London vs. Paris


What are some great rivalries? New York Pizza vs Chicago, The Warroirs vs Lakers, Duke vs North Carolina, Alabama vs Every Football team, but what about cities? The rivalry that comes to mind is London vs Paris. The question of which city is better will probably remain unanswered for generations to come.



I have never been to Paris or London BUT I have had traditional food from both places. While its been limited, I have had it. Now I have talked to people who have been to both cities.

Paris has earned a global renown for the quality of its cuisine. Haute Cuisine – literally ‘high cooking’ in French – is seen as the standard for European cookery. The city’s restaurants have earned a total of 81 Michelin Stars compared to London’s 61. For these reasons, we have to give the prize in our first category to Paris.

However, Don’t write London off, though. With hundreds of restaurants and an innovative food scene, London is always evolving as one of the most interesting culinary landscapes in the world. The deeply entwined cultural mix of London means that we enjoy a diverse palette, from delicious curries, sumptuous steaks.

If you trip to London then you stand the best chance to taste some of the best traditional British foods.

However, France is considered to be the ‘world capitol of food’ and here in Paris you have the best opportunity to taste the popular trending French food.

Nonetheless, French food is soooo good so, in that way, Paris wins. However, London has such an amazing selection of food from all over the world. In addition, the quality of food and produce is roughly the same in both cities.

Tate Modern vs Le Louvre


The amount of art in these cities will overwhelm you. Whether you’re interested in renaissance art or something a little more modern, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to art galleries and museums in London and Paris. London houses some of the world’s best modern art galleries including the Tate Modern and Barbican, while in Paris you can spend whole afternoons looking at iconic sculptures in the Musée Rodin or post-impressionist masterpieces in the Musée d’Orsay, not forgetting the wonderful Musée du Louvre.



Paris has its fair share of great music. There’s certainly something romantic about hearing the lively bounce of a jazz-manouche street artist as you stroll through Montmartre. Many of the bohemian cafes and wine bars in Paris double up as impromptu gig venues during the evenings, and there’s an eclectic mix of progressive styles to hear.

Although the scene is buzzing in Paris, it can’t compare to the maturity of London – possibly the world’s greatest musical city. From Tin Pan Alley to the Troubador, Camden and Abbey Road – you’ll find more musical history here than you could ever experience in a single visit. Unfortunately for Paris, London wins the music category hands-down.



This is another tough choice. The nightlife in London is well-established with some of the world’s top clubs. Fabric, XOYO, Ministry of Sound, Cargo, and Studio 338 all provide some of the most progressive music and dance scenes the world over. Paris is known for having a slightly over-pretentious scene. However, the big-name clubs in the city have unparalleled pedigree. La Locomotive, Batofar, Chez Castel and Le Montana all provide extraordinary experiences (if you can get through the door).

Although it’s a close draw, we’re going to have to give the prize to London for nightlife. Paris is magnificent, but it’s nose-in-the-air door policies and relatively early curfews give London the edge.



It depends. Comparing the central areas of both cities, the most beautiful parts of Paris are more beautiful than the most beautiful parts of London. However, the ugly parts of Paris are also wayyyyy more ugly than the ugly parts of London. So, while Paris has high highs and low lows, London is more “consistent” in its beauty.



Exactly the same, believe it or not. Look at the figures if you don’t believe me. London has an undeservedly bad reputation in this area but looking at actual facts, Paris has slightly warmer summers but also slightly colder winters and they have exactly the same number of sun days and days of precipitation per year.

The London Eye vs la Tour Eiffel


Tourists flock to these cities day in, day out to see some of the world’s most famous landmarks and if you’re lucky enough to live in London or Paris then these will be right on your doorstep. The river Thames overlooks many of London’s top landmarks including Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. In comparison, your stroll along the Seine will give you a sight of Notre Dame and you can see the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night

Public Transportation


Speaking of the Metro, It might have some ridiculously long station names – “Ecole Vétérinaire de Maisons-Alfort” is a favourite – but the Paris metro is fast, reliable and makes for a painless morning commute, unlike the Tube with its frequent breakdowns and disruptions. Trains roll in and out of Metro stations every 2-4 minutes and at weekends it conveniently runs until 2am. What’s more, a monthly ticket will only set you back 60€.

All in all, it’s a very close call between the two cities. If I had to give you an outright winner? Well, I will always be a Londoner. For me, it’s the king of cities. But if I’d never visited Paris then I’d be missing out on a tonne of beautiful experiences too. Both are cities that you simply have to visit at least once in your lifetime. Which Hopefully I will in the near future

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