Different types of travelers


I recently took a quiz to see what type of traveler I’m and I got “YOU ARE A RELAXATION TRAVELER!”

And I must agree there’s nothing better than sitting by the beautiful pool with a pina colada and a good book. I never sleep in on vacation, weird I know but I’m the type of person that by 9:00 am the day is half over and I’m up by 7 am on every vacation I go on. Vacations takes you away from the busy lifestyle of the everyday and gives you that special time just to unwind. Unhurried dinners, and strolling on the beach are your idea of a perfect week away.

I’ve traveled with so many different travelers, and they are basically a diverse breed and different travellers approach the same destination in varied ways. 

Let’s explore some of the (many) different types of travelers and leave a comment on which one you fall under. 

The Sexplorer


Ohhh I know this type..Not me, In college my friend went on vacation and pretty much slept her way across Europe.

The Sex Addicts or as I call them The Sexplorer are just looking to score. They eye down everything that walks and speaks to no one of the same-sex because they see them as competition.

These types of travelers can usually be found combing the beach by day, going to the hottest clubs at night, and rooting through their suitcase of designer clothing by morning for the right look to take another shot at nailing that Itailan chick they met on Long Beach. 

These are not bad people, and it’s certainly not just men either. Like I said before my friend is a girl and she did this in college. She was not a bad person At the time, she was just really, really horny and traveling to a new country allowed her to have sex without anyone back home knowing about it. (It’s ok I use er as an example…we are not longer friends) 

If  this type of travel is your style, then go for it, but please be safe. 

The Budget Traveler


a budget traveler is a traveler who is budget-conscious. I fall into this catagory, and I think most people do. I’m not as extreme through.Most people who travel have some sort of monetary restrictions but the budgeters? These are the people who won’t spare a cent. I love a free walking tours but I’m not into haggling for a deal. Most budget savy people will stay in economy accommodations  eat cheap meals, and fly during off-peak seasons

I think being this type of traveler takes really strong willpower, the budgeter is happy to turn down dessert (NEVER!) and I always find coupons if I’m going to the mall on vacation. 

The Techie


I think we all fall into this catagory. Travelers exploring new destinations just because to satisfy their craving for taking photos with new HD 2000 Camera or using new travel tech gears. There is no particular destination as they like all places that look good in the new tech gear. Socia media falls into this catagory as well. You take a photo and edit the shit out of it for follows, they bad thing is that you are not living in the moment and get the full experience. 

You might take a lot of selfie’s from different angles with different attires. This type of traveler has to make sure they look perfect for pictures. They are more about making travelling portfolio. Their main motto is to bombard their Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. Wonder if they enjoy travelling or not. I would say not. 


The Foodie


What is a Foodie???“Foodie Traveler: a person with an extreme interest in food that travels just to experience new food.”

I’m not really a foodie traveler. I like food, but I’m not as adventourous as I would like. 

You know you’re a foodie-traveller when –You Pick Your Travel Destinations Based on the Local Cuisine

So you are a  globetrotter and like to dip into local food? Does that make you a Foodie-Traveler? Nowadays, it seems that we can find any type of food anywhere in our home countries. When it comes to travelling, I mostly  globetrot for for the best pizza. So how do you know when you’re a foodie-traveller? You know you’re a foodie-traveller when…Every photo on your phone is…well, food! I guess I’m not one then. Who cares about landmarks and street performers. To a foodie-traveller, a beautifully presented plate of  locally prepared food or dessert is far more captivating than paintings in museums or scenic landscapes. There’s a thrill in spending the first two minutes snapping away with your phone or camera rather than taking pictures of renowned statues. By the end of your trip, sifting through albums of food photos is more prideful than any souvenirs you felt obligated to purchase. I sometimes feel like this, even though my camera roll isn’t filled with food. 

I’m not an experimentalist. Really, most food scares you. Chicken feet, blood sausages, seafood that don’t appear to exist in encyclopedias are a no no.You want to try everything and experiment with cuisines that are foreign to you. You’re a foodie-traveller.

The Partier


These are the travelers who prefer travelling just for fun and parties. Their favourite destinations are the bars and clubs. This, I think is the same as the sexplorer. They are looking to party and get laid. Their favorite places to go are Goa, Ibiza, Amsterdam and Las Vegas. It can be like a “The Hangover” situation you can lose days, even weeks, of your travel to the thrill of boozing and checking out the different dive bars and clubs with individuals who are like-minded. 

11:00PM — 4:30AM is prime time for party animals, and when you see them, they’re either wasted, hungover, asking for charity because “they lost their wallet skinny-dipping”, or barging into your hostel room at the most ungodly of hours, turning on the lights and then trying to strike up a conversation about the hot girls/guys at the bar that they didn’t bring home, but unlike the sexplorer they will bring someone home. 

They might sound like they’re a disaster to be around, but Party Animals are super fun too. I like a good party but I don’t go crazy like some people I know. Plus I’m not in my 20s anymore. The Partier does bring energy to the vacation and they bring people together, sometimes sucking other poor sons of bitches into their whirlpool of drunkenness, all the while medicating their hangover with yet more alcohol, and yes I have been sucked in before…Never again

The Planner


I’m this type of traveler. I need things to be planned out and on time. i don’t go to the extreme in creating Google Doc spreadsheets (which sound like a good idea) but I have seen people so it. I’m on that line of almost having things planned out to the hour.

Some people are just built this way. I salute the planner. The last vacation I went on, my aunt said that we will feel things out and go with the flow….meaning that nothing was planned and I almost had a panic attack. 

Us as planners, always get the very most out of our trip, we take some of the best photos and do the most research, and we are almost always more knowledgeable than most people going into any excursion. Now let me be clear, I only do this if I’m going to a city setting, on the beach is a different situation. I’m more relaxed. In the city, I normally have a checklist and planned itinerary down to every tiny detail 

The Group


I love a good group. They are typically in their early 20’s to early 30’s, who like to travel in groups of their friends or with family,

The groups single mode of enjoyment depends upon their group and if found alone, they are best board persons of the world. However for me, the idea of solo travelling is not utterly bullshit, but ideal.This group of travellers make the most of every holiday as they’re usually someone in the group to goad the others into enjoying a diverse range of experiences on their travels.

The Fittness Freak


Well There is not much to say about this type, other than the hotel they are staying at MUST have a gym or there needs to be a gym close by.  They watch what they eat and often prevent you from eating all the fun food while on vacation. Sometimes this can be annoying. I knew several people who are like this. If that’s your thing, go for it.

The Solo Traverler


These crazy nuts always thrive to find themselves. Their main goal is peace, harmony, nature and they ponder the deepest philosophies of life. They usually travel alone and they ignore any company. They usually travel long and prefer walking to known places.

The No-expense Traveler


You might have paid your dues in holidays gone by, suffering through limited legroom and dodgy hostels. Or perhaps you’re just adjusted to the finer things in life. The high-flyer is all about indulgent travel. You’re not afraid to shell out extra dollars on five star hotels rooms, extravagant dinners and first class flights. You’re legitimately about YOLO-ing and air-conditioning is non-negotiable.

A term used to describe this traveler with more disposable income is a flashpackers, which they tend to carry more electronics, stay in decent accommodations, and take taxis, though they share some characteristics of regular backpackers such as the intrigue for the local culture and lifestyle, longer travel length, and perhaps an open-ended itinerary.

The Thrill Seekers


They always give an extra inch to their travelling. They travel to the tallest mountain; they jump from highest bungee jumping, sky dive from the highest altitude and so on. You will find these crazy people at every good enough crazy places. These chunks are as interesting as wild adventure.

Adrenaline junkies and dare devils. Travel far and wide to find the world’s highest bungee jump, the world’s tallest mountain (which they then proceed to climb) and pretty much anything extreme and perhaps previously unheard off. You will not find these people on a beach in St Barths or checking out the infinity pool at the hotel.

This type of traveler is what you see all over Instagram, but they’re not as common as you think. Believe it or not, most people who travel are simply tourists, and partake in organized events, hit the popular spots and love doing so. Nothing wrong with that.

I prefer to not end up in the hospital , so no I’m not a thrill seeker. The only downside to this traveler is that they need to find like-minded individuals to join them in their pursuits, and often they have to work hard to pull people out of their comfort-zone and take them off the beaten track. If a Thrill Seeker approaches you with a proposition while traveling . . .

TAKE IT! or Not…Its up to you

So these are just a few of the types of travelers you might come across or maybe you are one….Let me know in the comments which one you are or a traveler that I didn’t mention. 

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