Most Expensive Places to Travel


From the Las Vegas strip to the beaches on Honolulu, here are the 11 most expensive holiday destinations on the planet. They are ranked by the average all-in price per person per night, alongside a breakdown of how you’ll spend your money in each place. I always set aside a budget of $2000-$3000 for every trip I make and plan. This includes everything: plane tickets, lodging, day-to-day activities, dining, transportation, and keepsakes, Even though I’ve never been overseas.



This city lies at the heart of Switzerland. No doubt it’s one of the most beautiful and serene places to visit, but it also happens to be pretty expensive. Simple things such as cup of coffee at a cafe can put a dent in your pocket.



If you don’t know where to go on vacation, maybe skip New York City. The Big Apple is the #1 most expensive tourist destination in the U.S. The joke is that in  New York  an apartment in Manhattan will cost you your soul, which roughly translates into $2000 per month per shoebox – Murphy bed not included.  With its constant stream of tourists filling the lobby of the Empire State Building and flooding into Momofuku, a four-star hotel averages out to $325 a night. Visitors to New York should bank on spending an outside amount of about $550 per couple a night – that’s with dinner, cocktails and cab ride.

Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo is certainly one of the world’s most expensive city for tourists, but it might not be as bad as its reputation would have you believe. Hotel bargains can be found through most of the year, especially if you book well in advance, and many or most of the things you’ll probably be coming to see are free in Tokyo.

The food and drink have a reputation for being outrageously expensive in Tokyo, but that’s a bit misleading. If you want to eat in upscale restaurants or hotels then you’ll pay dearly, but if you are interested in eating bowls of noodles or rice, like most of the locals do each day, then it can be done on a more modest budget.



When thinking of beautiful places, The Seychelles is one of the first places that comes to mind. With rare wildlife, crystal clear waters, lush rainforests, and breath-taking beaches all outlined before a striking backdrop of rocks, this truly is like paradise. One of the best ways to fully experience this archipelago is to take a cruise around the islands. ‘Espirit’ from Crystal Cruises is a fantastic way to take in the views while enjoying luxurious surroundings. ‘Espirit’ has just 30 cabins, so it feels like a private yacht but still has all the facilities and services of a luxury liner.



San Francisco is one of the US’s most expensive cities for visitors, probably behind only New York City. Hotels actually come in almost all price ranges, but cheaper ones will inevitably be in an inconvenient or sometimes even run-down location. The public transportation system is good, but still getting around for tourists can be challenging. 

Food and drinks can be expensive as well, though if you get off the tourist trail and go to locals’ neighborhoods prices can be very reasonable indeed.



Reykjavik is famously expensive, although it’s gotten a bit better since the 2008 currency crisis. Still, nearly everything you will want to do will cost more than almost anywhere else in Europe, or on the planet for that matter.

Take note of the fact that most of the cheaper hotels and hostels are actually some distance from the city proper, so they may not be ideal even if they are cheap.

Food is quite expensive, as is any kind of alcohol. Think about the duty free shop on your way in and start off in your hotel room.

Oslo, Norway


The capital of Norway, it also happens to be its most populous city. Often described as an architectural innovation, beauty is synonymous with Oslo. World class museums, art galleries, culture is given a lot of prominence in Oslo. Charming as it may be, Oslo is very expensive by nearly anyone’s standards, on a level near Stockholm, but without some of the obvious tourist attractions. 

Food is quite expensive as well, and even fast-food options can cost more than a proper meal in southern European cities. Drinks are typically outrageous for Scandinavia, so consider the duty-free shops on the way in.

Paris, France


The city of dreams, the city of hope, but above all the city of love. It’s one of those cities that you fall in love with, from the moment you set foot in it. Not just beauty, but a lot of culture, history art and talent can be found in almost every corner of Paris. An average night in a decent hotel costs approximately $360, which means a couple could spend up to $550 per day from evening into the morning.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen is a beautiful city and a notoriously good-looking population, but unless you are coming from Sweden, it’s also very expensive. Hotels are of pricey even during the off season, and are worse during the peak summer months. Most of the attractions are also shockingly expensive, so it’s good that strolling around the beautiful neighborhoods and the long Stroget shopping street are free. There are other free things to do, thankfully.



It’s quite possible you haven’t heard much about Helsinki, Finland’s southern capital. That could be because not a lot of people go to Finland on vacation and one of the reasons for it could be the high prices. But if you do have the resources, we suggest you do give Finland a chance. It’s a nice quaint little country. It’s tough to find a real budget hotel, though if you are coming on a weekend you might find prices at the nicer places are within your range since so many business travelers aren’t in town. Hostels are all fairly expensive by international standards as well.

Food and drinks will, unfortunately, eat into your budget, so those on a backpacker fund will want to seek out casual places rather than the sit-down restaurants in the tourist area. You’ll find many affordable kebab shops in the city center, and if you head out to the somewhat bohemian suburb of Kallio you’ll find better deals on food and even beer.

Mirihi Island, The Maldives


When people think of luxury, The Maldives are often the first location they would choose. Mirahi Island has 30 villas with private decks overlooking the Indian Ocean and seven additional rooms. The boutique-style accommodation is beautifully designed to reflect the surroundings. The island has two restaurants, each of which serves stunning, freshly prepared dishes for guests. Guests are encouraged to leave their shoes by the door and walk barefoot across the island’s sand covered floors.

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