Mistakes made by solo travelers


Some people prefer solo trips and go out to venture all alone. With solo travel comes extra risks, especially for females because your alone in a new place, you might not speak the language and god forbid something where to happen, you don’t speak the local language, who do you turn to? 

Please keep in mind the following points while venturing.

  • Plan your trip ahead and keep a close one informed about the itinerary.
  • Make all the bookings before starting.
  • Not  Trusting Locals, Not everyone is going to scam you
  • Flashing Expensive Items. That’s how your mess gets taken, from phones to laptops and tablets
  • Be careful about what you consume while travelling including offers made by others.
  • Keep your contacts informed about your status every day.
  • Being Careless with your Day Bag. Again that’s the number 1 way to get your stuff taken
  • If you are going trekking, check for the safety of the area especially if it is a forest zone.
  • Not Researching Local Culture
  • Become friends with hotel staff, but  be careful here cause while your gone they could go into your room, but there is a 80% chance of that not happening but just be frendly just in case something where to happen
  • Not Getting Travel Insurance-Travel insurance can cover everything from cancellations or trip delays, to doctor visits and emergency medical procedures. NEVER leave home without it
  • Be aware of the local scams or the top scams that go on in that area or just in general. 

These tips are here to help you not scare you. I want everyone to be happy and safe whither they are traveling alone or with people 





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