Top Super Hero Movies


I love Superhero movies. I just seen Captian Marvel in the theaters 2 hours ago and It is fresh in my mind. There are 21 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The MCU is the shared universe put out by Marvel Studios based on the #Marvel comic books. It started with Iron Man (2008) and the next film will be Avengers Endgame!

In honor of Captain Marvel and Stan Lee, I decided to list my top 10 MCU movies. 


Black Panther


Black Panther is definitely a great movie and a must watch for superhero fans as well as marvel fans. I don’t understand all the negative reviews, its obvious some are just DC fans hating on the movie and some people are just nitpicking very small things, but of course the movie does have flaws. I am a big Marvel fan and a very big fan of the MCU, when I go to see movies in theaters I normally have high expectations as many people do, with Black Panther I did as well. What makes a movie good is different between every single person though i have very high expectations as long as the movie has a good plot, great fight scenes and characters I will be impressed whether i have high expectations or not.

Black Panther had a good plot, it does not bore you and keeps you interested but it isn’t unique it can be predictable and a bit cliche but throughout the movie i was very interested and wanted to carry on watching . The whole idea of “Wakanda” is great and is different from normal superhero movies.

Captain America The Winter Soldier


Went into the movie not expecting much as I felt that the first Captain America was one of the weaker movies in Phase one of the Avengers. However, this movie was one of the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

First off, the action and fight scenes in the movie are just awesome and there is plenty of action to keep you entertained throughout the entire movie. There is also enough humour to balance all this. The characters all had their own amazing moments and the acting is decent as well. You get to see more of Nick Fury, and he was awesome in this. Black Widow is used much more in this movie and as well as being badass, she brings out more of the Captain’s story. Sam Wilson (the Falcon) is great and is involved in some great action scenes. The villains in this movie were awesome as well.

Quite enjoyed the story as well. There were a few twists; some unexpected, some expected. And the reveal of the unexpected twists in the final third were epic. The story is not just about Captain America and the Winter Soldier, there are darker forces at play and causes the Captain to ask dangerous questions.

This movie is very entertaining, the story is decent, the ending is awesome and satisfying and I would recommend watching this. Makes for a decent political thriller as well. This will easily be one of my favourite movies.

Captain America Civil War


Captain America: Civil War is without a doubt the best of the Captain America trilogy. Steve Rogers’s arc in the MCU comes to a major head in this film, making him doubt his role in society more than ever. Add that to a fierce showdown between former allies, a great villain, some entertaining new characters, and you’ve got yourself a winner. The Russo brothers should be proud, since they take the reins for Infinity War.

After mass casualties in The Avengers, The Winter Soldier, Age of Ultron and during the opening fight scene, there are calls to hold the Avengers accountable for collateral damage; this leads to the passing of the Sokovia Accords, which keeps the Avengers from acting unless otherwise ordered by the government. Each of the members of the team are divided on this issue, none more so than Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. This issue becomes even more troublesome when Bucky Barnes is framed for murder, and Rogers needs to prove Bucky’s innocence while risking all-out war within the Avengers.

One of the things that make this movie so great is how it makes the main conflict so believable. It falls back on several MCU movies building up the body counts and developing these characters so that when we see them make their decisions on the side they take, we believe those choices and understand why they make them.

Civil War you get a 9/10.

Dr. Strange


Acting (10/10): This cast is amazing! They embody their characters instead of trying to act like the character. Benedict as Dr. Strange was a portrayal right out of the comics! Tilda as the ancient one killed it!

Action (10/10): Wow! I could argue the action in this movie being on par with the scenes in civil war. It was so incredible watching this scenes with million pieces moving yet focus sing on the main characters. Wide angles, long shots and great choreography. what else do you want?

Story(8/10) : This movie had a solid story and you believed what, how and why things were going on! Villain was good and actually a memorable one for once(stab, you’re welcome dc fans). It was not flawless though. The pace kind of slows down before the final act which was unnecessary!

Cinematography/VFX 10/10: The images in this film blew my mind! There is a scene in the beginning where the ancient one shows Dr strange “the magic” and it is great! Some serious mind-bending stuff combined with great visuals to let it manifest itself to the audience. Most artistic movie yet of marvel.

Overall, i’d give this movie an 8.5. Though this isn’t THE best marvel movie, it is truly one of best out there. After the disappointing Jason borne, jack reach er etc. we finally have a movie that lives up to the hype! GO Watch this movie in Max 3d if possible, because it is worth it for once!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


My main criticism was that I don’t feel like you needed to have seen the previous movie to really get/enjoy this one. You would have missed out on the bonding of the team and the backstory of Nebula and Gamora, but overall you’d be fine.

Overall, though it was a great movie, it felt more like a side story in the many adventures of the Guardians of the Galaxy and less like an actual continuation of their main story. Why? Well, we did have that wonderful cameo of great actors who portrayed the original Guardians. We had our Stan Lee cameo. And, we had Peter Quill’s backstory explained. Other then that, I don’t yet see how any of this advanced the main plot of Thanos or of any big threat to the Galaxy.

Thor: Ragnarok


This movie is one hell of a journey! The story is truly serious and great, the fun moments are tons! The cinematography of action scenes is just unrealistic good. Hela is one of the best MCU villain so far! Cate Blanchett just killing in it in this role. She looks sexy, furious and also got her arc in the movie, which is big step, thinking about previous Thor movies. Hulk got so many epic moments, that I just can’t count. Valkyrie fits perfectly in the ne “Revengers” team such a good actress. Loki is fan favourite again! Every moment with Tom Hiddleston on screen is awesome.

The movie it’s so colourful and extraordinary, so you can watch it again and again and again! The score of the movie, the intense scenes, I mean I really love this movie. Is the best one among all of the three Thor movies. Firstly because it feels like whole new story telling, and secondly it’s also one of the best MCU movies.

Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe gives us truly great movies, and like a die hard MARVEL fan I appreciate that.

I will not reveal the plot or some big details of the movie, I want you to enjoy yourself first, but you’ll not be disappointed at all! Hela is epic, Odin got his role in Ragnarok and there are some HUGE details that’ll lead to Infinity War and you’ll lose your mind when you see them.

Marvel’s The Avengers


The Avengers changed the game forever. Four years of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies centered around the individual Avengers members made us care about the characters before bringing them all together for the first time. Add that to a great villain, a smart script, and plenty of action scenes, and you’ve got yourself a movie for the ages.

In this movie, Loki plots to invade the Earth using the power of the Tesseract and an army called the Chitauri, and Nick Fury must bring together a group of remarkable people to see if they can become something more, so when we need them, they can fight the battles that we never could.

As an MCU film, this movie is filled to the brim with seeds planted throughout each of the prior five solo films. Captain America’s Tesseract, Thor’s villain, Iron Man’s tech, and Hulk’s “issues,” and they all come together in one pretty package.

This movie has a fairly straightforward “save the planet” plot, but Whedon manages to make it work using the characters and their relationships with one another. There are several interesting pairings in this movie: Black Widow and Hawkeye, Iron Man and Bruce Banner, and the brotherly relationship between Thor and Loki is explored a little more as well. Of course, a team like this has several strong personalities, and they often come to blows at several points; namely, Tony and Steve have some pretty fundamental disagreements on dealing with the enemy. This won’t be the last time they quarrel like this, but I’ll leave that for you viewers to watch for yourself. 😉

The action scenes are a lot of fun. It’s a blast watching the various team members work together and kill aliens and save civilians. There’s even ample room for comedy at several points, two of which involve the Hulk that’s sure to make you laugh and want to see again. And all the CGI is flawless, colors pop, and the shots of space are great to see.

Of course, like all MCU films, this movie plants the seeds for future adventures with our heroes. For one thing, it sets up the next Thor movie, featuring both Asgardians. It also sets up a major arc for Tony Stark that ends up carrying over into the next several years. And it plants seeds of distrust of the government in Steve, crucial to understanding his actions in later Captain America films. And there’s also the hint of a bigger, even worse threat than Loki out there among the stars….

The Avengers: my favorite MCU Phase 1 movie, and a movie that I’ll be coming back to for a long time. Very highly recommended.

Avengers: Infinity War


This movie has made me feel things that I haven’t about a movie in a very long time. If you are anything like me you will definitely feel a sense of “everything is gonna be alright” because of the generous sprinkling of light humour that makes the situation feel less serious than it actually is. The emotional roller coaster that begins right at the beginning of the movie to the very end has you feeling more and more frustrated and on edge as it goes on. Don’t get me wrong this movie is absolutely stunning and amazing and a cliffhanger at the end has you wanting more and more. I’m definitely very excited to see how this storyline will carry out in the next Avengers movie.

Captain Marvel


The movie was fun. Though it’s far from being the best MCU movie. Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel had been promoted as the most powerfull super hero, and indeed the movie reveals her to be very powerfull. The supporting cast especially Sam Jackson’s Nick Fury has done a great job. The visuals were great, humor was well placed, and twists were good too. Overall its was an entertaining and fun movie. One issue which I found with the movie was that the character of Captain Marvel didn’t get a challenging opponent through which she could grow.

I really hope that Marvel doesn’t endup making the same mistake DC did in Justice League, where our superheroes struggled hard to beat the villain without much success until Superman showed up and with ease, defeated the bad guys.

Though Captain Marvel is extremely powerful, she should act as a surplus for the surviving heroes in their battle against Thanos, and not the star of the show who just comes and takes down the mighty Thanos just to earn the title of being most powerfull. It should not become her movie, she can be the a very powerful supporting character, but not the key to defeat Thanos. My rating for Captain Marvel is 3.5 it of 5 stars. And for me, the show stealer is Goose The Cat!



For a few brief moments, the unstoppable juggernaut that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) looked like it was about to grind to a halt with Ant-Man.

As with all the other films and television shows in Marvel’s burgeoning media empire, the cast of Ant-Man is pitch-perfect. Rudd puts his goofy and amiably sexy charisma to excellent use as Scott, allowing us to believe that this one man can be as silly as he is strong, and as serious as he is funny. Lilly gets the big-screen role she richly deserves in Hope, who’s acknowledged at every point in the film as being better, stronger, and more capable than the men around her think she is. Douglas plays a far more palatable version of Dr. Pym and does so with his trademark charm and magnetism.

Ant-Man may not edge out the other films that make up Phase Two of the MCU in a straw poll – it does, after all, face some pretty serious competition in what has been an unbroken run of truly excellent superhero films. But it’s an incredibly solid effort: smart, rich, deep and funny, teeming with ideas, genres and the potential for so much more. Now if that doesn’t make for a great superhero movie, what does?



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