Mistakes You Make At Starbucks


I love coffee, or I should say I loved coffee. I unfortunately can’t have caffeine anymore, but that doesn’t stop me from getting other drinks at Starbuck or The Bucks (thats what I call it). 

I have seen some crazy things while waiting in line at Starbucks. The people I’ve seen seem to forget that the baristas behind the counter aren’t machines whose sole job is to provide you with your daily dose of caffeine. Here are some mistakes almost every customer makes that makes their barista cringe.

Complaining about being up so early.

  • Yes, getting out of your bed in time for your 8 a.m. sucks. But it’s hard for me to sympathize with you when I’ve been out of mine since 5 a.m.

Instagramming when the barista finally spells your name correctly.

  • Yes, sometimes names are spelled horribly, horribly wrong but hey, your drink still tastes good! There’s about 10 different ways to spell my name Megan, so chances are I’m going to spell it a different way than you. I normally get my name spelled with an “H” -Meghan BUT that is wrong. I’m not going to IG it. 

Talking on your phone while making your order.

  • I really can’t stand this. You walk into Starbucks, and the line is somewhat long, you’re trying to decide what you want. Its almost your turn but the lady thats in front of you, phone rings. She hasn’t even decided what she wants but now she is on the phone. The line is backed up and It’s just rude! 

Talking in Starbuck code.

  • This isn’t rocket science. We don’t take in code. I’ll have a WCM. A what?  Please say the name of the drink, not the drink code. It’s a White Chocolate Mocha, not a WCM. The codes are for writing, not for actual use. It’s not a thing (Stop trying to make fetch happen.Mean Girls reference). 


You make your order crazy complicated.

  • One pump classic, nonfat, 6 enormous scoops of matcha, 195 degrees, and ABSOLUTELY NO FOAM or Grande in a venti cup , 20-pump vanilla, 20-pump hazelnut whole milk, 190 degree, add whip and extra caramel drizzle latte or how about this, Trenti iced coffee, 12 pumps vanilla, 12 pumps hazelnut, 12 pumps caramel, 5 pumps skinny mocha, a splash of soy, coffee to the star on the siren’s head, ice, double-blended…I come on, Really who does this? What happened to just ordering a Vanilla latte? 

You don’t use the app or a rewards card.

  • This is a must-download for any Starbs lover. You get a free drink or food item on your birthday and another freebie of anything you want every time you buy 12 items. We all know things taste infinitely better when they’re free.

You went into syrup overload.

  • Starbucks typically puts three pumps of syrup in a tall latte, four in a grande and five in a venti . It’s a good rule of thumb to use if you’re going rogue and making your own order so you don’t overdo it. Thats a lot of sugar too.

You ask for a “hot Frappuccino” in the winter.

  • Its not a thing. Just get a hot White Chocolate Mocha-You’re welcome

You’re not skipping the line.

  • If you don’t want your ass beat, then I suggest you want your turn in line. Plus this goes for those mobile ordering. You can use the online ordering system while you’re standing in the store. 


Life hack: ask for your grande Starbucks in a venti cup so you have room for milk – actually get a venti coffee cause you’re a genius

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