, and be exposed to job opportunities that were previously unavailable to you.

Here are the top tips to learn a new language


  • Think in the language you are learning– Thinking in a new language is a decision you can make.  If you know even a few dozen key grammar words you can begin to think in your target language
  • Watch anything you can in the language you are learningWatch Youtube videos, TV shows, movies, etc. For example, Start with regualr english shows and movies and watch with french subtitles, then switch over to French shows and movies and have english subtitles, next moves on to french shows and movies and dont have any subtitles on. That was an example. Pick whatever language you are learning and apply it to the senario. 
  • Learn vocab from readingThis helped me. I read childrens books and I was able to understand. In kids books, they don’t have too many comlicated words. 
  • Don’t translate every word you read in books- As long as you know the context, you will be able to figure out the word(s). 


  • Set your mouth in the sound position of the language you are learning– This might sound a little weird, but watch people speaking your learning language and copy the way their mouth is as they say different words. Crazy I know…but just try it. 
  • *This helped me* Read Out loud– Get a feel for what the words sound like as you say them . 
  • Get out of your confort zoneAt the beginning you’re going to encounter difficulties: maybe the pronunciation, maybe the grammar, the syntax, or you don’t really get the sayings.
  • Get a dedicated notebook– Just like in school, you have a notebook for each class, I have a notebook for learning my french.  This is a no branier. This will help you write down words you are having trouble with. 
  • Listen to music– I listen to songs in french. Try not to listen to anything to fast, try slow songs to get a feel for the language. 


  • Surround yourself with people who speak the language– This might be hard. Unless you are in school, you could just ask another student to practice with you, but if you have been out of school for a while, like me, I’m the only one around in my family who is learning french. Thats where comes in. You go to that website and type in German and local meet ups of people speaking German will pop up. I plan on doing this when I go to NYC over the summer. I typed in French and a bunch of meet ups came up. I get to practice my french with native speakers. I hope I don’t say “tes pieds sentent et j’ai ton chat pour le randsom” which means”Your feet smell and I have your cat for randsom”. Yeah I don’t know…On to the next point. 
  • APPS APPS APPS– This is the best way to learn on the go. The top apps are: Duolingo,HelloTalk, Rosetta Stone, Babbel
  • Don’t Give Up and Fun– This is a new for most of you or it might be a few years since you started learning. So whatever the case may be, don’t stress and enjoy learning about a new culture and experience the joy of learning a new lanuage. 




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