Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling


As I type this post, I’m actually at home sick today, which is what inspired this post. I’ve been sick since mid January (I had the flu shot, but thats another story). I assume it’s because I was around people who were traveling. Either that or food poisoning, but let me tell ya — I don’t wish this on anyone.

I think this is the perfect opportunity to read up on and do a post about how to avoid getting sick while traveling. Spring and summer are coming up, and I want us all to be healthy. Typically I’m not a germaphobe — but sometimes when traveling if you don’t want to ruin your entire trip looking like a weirdo wiping down your plane seat and trey table or even the elevator buttons you just have to let go of the germaphobe ways. I try to do this a little bit a the while still being smart. 

1. Get a lot of sleep. Getting enough sleep is good for just about everything. Your immune system, your energy, your skin — hello beauty rest! I never skimp on sleep.

2. Bring anti-bacterial wipes. Wipe down hotel phones, remotes, door knobs, light switches, hair dryers, in hotels and armrests, tray tables, and bathroom door handles on planes.

3. Bring your trusted meds with you. Depending on where you are going, medicine might either be more expensive than usual or you might not be able to find the certain medicine you like. I don’t know who likes liquid Pepto Bismol, but if that’s all they have you’re going to wish you brought some tablets with you.

4. For motion sickness bring Dramamine. This help me. If you are going on a boat and get motion-sickness, or aren’t sure if you do or not, bring some Dramamine or a similar drug with you. Ginger tablets can also help.


5. Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. That stale airplane air can quickly leave a person feeling dehydrated and generally worse for wear. Luckily, eating the right foods can help combat this in no time. I suggest eating light and water filled foods, such as a small salad and a piece of fruit, and drinking plenty of water on the plane as the air humidity is much lower than our normal environment and it’s so easy to become dehydrated

6. Put Neosporin or Vaseline in your nose. Yuck…I know, weird/gross, but keeping your nose moist really helps to help fight infection. This whole thing is just gross

7. Don’t touch anything in that seat pocket on the plane, and don’t store your stuff there. Keep it in your carry-on bag.

8. Wash, Wash, Wash your hands. A lot. You can use a hand sanitizer like Purell but it’s not as effective as actually washing your hands.

9. Don’t overbook yourself! Give yourself a day before a trip and after a trip to rest, eat well, exercise, and get your things together so are aren’t rushing around. You don’t want to come back from vacation just to get immediately stressed out because you booked yourself solid! Take it easy, and relax

10. Wear socks through TSA. I’ve seen this, some guy took his socks off and was walking on the nasty floor. I mean, that floor is dir-tay and nobody wants a foot infection. Designate a pair of socks your “airport socks.” Wash them immediately when you get home and only wear them though TSA — not during your trip.

11. Make sure to get your fruits & veggies before, during, and after your trip. Whether that’s in a green juice or smoothie or a big salad, the vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables will help your body fight infection. This really helps. 

12. Ask to switch seats. If you are sitting next to someone who is sneezing or hacking up a lung, ask the flight attendant if you can move. Don’t feel bad about trying to protect yourself from getting whatever they have.


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