Top 10 Spring Break Spots


For many students, spring break is the perfect opportunity to let off some steam before the stress of finals and graduation. But for a destination to be spring break-worthy, it’s got to be affordable, accessible and popular among the college cohort. Considering these factors, plus editor insight and traveler sentiment, Spring Break really is the great American contribution to leisure travel. A week every year where the youngest, sexiest people in America go somewhere hot, with virtually no rules, and nobody there to recognize them. It’s a week where you can be whomever you want, do things you wouldn’t dare do back home, and generally enjoy life without much consequence.

Punta Cana


This amazing destination has everything you will need to have an unforgettable trip. There’s plenty to do and everything you could want is at your fingertips.

Punta Cana has a varied, active nightlife and every day there is another addition to the growing list of establishments that offer night time entertainment. Tons of Spring Breakers, amazing clubs, open bar, what else could you want?

But this destination is great for families, too, who can easily get away from all the crowds to enjoy some exciting family activities or simply a bit of R&R



Cancun has all the makings of a quintessential spring break getaway. Along with its clean, white-sand beaches, it boasts budget-friendly, all-inclusive packages and a rollicking nightlife scene (don’t miss Coco Bongo). Despite its “Man-cun” reputation, the dude-heavy originator of all-you-can-drink SB debauchery is still going strong. No, it’s not the world capital of Spring Break that it once was, but what the city has lost in US college kids, it’s picked up in students from South America, Europe, and Canada.



At first glance, Miami might seem like the ultimate stateside Spring Break destination. Crazy nightclubs, raging pool parties, and strip clubs that stay open 24 hours. That all said, the city can get expensive, and if your Spring Break coincides with Ultra, the price of hotels might necessitate stuffing six people in a room. Drinks can get costly too, so don’t forget to pack your wallet. The upside (if you’re a guy): The ratio of guys to girls is always favorable, since the clubs here keep a hyper-strict door. The trick, of course, is getting past the bouncer.

The Bahamas


If you’re looking for a bit of Las Vegas in the Caribbean, the Bahamas might just be the spring break destination for you. When you’re not testing Lady Luck in Nassau’s twinkling casinos, barhop in Freeport. Having trouble finding affordable lodging and airfare? Consider a cruise. You’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to finding the right resort for a memorable spring break. Go with your friends, family, or both — and enjoy nothing but fun in the sun.



Your first reaction might be, “Yeah, great, Spring Break… from FIFTH GRADE!”

Orlando is home to the most popular theme parks in the country, it’s no wonder why this is one of the best places to go on spring break. Strategically plan your trip so you can visit both Disney World and Universal Orlando during your stay.



Cabo is a well known tourist destination favored by the rich & famous, as well as an up & coming Spring Break hot spot. If you want to have an exclusive & unique experience, this is your spot. Cabo San Lucas has a well-earned reputation for rowdy, uninhibited nightlife. The after-dark action in Los Cabos is by no means restricted to the bars, clubs, and cantinas that crowd downtown San Lucas.

Montego Bay


If it’s mojo you’re after this Spring Break, look no further than Jamaica’s MoBay,  a.k.a. Montego Bay, for some of the most rhythmic partying and good vibes you’ll experience anywhere. Considered Jamaica’s Spring Break capital, a week-long jaunt to the beautiful island will fill you not only with Red Stripe and jerk chicken, but a love and appreciation for the country that gave birth to the great Bob Marley. Along the famous Gloucester Avenue in the center of Montego Bay, known as the Hip Strip, you’ll find the hottest beaches and the best nightclubs for your Spring Break reggaeway to Jamaica.

South Padre Island


If you’re looking for nonstop beach and pool parties, budget-friendly lodging and celebrity-hosted events, South Padre Island is for you. While it’s family-friendly for the rest of the year, college coeds flock here during the month of March. So if crowded sands sound like a spring break nightmare, this Texas retreat may not be right for you.

Las Vegas, Nevada


What better place than Sin City to let loose while classes are on hold? While Las Vegas brings the party every day of the year, the festivities head into overdrive in the spring break season. During the day, gather your friends and head to one of the famous all-day pool parties—if you’re feeling daring, places like the Bare Pool Lounge have opted to keep their pool parties clothing optional. At night, plan your own “casino-crawl”, hopping from party to party and trying your luck.



What’s not to love about reggae music, cream-colored beaches and all-inclusive resorts? That’s what you’ll get with a spring break in Jamaica. Those looking to relax and lounge on the beach will find upscale accommodations near Negril, while more adventurous types should choose a resort closer to Ocho Rios. No matter where you stay, expect plenty of food with jerk seasoning and a favorable exchange rate

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