Tips for a Successful Morning Workout


No matter how badly we want to squeeze in a morning workout, that 6 a.m. alarm never fails to catch us off guard. Even when we’re feeling rested it can be tough to get up and get going. So how do you actually get motivated to wake up for (and stick to) early morning workouts? We asked those who know best—Aaptiv trainers, coaches, and motivation experts. Here’s how they recommend getting into a morning exercise groove.

Get Your Sleep

If you want to be at the gym at 5:00 A.M. then staying up to watch the late night episode of SportsCenter, or binge watching whatever series on Netflix isn’t going to serve you well.

Don’t Give Into the Snooze Game

As tough as it may feel in the moment, get up. If you need to, set the phone or clock on the other side of the room so you actually have to get out of bed to turn it off. Once you’re on your feet, you’ll be much more likely to stay awake and get on with your day.

Prepare the night before

I have my clothes, food, gym bag, everything completely laid out the night before so I know I can wake up and literally be out the door in 10 minutes or if I’m going to workout at home, I have everything wrote down, and laid out for an at home workout.

Drink water first thing

You start to dehydrate when you sleep. When else do you go six to eight hours without drinking anything

Eat a little something

Like an apple or banana. Maybe a protein bar


Have Your Playlist ready

Nothing worse than getting to the gym or doing your home workout and you put your headphones getting ready and you push play. “Nope, I don’t like this song” ok hit next, “Nope I dont like this song either”. You could spend more time trying to find the right song then  working out. The day before, go through your phone (or IPod) and create a playlist with whatever songs you like and what gets you motivated. 

Get Your Mind Right

OK, so you’ve got up early and the first thing you’re going to do is put your body through the rigors of intense training. Hundreds of pounds will be moved over and over again over the course of that hour or so.

If there’s ever been a time you need to really focus this is it. You need to make sure you’re awake, you need to make sure your mind is clear, and you need to be prepared to go all-out.

There’s a chance of injury when you’re training no matter the time of day you train. If you’re still yawning and wishing you were back in bed, you’re  much more likely to get hurt. When you walk in that door or enter that weight room(either at the gym or at home), you better be ready to clang and bang.

Reward Yourself With a Treat

ok ok, I’m not talking about having a pint of Ben&Jerrys after you workout (That does sound good) rather make or eat something healthy like making energy bites loaded with almond butter and oats. If you don’t go to the gym at least three times in a week, use your willpower and penalize yourself by skipping dessert on Saturday night. 

Look into the future

When I workout or thinking about working out, I print out pictures of places where I’m going that summer and that gives me extra motivation. Or I get something in my closet that is too small and hang it up while I workout, saying “I will fit into this again”. 

Just Do It

Tell yourself that you’ll give the workout 10 to 15 minutes or just run to the end of the block and reassess. That’s the right amount of time it can take for endorphins to start flowing and to get in the groove. For me personally, it’s consistency. Even if I’m not feeling the workout that day, if I just get up and go through the motions, it helps me get moving and grooving. 


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