Backpacker vs Glampacker


Though there are various types of travelers, these two are rising up in the world of travelers.
Backpackers are the kind of travelers who try to be on a journey with the least amount of plans and preparations.

They have a low budget and are ready to manage in whatever situation they come across. They share their hostel rooms as they refuse to live in luxurious hotels; they aren’t particular about their clothes and are even ready to share food from the streets and that costs the least. They don’t have much luggage, are interactive with the local residents and basically mold themselves as per what the place provides. They aspire to see most of the world with lesser pennies in the pocket. They are the independent travelers and usually fall under the youth criteria like they are usually college students or young people.


Glampackers, on the contrary, are the ones who deny the idea of light traveling and are very stylish in nature. They don’t compromise with their attire, footwear even on the travel. They obviously have a healthier budget. They will keep their stay as comfortable as possible, at a luxurious resort or something and spend a lot of money while roaming around; shopping etc. thus they return with an increase in the luggage that they had taken while going. They maintain a high profile throughout and choose to go with all the fancies. Unlike, backpackers, they have a lot of funds hence they eat in good restaurants and the motive behind their travel is either recreational or career break.


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