30 And Single


Turning 30 was a milestone for me. It marks the end of my carefree 20s, the age at which I’m finally considered a “real” adult by society. If you haven’t reached it yet, you might think that by 30 you’ll have it all figured out. But many millennial women, like myself are finding life at 30 is a lot different from how we pictured it.

Most women, in my experience, have a really hard time turning 30. They go through a mini-depression and that’s what happened to me. The minute I turned 30 in September, it seemed everyone at that moment got married and had kids or entered into a relationship and I thought my life was over.

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and throughout my whole life, I thought I had everything figured out. I was going to get married at 25, have two kids before 30, live in a beautiful house with my perfect husband. Just saying that makes me laugh out loud now. What world did I think I lived in?

Instead of that traditional dream, my life took an unexpected turn. I went to grad school directly after college and that was the busiest time of my life.  Now I’m currently working with my uncle in his business, enjoying the single life, blogging, and I’m loving every second of my life. Sometimes I think my heart might explode with all the happiness I feel inside. but I do deep down want a boyfriend.

Whenever I go to events,  I really feel all the anxiety of being  30 and single. I’m constantly asked by married friends, whether there are any men in my life, and others try and force dating advice down my throat, which is pretty demoralizing. To be honest, I think I am feeling my own internal pressure of being married by 30 and frustrated that it hasn’t happened yet. As a relatively impatient person, seeing your friends on baby number two, or watching your younger cousins start to have kids of their own and get into relationships isn’t easy to watch. I know that it will all happen when it’s supposed to happen, but I’m 30 now, I often wonder what if it doesn’t?


Most people, I believe, find that when they stop beating the bushes for that Soulmate, Special Someone, the one that hits every box in their check-off list, the law of serendipity gets activated and that is when the magic happens.

A good life shouldn’t be contingent upon being in a good relationship. The reverse usually holds true: being in a good relationship is contingent upon having a good life.

I never thought that I would end up in the life that I currently have but sometimes life has bigger plans for you than you think.”