Subscription Box

I love getting things in the mail, esspecially subscription boxes. I get soo excited opening a box, not knowing wha I’m going to get. This month I tried “Snack Crate”



Snack Crate is a monthly snack box for global goodies, with each month curated from a specific country! Snack Crate offers three sizes: a mini box with 5 snacks, a priority box with 10-12 snacks, and a premium box with 18-20 snacks.

This is the box I got 




I will now rate the snacks from 1-bad 10-best


I didn’t really like these.Ugh! These may be great in the UK, but not in the US. No bacon flavor and waaay too salty. Plus I really don’t like bacon or things flavored with bacon. I gave them to my grandpa and he liked them, but not my taste. 1/10


I liked these and they weren’t too spicy! The “groove” cut listed on the package is actually “ruffle” cut which I love and they are wayyy crunchier, kettle-cooked texture thank regular chips. And, oh, the flavor! there’s citrus, pepper, and an extremely savory chicken flavor that made these chips super-addictive. 9.5/10

img_0960.jpgThe texture of these twin bars was really neat – I could compare it to an Areo bar, with all of the bubbles and lightness inside. I love Cadbury’s chocolate. I thought it tasted good, and the twin bars reminded me of my favorite American chocolate – The Twix bar! 9/10


img_0959.jpgI originally considered sponge candy to be sort of the American equivalent to this chocolate-robed, honeycomb core treat. The texture was a little weird, but I really liked it. I love Sponge candy, and I love how it “melts” right away. However, I was pleasantly surprised here. The honeycomb core was much more firm, even “crunchie,” as the name implies, and had a nice mild flavor that was sweet but not overpowering! 10/10


I didn’t know what to expect with these. Great Wafers……Delicious! These are not too sweet! I was able to have a cuppa (As the Brits say) and watch an episode of Outlander in style. Cheers! 10/10

img_0956.jpgLove fruit gums, pastilles, etc… Rowntree’s cannot go wrong with candy. Addictive though, hard to stop eating them, But I have to say, I feel we have these in the U.S and I feel like I’ve had these before, but they are good.  7/10


img_0957.jpgThese little treats really surprised me! I’m really not a big fan of hard candies, but I thought these had a nice flavor. I liked that a few flavors were included, and the orange was my favorite. And of course, the “juicy” center was a nice textural surprise! 6.5/10

VerdictI was excited and happy to receive the U.K. box this month and it didn’t disappoint! I really liked both of the chocolate this month – they were great company for the Netflix watching the cooler weather encourages! I did enjoy the Peri Peri chips this month The real surprises this month were the fruit candies – the gums and juicy chews really brought a strong fruit flavor game to the box! I rate the box 9.5/10


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