9 Things For A Happier You!


Over the last two years I have really tried to concentrate on my happiness. Happiness is such a blissful feeling when you’re comfortable with everything around you. Sometimes when we’re in dark places for too long finding happiness can be difficult and sometimes impossible. But happiness can be found in the smallest places, you’ve just got too know where to look.

I’ve written a short list of the things that make me smile on a daily basis, hopefully they can make you smile too! Even after a long period of time feeling lower than low these may help you crawl out of the dark.

1. The Smell of Cats

Any cat owner will tell you that cats have a smell about them, I don’t know what it is but they smell so sweet, especially shorter haired cats. I sadly no longer own any cats because people in my family are allergic

2. Books


I’d like to quote Stephen King here, “Books are a uniquely portable magic”. Of course they are. Books come in different colors and sizes and can be elegantly worn or new and glossy. Some have fancy leather/cloth covers. Old books smell best, but new ones are good, too. Old paper starts to break down, containing compounds found in vanilla and almonds, mmm. Newer paper has the tang of wood pulp and printer’s ink. I still have several of my books from when I was a kid. Why? They were like comfort objects for me. Growing up, I never went anywhere -not even a different room -without a book. I still never leave the house without one. Just having a book makes me feel braver and happier for some reason.

3. Hot Showers

Nothing is better than stepping in the shower after a long hard day. When I get home after work all I want more than anything is to strip off and get straight in. Bonus if you get to use anything tea-tree related, it just helps you relaxxxxxxx

4. Fresh Good-tasting Coffee

Oh-My-God, A delicious perfect temperature cup of coffee I could just gulp down is a huge pick me up. Although I find it hard to find good tasting coffee as I have to drink decaf (sucks I know). Also nothing beats drinking coffee naked. Don’t judge me. 

5. ThunderStorms

I love thunderstorms. There is nothing more beautiful than nature, especially the electric sight of lightning, the roaring sound of thunder and the calming feel of rain. Most people view thunderstorms as a scary storm that creates problems (power lines falling, trees getting struck by lightning, basements flooding), but I tend to view them in a more positive light. Don’t get me wrong, the few times that I was forced to drive when it was down-pouring and lightning was striking near me every two seconds I was terrified for my safety, but every other time there is a thunderstorm I am in complete awe. I sometimes just sit and reflect on things and calm my racing mind while it’s chaos outside. 

6. Lauging

I love to laugh. I have a pretty good scense of humor and I can laugh at just about anything. Also It helps that my fmaily is pretty funny too. 

7. Movie Theaters 


I know this would is weird but I get a cozy feeling whenever I go to the movies. Regardless of the movie I’m seeing I feel like I’m in my own world. Words can’t describe the feeling but trust me. 

8. My Dog

IMG_9391 2.jpg

This is my dog Cooper and He makes me so happy. 

9. Long Hugs

What’s better than a long hug from the person you love or havn’t seen in a while. Most day’s I long for a hug. 

So there it is, the 9 things that bring me happiness. Hopefully you’ll be able to find happiness in these places too.

What are some of your happy places?


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