NYC Guide: My Favorite Restaurants


OK OK, I love food, who doesn’t but there is one place that has outstanding food and that’s NYC. It’s absolutley impossible not to be tempted by all the fantastic smells that drift from restaurants, bakeries, and food stands onto the streets of NYC. I love this city and it has an endless supply of amazing cuisines that are guaranteed to satisfy even the fussiest eaters. My mom is the pickiest eater on the planet and she can always find something in New York that she loves. So lets take a look at some of the most awesome places you can eat. Oh and you will be hungry by the end. Happy Eating!!!



PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA!!!!! Nothing is better then New York pizza, where you fold it. Sorry Chicago, I don’t understand pizza where you cut it…more on that later.

Sure, you can get pizza anywhere in the world, but in NYC you can experience the thin crust and excessive diameter that is truly unique to this city, and on alomost every street corner. 

NYC Pizza is often sold by the slice and is properly consumed by folding the slice in half lengthways then eating it pointy-end first. Make sure you grab a 99c cheese slice if you’re returning home from a bar at 2AM.

Some of my favorite places to go are:

Big Slice Pizza of NY


146 5th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Simply delicious !!! Had the pepperoni and the fresh mozarella slices , great value and taste , a pleasant place in mid manhattan to eat and enjoy a slice or pasta. 



48-11 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11101

Love this pizza spot. You will notice I will say that a lot. Every place on this list I will say I love.  The atmosphereis great. I came here last year with family and its a great place to hangout. The best slice of pizza I had in a long while.


FDR 99¢ Slice Pizza


150 E 2nd St, New York, NY 10009

Yes, you read that right, Pizza for 99cents. There are many places in NYC where you can get pizza for 99cents. This place however holds a special place in my heart. I won’t go into details but By far the best pizza for a $1 in NY ! The sauce and toppings are excellent! I’m definitely going back next time I’m in town! BUT everytime we go, there is a wait so be prepared but I’m glad it was worth it.


Gilled Cheese


Grill Chesse is the besss…wait did I say grilled cheese? Really grilled cheese. YES you are right I did say grilled cheese, and I need to stop cause I want a grilled cheese..Anyways, when you think of NYC , you think of pizza, burgers, Ice cream, but not grilled cheese. 

the city prides itself on having the best grilled cheese sandwiches around. I can vouch for them being an amazing hangover cure after a night out on the town. (I’m over 21 people). What are the best places in town to have grilled cheese? Lets find out.





I love cheese so this was the place for me! I could eat cheese all day (my hips wouldn’t like it) BUT Let me say….
Better than mom’s (sorry mom). 

Clinton Hall


One word….Grilled Cheese doughnut. Ok thats more than one word but you get it. 


The doughnut was sweet and the cheese was perfectly melted — gooey and just really good. The jalapeños added a nice spice of flavor. It was honestly really really tasty, would definitely order it again. The only thing is that it’s small.

Melt Shop

Unknown-1.jpeg Unknown.jpeg

55 W 26th St, New York, NY 10010

There are mutiple locations in NYC but I’ve been to this location. With a place called the Melt Shop. Their grilled cheeses are fantastic. Good comfort food! My stomach left happy and full! One thing I recommend is their nutella milkshake 10/10. 


If there’s one thing that NYC is damn good at, it’s burgers. There are Burger joints all over the city that claim their burgers are the best, and as someone who has tried many of them, I can say some of them are right. 

The Spotted Pig



314 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014

This place is sooo delicious! I have never seen a burger and fries that large before! If I ever move to New York, I can see myself as a regular here and then go buy a treadmill. Found this place on a fluke with my cousin and the food is just five star delicious. Came here on a Saturday night at 10 pm and we had no wait. Sat right down, which you would think would be crazy busy, but I think there was something else going on in the city. The vibe was awesome. I highly recommend. 

Black Tap Craft Burger & Beers



This place is AWESOME. I came here for my 30th birthday and I had a blast. This wil be on the list when I talk about desserts. Great tasting unique burgers. The food is good, but thats not what we went for…more on this sport later.



When I think of NYC, two things come to mind, Pizza and bagels, sometimes pizza on a bagel. A classic New York food, their bagel have a crisp exterior and soft chewy inside, and is far superior to bagels elsewhere.




831 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10022

Ess-a-Bagel is, by far, my personal standout bagel shop in Manhattan, and they take their craft very VERY seriously. I’m going to keep it real, I get the classic plain sesame bagel. That’s it, nothing on it. The lines at Ess-a-Bagel can get cray cray (crazy) long real quick. Chewy delicious bagels,Definitely pay this place a visit.

To save time, here are a few more bagel places:

Black seed bagels


170 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10012

Tompkins Square Bagels


184 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003



Katz’s Delicatessen


205 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

Yes I had what she had and while my reaction wasn’t quite like Sally’s, I’ll just say….almost.  I’ve never had food that good before. Go early otherwise you will need to wait in line. One of those rare places that is better in real life than your imagination. A true New York treasure. When you go, just get the traditional smoky pastrami sandwich. 

The Meatball Shop


200 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

This is a must, they have so many meatballs and you can customize your own. This is a must visit. 

Stay tuned for desserts!!!!

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