8 Ways to Spend The Perfect Summer Night



Summer is  finally here leaving everyone with plenty of nights to spend doing insanely fun activities. Despite the fact that it may feel tempting to stay in your house and binge watch Netflix shows alone, that can be done at any time. Summer nights should be cherished! If you’re worried that the first month of summer vacation will be boring or bland for you with nothing to do, think again. Here are eight ideas to inspire you to spend the perfect summer night.

See a musical


Although you can see an afternoon musical, there’s nothing quite as spectacular as seeing one at night. Evenings are the epitome of romance, and with melodious singing and an entertaining storyline, you’re bound to chuckle and have a grin on your face. After seeing such a striking performance, waltzing your way out of the theatre and walking on the paved streets at night in a city full of pretty lights will give you a euphoric sense of freedom. Besides, wouldn’t you want to dance and prance to the story of your life like how Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling did in La La Land?

Go to the movies at a drive-in


Drive-in theatres are trendy, classic, cool and very different compared to the theatres we have today. Why go to an indoor movie theatre when you can bring some snuggly blankets and portable chairs along with a few friends or family members to a drive-in theatre? If you want, you could just sit inside of your car for a comforting seat and high-quality sound system. There’s no need for air conditioning indoors when you can watch a film or two outdoors with the summer breeze and beneath the starry night sky!

Have an evening stroll along the beach


Isn’t the beach’s atmosphere much more serene and picturesque in the evening? Sit on the beach and watch the hues of oranges, purples and yellows in the sky as the sun sets and becomes pitch black — perfect for Instagram-worthy pictures. Walk barefoot in the sand and feel the cold water touch your toes as the ocean waves come crashing on the shores. Calm nights like these tend to help people appreciate the little things in life more.

Have a bonfire


Gather your friends and have a bonfire to keep warm during chilly summer nights. Instead of being engrossed with your phone and social media, have interesting and spontaneous conversations while you snuggle by the fire and wear blanket capes! You can also play music using portable speakers or even have live music with you and a few other friends singing and strumming guitars. There’s nothing that screams summer like roasting marshmallows and having a blast with music, singing, laughter and heartfelt talks at a bonfire gathering.

Go to a music festival


Yes, Coachella may be the most well-known music festival for artsy pictures and bohemian fashion, but there are much more kinds of music festivals of various music genres during the summer besides that. Some examples include Vans Warped Tour, The Governors Ball Music Festival and Hangout Music Festival. What’s more fun than going to a music festival with some your friends, jamming out to your favorite tunes? It’s definitely better than bopping up and down by yourself in your room! Get ready to jump, sing, scream your lungs out and most of all, have a good time



Do you ever take the night sky for granted? Well, here’s your chance to appreciate the beauty of the night. Lay down in a hammock, sit on a bench or lay down on a picnic mat on the grass and just stare at the starlit sky. It’s the perfect opportunity to pause everything you’re doing to try to spot some constellations and admire the sky. This could also be a cute summer date idea or fun hang out with your best friends. Who knew that the beautiful stars could help people bond?

Build a blanket fort


Here’s a way to relive your childhood again if you’ve built one before or even a completely new and exciting experience if you haven’t! Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, you can spend the night watching movies and shows on Netflix, play card games like Uno and Cards Against Humanity and board games such as Monopoly and Reversi! Let the waves of nostalgia hit you while you play your old childhood games with others in your comfortable blanket fort.

Have a barbeque


Forget cooking in the kitchen; an alternative way you can cook your food is to just have a barbecue outside on a nice summer night! Grill some steak, chicken, eggplants, vegetables and whatever food entices you, your family and friends. Having a barbecue is a great way to enjoy the weather and delicious food compared to traditional dinners at the dining table! It’s also better to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts and create laid-back yet entertaining summer memories.

Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to create an unforgettable summer with dozens of memories that you’ll look back on and cherish. Remember, don’t just spend your summer Netflix-ing away because potentially amazing summer nights would cease to exist. Cherish your summer nights because summer night vibes are often the most magical, fun and breathtaking.


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