Favourite Summer Smoothies


In the summer, there’s nothing better than a fresh fruit smoothie. For me, it’s SO HARD to get my smoothie to taste like my favorites from Smoothie King or the local Fruit Store in my town. I would follow all the elaborate ingredients from a recipe online, but my smoothie would never turn out the way I envisioned. This summer, I’m determined to find the easiest way to make the best homemade summer smoothies- and I think I’ve figured it out! All you need is a blender, a few ingredients, and obviously a cute mason jar that you can use to pile your delicious and thick smoothie in to sip on and enjoy!! Below I’ve listed recipes for some of my favorite smoothies that you can make alllllllllll summer long.

Strawberry Smoothie


What you’ll need:

– 1/2 bag of frozen strawberries

– 1 cup of vanilla Greek yogurt 

– as much coconut water as you want

With only three ingredients, this smoothie is so easy!! The balance of the coconut water and yogurt makes for a creamy yet refreshing taste. I love using Siggi’s Greek yogurt because the taste is a little tangier than other Greek yogurts I’ve tried- plus the calorie count is low and there are tons of flavors!

Tropical Smoothie


What you’ll need:

– 1/2 cup of orange juice

– 1/2 cup of coconut water

– 1 banana 

– 1/2 bag of frozen mango 

– spoonful of Greek yogurt

– paper Hawaiian umbrella (optional, but strongly recommended)

This is the perfect summery smoothie that belongs on a beach. I borrowed this recipe from Ina Garten (so it’s gotta taste good), but tweaked it based on the flavors I like. With the mango and orange juice, you’ll feel like you’re on a tropical island when sipping this delicious smoothie!

Green Smoothie


What you’ll need:

– handful of spinach

– 1/2 bag frozen strawberries

– 1/2 cup of coconut water

– 1 container of plain Greek yogurt

By now you’re probably seeing a theme…coconut water! In a smoothie, coconut water is the perfect alternative to orange juice or plain water because it has so many health benefits including that it is high in potassium and electrolytes so it is super hydrating. This green smoothie is a great healthy option and the added spinach makes for the perfect detoxifying effect.

Berry Smoothie


What you’ll need:

– 1/4 cup frozen grapes

– 1/2 bag frozen strawberries

– 1 cup of vanilla Greek yogurt

– 1 banana

– coconut water

For this smoothie, I recreated one of my favorite smoothies from a local store in my town that uses super fresh ingredients. You can never go wrong with a classic berry smoothie! Although I listed specific fruit, throw a banana, coconut water, yogurt, and any berries you have in your fridge into a blender and you certainly won’t be disappointed!!



Subscription Box

I love getting things in the mail, esspecially subscription boxes. I get soo excited opening a box, not knowing wha I’m going to get. This month I tried “Snack Crate”



Snack Crate is a monthly snack box for global goodies, with each month curated from a specific country! Snack Crate offers three sizes: a mini box with 5 snacks, a priority box with 10-12 snacks, and a premium box with 18-20 snacks.

This is the box I got 




I will now rate the snacks from 1-bad 10-best


I didn’t really like these.Ugh! These may be great in the UK, but not in the US. No bacon flavor and waaay too salty. Plus I really don’t like bacon or things flavored with bacon. I gave them to my grandpa and he liked them, but not my taste. 1/10


I liked these and they weren’t too spicy! The “groove” cut listed on the package is actually “ruffle” cut which I love and they are wayyy crunchier, kettle-cooked texture thank regular chips. And, oh, the flavor! there’s citrus, pepper, and an extremely savory chicken flavor that made these chips super-addictive. 9.5/10

img_0960.jpgThe texture of these twin bars was really neat – I could compare it to an Areo bar, with all of the bubbles and lightness inside. I love Cadbury’s chocolate. I thought it tasted good, and the twin bars reminded me of my favorite American chocolate – The Twix bar! 9/10


img_0959.jpgI originally considered sponge candy to be sort of the American equivalent to this chocolate-robed, honeycomb core treat. The texture was a little weird, but I really liked it. I love Sponge candy, and I love how it “melts” right away. However, I was pleasantly surprised here. The honeycomb core was much more firm, even “crunchie,” as the name implies, and had a nice mild flavor that was sweet but not overpowering! 10/10


I didn’t know what to expect with these. Great Wafers……Delicious! These are not too sweet! I was able to have a cuppa (As the Brits say) and watch an episode of Outlander in style. Cheers! 10/10

img_0956.jpgLove fruit gums, pastilles, etc… Rowntree’s cannot go wrong with candy. Addictive though, hard to stop eating them, But I have to say, I feel we have these in the U.S and I feel like I’ve had these before, but they are good.  7/10


img_0957.jpgThese little treats really surprised me! I’m really not a big fan of hard candies, but I thought these had a nice flavor. I liked that a few flavors were included, and the orange was my favorite. And of course, the “juicy” center was a nice textural surprise! 6.5/10

VerdictI was excited and happy to receive the U.K. box this month and it didn’t disappoint! I really liked both of the chocolate this month – they were great company for the Netflix watching the cooler weather encourages! I did enjoy the Peri Peri chips this month The real surprises this month were the fruit candies – the gums and juicy chews really brought a strong fruit flavor game to the box! I rate the box 9.5/10


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