Top Pet Gadgets


Most of us already spoil our dogs. I know I do, But how can we deny them? After all, they are all, objectively speaking, very good boys and girls. I have a dog named Cooper and he is super spolied. I havn’t brought him anything crazy but I know some people who have built dog houses that cost in the thousands of dollars.

i was curious about what are some of the most wacky gadets out there for our pets. So if you’re feeling a bit extra, check out the gadets below.

1.  Furbo Dog Camera

   I sometimes wonder what my dog does when I’m not home. I imagine a “PETS” situation where as soon as I leave, Cooper is opening the fridge and up on the couch just making a big mess. Or maybe you want to just to tell them what a good boy or girl they are. This allows you to do all of that and more. This  is pretty much a glorified surveillance camera made specifically for pets. I really dont know what other pet you would use this for. Maybe a bird or a snake? I’m not sure. This also has a treat dispenser, you and your pooch will always be connected. 

2. Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser

  Where was this when I had a cat. I mean I loved playing with Wishbone when I was younger but this would have been cool. I’m more of a dog person now but I did reccomend this to a family friend that has 3 young cats and she loves it, But she said it tends to tip over a little so she had to prop it up. She alos said that it keeps the cats active while she is busy with her 4 kids and the cats get their excerise. Money well spent I guess. 

3. Pet Grooming Glove

 This is  must have. I have similar gloves for my dog and both my dog and I love it. It’s gentle on his skin and he feels better after I get all of the loose hair off of him. You can get these. You don’t dont have to worry about taking out non shedding hair. Get rid of your basic brush and pick up this handy product for as low as $11. 

4. K9 Chill Dog Cooling Collar

 This is a product I did see on TV and I got for my dog.  Cooper my dog, is a snow dog and I live somewhere that has all 4 season and it’s gets hot in the summer and last winter we had 199 inches of snow (look it up) but Cooper gets hot in the summer and I feel bad so I got this last year and I think he likes it.  Cooper wanted to chew on it but he got it from around his neck and laid on it. So I say success. Simply moisten the thin material in cold water for a few minutes, then wrap it around your dog’s neck like any other collar or accessory.  It comes in 2 sizes. 

5. Petcabe Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

  OK Ok, what kind of product is this? Ummmmm I dont see the point of this. What happened to just getting a paper towel and wiping off the paws? Thats what I do. From the reviews on amazon people seem to like this but others not so much. it all depends on the dog I guess but this is one product I’ll be skipping.

6. SHINE HAI Retractable Hands Free Dog Leash

  I literally placed an order of this as I was writing this post. I like this idea of having your hands free while walking your dog.  As soon as the weather and snow lets up I will be using this during the summer.  for under $20 check it out.

7. iCalmDog 5.0c Portable Speaker

Some dogs suffer from anxiety. I know the dog I had before Cooper, was really bad, And maybe this would have helped. While there may be underlying issues causing the stress, iCalmDog can help soothe your pupper until you get things straightened out. This little speaker was clinically tested to see how dogs responded to the 4-hour soothing tracks. It turns out that it helped A TON. The device comes with different SD cards, each with specific uses, all meant to help comfort and stimulate your dogs. And it’s yours for $100. I’m skeptical of this. I’ve heard of the Thunder Shirt but music. It may just work, luckily Cooper doesn’t have anxiety. 

8. Go Pet Petrun Pr700 Dog Treadmill

  Why? Why? Why? We’ve reached a point in society in which dogs are getting their own gym equipment.  I only reason I see people using this is if you physically can’t get up and walk your dog, But If you just want to take Fido along on your fitness journey, or you just want to see him get absolutely SWOLE, this purchase may be worth it. You’ll just have to dish out $650 first.

9. LESYPET Pet Dog Umbrella

  Never want peaches to get wet in the rain? Then this umbrella is for you. From the website, it looks like it’s for small dogs, so your 100 pound pooch will have to get wet. Sorry Cooper. There is a leash inside that makes it handy.

As a bonus item you and pair this with the Rainy Days Slicker

  as an add-on to complete the outfit.

10. Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification Dog DNA Test Kit

 If you want to see where Spike comes from, this is the test for you. Cooper is Norwegian Elk Hound and Lab, but I would like to see if there is anything else mixed in there thatthe guy didn’t tell me about. This test is alos good to let you know if fido has any health problems as well as his/her DNA. So if you know where you came from, maybe you should see where your pup comes fromas well. 


Well those are the top 10 pet gadgets for you and your dog or cat to enjoy. So check out some of the products and have fun.