Top Overrated Cities-(Europe Edition)




Over-hyped or under-valued? These cities fly under the radar. Some are already known but deserve to be more so. Our top travellers reveal the world’s most underrated cities, along with six of the most overrated.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam’s amazing — because what’s not to love about buttery pancakes, canal walks, and perfectly rolled joints — but sometimes even a good buzz is no match for Amsterdam’s torrential rainstorms, lineups everywhere, and the worst kinds of drunk tourists in the red light district . My advice, Get out of Amsterdam to explore the real Netherlands. This is just chock full of American and British tourists and rude merchants looking to rip you off. The area around the central train station was so filthy.

Paris, France


I love Paris (even though I have never been). It’s the world’s third-biggest tourist destination, and home to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame, but it is overrated in that it is often the only city being visited in France, and many stereotypes about the French are really in fact stereotypes about Parisians which do not apply to the French in general.

The trouble with Western Europe is that it’s full of expectations. You grow up with these romantic notions of these places, based on movies and your parent’s stories from when they travelled 30 years ago.

Pisa, Italy


All  of us think it’s clever to pose in front of the leaning tower of Pisa. I, myself, have always imagined what I would do.Yes the leaning tower is interesting but outside of that this city has nothing worth seeing. Pisa is in the middle of nowhere. So, before you make it your mission to take a picture kissing, hugging, holding, or dabbing on the tower, do some research and see if you can somehow include it with another activity in the area. Or, just skip it all together.

Good luck getting your shot perfect. A picture is worth a thousand arguments with this one folks

Zurich, Switzerland


Zurich attracts plenty of visitors with dazzling statistics like high quality of life and having some of the happiest citizens in the world — and it is a perfectly pleasant city that would be a wonderful place to settle down and live in.  But a good place to live is not always a good place to visit. What I’m trying to say is Zurich is boring. Zurich is boring.

Budapest, Hungary


I have a feeling I am going to get some slack for this particular choice. I get the part about Buda and Pest, but the city hasn’t really totally recovered from 40 years of communist rule. Budapest has been on everyone’s ‘Underrated Cities’ lists in 2016. So how did it fall under my ‘Overrated Cities’ category? However, it felt very similar to other European cities around the world. Budapest would be great for a first time traveler as an introduction to what Europe has to offer.

Geneva, Switzerland


Much like the entire country’s stances on politics, Geneva is neutral at best and rather boring at worst. Sure, there’s a lovely lake where you can watch boats and lots of luxury shopping to while the afternoon away, but if you’re expecting charming Switzerland, Geneva is a bit of a letdown. Plus I talked to a friend that were shocked by its ridiculous prices. He said they spent nearly 20 euros at a McDonalds for a quick on-the-go lunch. He also said that their 3-star hotel was close to 200 euros a night. They had to make a quick stop at a store to replace something, and it came out to 13 euros and they went back to get a small bottle of something and that came to 9 euros, which Considering the euro-to-dollar exchange rate of that time, that’s nearly $35 dollars!

Brussels, Belgium 


Brussels  has two main tourist attractions: the town square and a small statue of a boy pissing.  They can be seen in ten minutes.

If you like surrealism or good food, then Brussels is great.  There are also some less renowned museums worth a visit.  But overall, if it’s your first or second trip to Europe, I’d go other places.

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